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Democrats Want to Register ‘Noncitizens’ to Vote

One of many problems with huge congressional bills is that the party in power, in this case, the Democrats, always hides controversial provisions in the bill hoping no one will notice until after the bill becomes law. Here’s an example.


The Democrats’ election overhaul bill will result in registering noncitizens as new voters even though those U.S. residents are prohibited by federal law from doing so, conservative groups contend,” according to The Washington Times. [emphasis added]

This is because H.R. 1 disempowers the 50 states’ election management roles and orders them to automatically register new voters, not from voluntary applications but from millions of names held by various federal agencies. [emphasis added]

Given the number of federal spigots from which the names will flow, conservatives say, it is only logical to assume that some of the nation’s 21.7 million noncitizens will be registered. Polling shows that tens of thousands are likely registered now, they say. [emphasis added]

“‘We don’t even have to make that assumption, given the bill’s own safety nets,’ Logan Churchwell, director of research for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, told The Washington Times. ‘Noncitizens are already coming through on a voluntary system nationwide.’

“‘Every foreign national with a visa and a need ranging from a driver’s license to public college credits bears the risk of automatically becoming registered to vote without their permission,’ Mr. Churchwell said. ‘Universal automatic registration carries risks of system failure for citizens and immigrants alike.’”

For more, go to The Washington Times.

Please share your opinion. Do you think the Democrats are intentionally trying to register non-citizens to vote?