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Did Justice Alito Throw Trump a Life Ring?

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has moved up the deadline for Pennsylvania officials to respond to an election challenge filed by state Rep. Mike Kelly and other Republican state lawmakers, possibly signaling that the court may take up the case,” according to Blaze Media.

Alito had previously set the deadline for Dec. 9, one day after what is known as the “safe harbor date,” the federal cutoff date for states to resolve election issues and lock in their electors for the Electoral College vote on Dec. 14.

But on Sunday, Alito moved up the deadline for Pennsylvania officials to respond to Tuesday by 9 a.m. ET. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the move is significant because it ‘would give the court a few hours Tuesday to act on Kelly’s request if it chooses to do so.'”

For more, go to Blaze Media.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe the United States Supreme Court should hear President Trump’s argument that the election was stolen from him?



  1. Sandy says:

    If the Supreme Court will not do what they were hired to do for this country then- President Trump needs to have a re-vote with the military watching over the country. Something very bad is going on here. It’s like China has paid off a bunch of democrats to cheat on this election. Wake Up! We are about to be taken over by a communist country compliments of Bide, The Clinton’s, The Obama’s and many others. It’s so plain obvious that the Democrats have cheated. If something is not done soon to make this election fair you are going to see a war between the people. Do your job!

    • Anti-Communists says:

      Thanks. Well after these posts… now, we know the USSC is afraid to do their job. who is threatening so many Republicans? Wll, yeah, it’s the NeoconZionistCommunistBolshevikProgressive Thuggery.
      Better start at the head of the snake.

  2. Janis Ferra says:

    Election should be nullified. This was the most corrupt election I have seen in my lifetime.

  3. Laura Nix says:

    I agree with David Higgins. The Supreme Court should nullify the Presidential election and do it over with paper ballots and hand counts with the military involved as poll watchers. NO MAIL IN BALLOTS! If one can go shopping for food, one can vote in person.

  4. Yes the Supreme Court should hear all the evidence of the poll workers.

  5. Julia Ogden says:

    Thrump signed an executive order in 2018, declaring a National Emergency regarding Foreign Interference in a Nation Election! With Biden on the CCP payroll for billions of dollars, that makes him a TRAITOR! Trump is our next President, the Military is watching and standing by for POTUS to give the word! He does NOT need the votes because CHINA JOE BIDEN dirty and a pawn for the CCP! Can’t wait for Article 48 to be invoke, just like Lincoln did to save our country during his administration! GITMO is open and waiting for these sick lying traitors! Wait and see because the PAIN for them is coming! #THISISTREASON

  6. Penny says:

    I think Trump actually won and that’s why Democrats brought in all the fake ballots. They disposed of the ones for Trump and added more to Biden when counting was over. And surprise during that time Biden seems to have gotten all these votes during the middle of the night when no one was around. I call that voter fraud and it should automatically go to Trump this only happens in Democrat run States I don’t trust mail in ballots should be done in person with valid ID. I’m a Democrat sick of these communists trying to destroy our Country Trump has been the only one fighting for our freedom and bringing jobs back to America. If Biden gets in by voter fraud proves they don’t care what the citizens of this Country want they will change it. Trump should win in every State that brought in fake ballots and refused to let the watchers come in as they counted ballots. And to have Antifa as bodyguards is telling you something.

  7. Marge says:

    I believe the court should nullify the election & have a do over vote done by paper no mail ins we’re only asked 1 day a year to do our duty & the dems have turned this into a fiasco it’s a disgrace!!!!

    • Carol Lewis says:

      I agree 100% with a do over of this fraudulent election. No mail-in ballots. Except for maybe our great men and women in the military stationed overseas. A d, possibly people in nursing homes with members of their family filling out the ballot a d witnessing it with signature. And, yes, have military or law enforcement watching to make sure no shenanigans dont take place. Its simple…put on your mask, get in your car and go vote in person with a paper ballot and a photo ID.

  8. M L McGee says:

    Perhaps I read the Constitution and by-laws incorrectly. I believe it doesn’t give the states the legal way to change voting on the ‘fly’ without going through the legislative process for approval. This past voting processes in a number of states, reminds me of the Marist regime of the 1920’s fiasco in Russia. In other words do it my way or no way and so we see it happening in this God created Republic of ours. It is time all elected representatives to stand up to the oath they took when they were sworn in. Abide by the US Constitution and each states constitution and by-laws. The US Supreme Court should make each state abide by their laws.

  9. Robert Spence says:

    I,m 65 years old and never voted because I never felt convinced
    I could make a choice that would count for anything UNTILL I
    FOUND OUT ABOUT TRUMP ….. Pres. Trump changed all that
    thinking now I know the difference Trump is the only chance
    we have for a tomorrow worth living !

