Did Planned Parenthood Get $67M Illegally?

Planned Parenthood

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – GOP Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY) says that Planned Parenthood received more money in no-payback loans under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) than it deserved and must pay it back.

The money in question was $67 million in no payback loans the abortion provider organization received when the coronavirus pandemic started.

Speaking with Newsmax, the congresswoman stated, “It was clear in the statute and under the Trump administration’s guidance that Planned Parenthood clearly wasn’t able to receive this because of the employee threshold having 16,000 employees nationwide prohibited them from getting this.”

The funds were meant to aid small businesses hurting when the president began the workplace shutdown.

Tenney claims that PPP worked around several laws to access the loans and not have to re-pay. She reminded the news service that the funds are taxpayer money and that accountability for the abortion provider by returning the loans needs to happen.

Before the Newsmax interview, Tenney questioned Administrator Isabella Guzman of the Small Business Administration (SBA) about Planned Parenthood acquiring such PPP funds. Tenney was curious why no one stopped the funds from going to them.

Tenney was irritated by the handling of the entire affair by SBA. She went further to say, “I am urging my colleagues on the Appropriations Committee to withhold funding from the SBA for fiscal year 2023 equal to the amount in loans illegally forgiven for Planned Parenthood affiliates. The American people strongly oppose taxpayer-funded abortions, and they deserve better than this.”

The SBA and Guzman, in particular, have tried to excuse the allocation of funds to the abortion provider by claiming that they are a small business. They have even claimed that the funds “slipped through the cracks” and it was all a mistake.

Tenney says she will continue to work to recover the funds on behalf of the American people.