DeSantis: I’ll ‘Turn the Screws’

Ron DeSantis

( – Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, who trails Donald Trump in the 2024 GOP nomination race, has vowed to end birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants and to crack down on “sanctuary cities” if elected president.

DeSantis unveiled his “No Excuses” sweeping reform plan for immigration and border policy on Monday in a speech in Eagle Pass, Texas, a town on the US-Mexican border, Newsmax reports, quoting The Hill.

“We will take action to end the idea that the children of illegal aliens are entitled to birthright citizenship if they are born in the United States,” the 2024 GOP presidential nomination hopeful told reporters.

“Dangling the prize of citizenship to the future offspring of illegal immigrants is a major driver of illegal migration. It is also inconsistent with the original understanding of the 14th Amendment, and we will force the courts and Congress to finally address this failed policy,” DeSantis elaborated.

He promised to complete the wall on the US-Mexican border and keep illegal immigrant asylum-seekers in Mexican while their cases are reviewed in the United States.

“I have listened to people in DC for years and years and years… Republicans and Democrats always chirping about this and yet never actually bringing the issue to a conclusion. We don’t want hollow rhetoric,” Florida’s GOP governor said.

He also vowed to “turn the screws on sanctuary jurisdictions” and “kneecap the [Mexican drug cartels].”

“We’re gonna turn the screws on sanctuary jurisdictions. They get a lot of money. All these localities and states get a lot of money from the feds… We’ll make sure to turn the screws so that it pays to follow the law and doesn’t pay to violate the law,” DeSantis added.

He accused Democrat-run “sanctuary” states and cities of “virtue signaling” while violating US law and shielding foreign criminals from deportation.

“Joe Biden’s dereliction of duty has made our southern border a disaster zone. The Biden administration is the critical link in an illegal transnational human smuggling syndicate,” the Florida Republican said.

“As president, I will declare a national emergency on day one and will not rest until we build the wall, shut down illegal entry, and win the war against the drug cartels. No excuses,” he concluded.