    • Susan says:

      You are so right. If Trump doesn’t stay then we have lost our country. I’m glad I am old so I don’t have to live through much of it. May God help the younger people that won’t have a chance.

  10. Nancy Richmond says:

    I don’t know if there was nefarious dealings or not but there is enough voices shouting that the Supreme Court need to take it on and resolve this issue to the best of this Supreme Court. The country needs resolution to this as well as the Court and the President and the people.

  11. carol annunziata says:

    This election does not represent the will of the people. We need to have a fair election where every legal vote counts and all fraudulent votes are thrown out.
    President Trump is doing a great job for this country and we do not want this country to become a socialistic state… We want our freedoms kept in place and the Supreme court must hear his case. And it is pretty obvious that the media is part of the democratic party because they are not performing their journalistic duties

  12. I do believe that the election was stolen from President Trup. I do think it is time for the Supreme Court to intervene and make a decision. Perhaps, it may be that a new fair election with armed military supervising the the election process is needed. There is no way that Biden won this election. Some kind of action needs to take place to right this wrong. The majority of Americans voted for Trump and their voices should be heard.

  13. Richard Rivas says:

    President Trump deserves an opportunity to present his case. I believe there is substantial evidence to prove voter fraud on a gross scale.
    I also believe that the people who were trusted to do their job to protect voter activity and those that are behind the, obviously orchestrated, fraud should be firmly prosecuted (democrats). These people have undermined what our constitution is supposed to represent. They have also destroyed “The Peoples” confidence in our voting system. As far as I am concerned, this is treason.
    Let the truth be told!!

  14. I agree with David Higgins. I think the Election is such a mess that we should do it over with no mail ballots. Show up at the polls or have a very, very good reason for requesting an Absentee Ballot. All ballots must have a signature!

  15. John Burley says:

    The United States Supreme Court should hear President Trump’s argument that the election was stolen from him, because the evidence that I have seen is OVERWHELMING that the presidential election was INDEED STOLEN from not only President Trump, but the voters over the entire United States. It couldn’t be done before the deadline of midnight, Nov.3rd, but it had to be stretched out to Nov.4th and 5th. so that the theives could get all of their ellegal ballots in and counted.

  16. weswon1 says:

    To the people of the United States:

    I am so sick of the “DON” Don Trump’s whining. This man acts like a dictator and not a very nice dictator. If there was any cheating in an election it was in 2016. The “DON” lost the popular vote and was still elected as President of the United States. I wish the 10 percenters of the USA who love this guy, and have handed him millions and million of dollars would tell him to MAN UP and respect the will of the voters and move to his golf course in Florida and play golf daily for the rest of his life and disappear from public view.

    • Vote for Truth says:

      That’s what you should be saying to Obama. You people think Obama is so great, but he is the only past President who goes after his successor and calls Trump names all the time. Obama has no class and he should disappear like all other Presidents before him

    • Richard Rivas says:

      Weswon, We have protections written into our constitution called “Due Process”. This protects “The People” which also includes you from illegal activity or processes including the president. The way I, as well as millions of others, or 10 percenters as you call us, there is obvious fraud and there were many “errors” committed during this presidential vote. If there was nothing wrong, as you see it, why are you so against allowing Trump to present the evidence he has gathered to the Supreme Court? If you were accused of something or if someone cheated you somehow, wouldn’t you want justice? Of course you would. How would you feel if people started saying you were a “whiner” and concede to the wrongdoing that happened to you? I’m sure you would not like it and I’m sure you would do whatever it took, legally, to fight for your justice. Be open minded and take your time to look at all of the evidence presented and to be presented and then tell me if you feel the same. You may not like Trump for what seems like personal reasons, but he IS our president and his position should be respected by us as citizens of the United States. Remember, the freedoms you have and enjoy, are because of our constitution, and how it was written. Don’t be ignorant and learn what you can not only about our constitution but also about what has happened and what is happening with this presidential vote.

    • Louise Berger says:

      I really do not know how to reply to your thought!!!How can you believe that this election was on the up and up..It has been proven voting machines were programmed for Biden….ballots were sent in by read people and harvested and illegally signed…all for Biden…no one is even questioning any of this being done by the Trump team..doesn’t this way something…yes a revote would end this mess once and for all.

  17. C Cooley says:

    Yes, the Supreme Court should act on this blatant voter fraud! If this corruption is allowed, this country will fall. Pray that The Lord Jesus Christ will prevail against this evil corruption.

    • Elaine Strickland says:

      Supreme Court should hear President Trump case of corruption and voter fraud that the Election was stolen from him

  18. Carrie Thompson says:

    Absolutely YES

  19. David Higgins says:

    Personally I think the Supreme Court should nullify the presidential election, do it over with paper ballots and hand counts with the military involved in the polling places, no mail ballots

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