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Dems Got 95% of College Faculty Funds in Key States

Many people believe that the most politically liberal profession in America is that of a college professor. Political contributions indicate that belief may be true.


“The outcome of the presidential election vote is still in question, but judging from their political donations, it’s all over among college professors in swing states. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has raised more than $9 from faculty and administrators in these swing states for every $1 raised by President Trump,” according to Christian Schneider writing in the National Review.

“Employees at the largest universities in Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin donated more than $2.2 million to Biden, while Trump collected only $219,000, according to Federal Election Commission data of donors who listed their employers.

“When the data are expanded to all federal candidates, the disparity grows even larger. In swing states, faculty donated $11.2 million to Democratic federal candidates, compared with $596,000 collected by Republicans. In other words, Democrats raised 95 percent of all the funds collected from faculty members in America’s most politically competitive states…

“So, while the people of these states crucial to Electoral College success are ideologically divided, the people teaching their college students are decidedly not.”

See more at the National Review.


Please share your thoughts in the Comment section. What does it say about the education college and university students are receiving when their professors are so overwhelmingly liberal in their politics?



  1. Pegs says:

    Keep your kids OUT OF UNIVERSITIES !!! What they are teaching is TO HATE our GREAT NATION !!! #POISON

  2. Disgusted says:

    I have been telling everyone to stay out of college and do not send your kids to colleges or universities. Your kids will be transformed into animals it they attend.

  3. Howard Ainsworth says:

    I graduated college back in 1954. I was an engineering student but had to take some Liberal Arts courses to satisfy graduation requirements. Being a life long Republican, I had a terrible time with the professors from the Liberal Arts College, to the point of an F grade one semester because I would not toe the liberal line. I just swallowed it as protesting would just expose me to more indoctrination. I have an IQ in the 140 range so it was definitely not lack of knowledge.

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