DeSantis Attacks Trump: ‘Moron Who Has No Business Running For President’

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis

( – If the stories and allegations are true, there is no love or even respect between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump.

Whether it is simply political rivalry as they both look toward the 2024 Republican presidential nomination or it goes deeper, the words each has for the other are getting uglier and uglier.

As Mediaite is recounting in “Ex-Staffer Says DeSantis TORCHES Trump in Private: ‘Moron Who Has No Business Running For President'”:

“Florida Governor Ron DeSantis routinely torches former President Donald Trump in private, calling him a ‘moron who has no business running for president’ according to a former DeSantis staffer…

“In a new deep dive for Vanity Fair, Gabe Sherman writes that the enmity goes both ways, with Trump resenting DeSantis because he ‘made him.'”

And here’s the quote from the Vanity Fair piece that GOP pundits are talking about:

“While DeSantis and the former president are already locked in a 2024 cold war, the smackdown has been unfolding off camera. According to a former DeSantis congressional staffer, DeSantis trashes Trump in private.

“‘He calls him a TV personality and a moron who has no business running for president,’ the former staffer said. DeSantis tells donors that, if he takes on Trump, he would launch a full frontal attack on his record and competence, according to a GOP source briefed on the conversations. ‘DeSantis says the only way to beat Trump is to attack him head-on.’

“Trump, meanwhile, vents about DeSantis constantly, according to people who speak with him. Trump’s animus is fueled by his belief that he put DeSantis in the governor’s mansion. In conversations, Trump reminds people that then-congressman DeSantis was losing by double digits during the 2018 gubernatorial primary until Trump backed him. Sources said it galls Trump that DeSantis hasn’t acknowledged the boost Trump provided, aside from a cursory acknowledgment in his victory speech.

“Trump tells people, ‘I made Ron,” a prominent Republican told Vanity Fair. ‘Trump says that about a lot of people. But in this case, it’s actually true.'”

What is your opinion? Do you agree with DeSantis, Trump, or neither of the two? Do you think DeSantis could beat Trump in the 2024 GOP race for the nomination? Please share your thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.