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Did She Get What She Deserved?

What has happened to America and traditional American values when a woman protester spits in the face of a police officer? Imagine being a police officer and having to endure this type of abuse?

Well, as you’ll see in the video, once the woman spits in the officer’s face, she gets a reaction. Probably not the one she expected. But, the one every right-minded American will cheer.

We apologize in advance for the profanity this woman spews, but please watch the video and share your thoughts in the Comment section further down this page.




  1. Karen Anders says:

    Guess she didn’t think she was loud enough the first time, definitely not a lady. I wouldn’t want her as my daughter- in -law. She certainly has a way with words, lack of integrity, morals and class!

  2. C. V. Barton says:

    When one sees all these foul mouth, hate filled, no respect people like this person, I call them like they are – TRASH! Plain and SIMPLE TRASH with no morals, ethics, or rearing.

  3. Steve Startz says:

    Democrats millennials snowflakes generation x and whores all have many things in common
    Treason corruption arson murder and complete worthless inhuman character!!
    Hopefully Our great police force accidentally aborted her existence!
    Demscum are pro abortion
    It isn’t to late for America to abort them All!
    Perhaps under certain circumstances abortion is the most acceptable way to eliminate the cancer these worthless inhuman scum democrats are!
    Democrats abort innocent children a vial satanic action
    If democrats think innocent children can be aborted
    They can’t possibly disagree with anyone for aborting Democrats themselves for their Vial conduct and actions Are certainly more vial then. That of innocent babies!!! That they Abort!!!
    The only way to stop cancer in America that democrats are is to abort them
    After all every crime they have projected on our President have been their own crimes
    Democrats deserve to be aborted For they are pure Hate
    Corruption and treason!!
    I believe abortion is pure evil and hate
    But would now find the vial act acceptable in only one circumstance
    The elimination of all democrats for evil is their only attribute

  4. Dennis says:

    This is what happens when parents don’t instill a sense of respect in their child. A classic case of spare the rod and spoil the child.

  5. Tom Edwards says:

    She definitely should be given the max. Btw, Christopher, I’m unfamiliar with the abbreviation BDSM?

  6. Yes she needed to go to jail for attempted murderer. I don’t think she was an American. She need to be sent back to the country that she came from.

  7. honest says:

    Typical Democrat Pig

  8. Jonathan Dawkins says:

    Using her phone to record how brave she is! She will get her propers from the courts, if not, hope she never needs the police !

  9. Richard Rivas says:

    This is awful to watch, mainly because there is a complete lack of respect for our police officers. There is simply no need for this type of protesting, language or action. Absolutely nobody should be treated like this. I believe she should get punished severely and to the extreme extent of the law. The police officer did exactly what he had to do. Spitting is physical assault and any officer should be allowed to subdue anyone who assaults them in the most effective way possible. I applaud the officer for doing exactly as he did. I really do hope she gets charged with assault and also hope the judge gives her the maximum penalty allowed by law. Regardless of what she believes in, she needs to learn how to respectfully and peacefully protest. Until then, let her land in jail, pay fines or get out of the country.

    • Karen says:

      I agree 100 percent. She is a savage!

    • Diana says:

      Totally agree! Assault on a police officer. And phone in hand? Videoing the whole thing? Lol not smart. Just dug her grave of being innocent. If that was my daughter, no matter how old, I would have beat the tar out of her before she even spat on him. It would have been because of cursing and disrespect to a public servant trying to keep the peace. Book her Dano!

    • BillJumper says:

      Since shes so violent send her to Afganastand withoyt a weapond except her spit

  10. Letha C says:

    I hope she got arrested for assaulting a police officer. And as for her parents they should have taken child raising classes and read the 10 commandments.

  11. Diane says:

    Yes. She should be arrested for assault. I sure hope we can get a follow up to see what they did with her and her no-class language and attitude.

  12. Pat says:

    She deserved what she did to the police officer. With her spitting even due to the virus/she should be charged causing endangerment to the police officer’s life. Throw the book at her.

  13. Edith Chase says:

    Yes, she got what she deserved . Such hate and disrespect.

  14. Jeanne Young says:

    This is what we have to contend with in our old age. Over spoiled trash coming out of Communist colleges. I hope she was charged with assault.

  15. Edith Chase says:

    She should go to JAIL. Sooo disrespect. She deserved for what she got and than some. So hateful!!!

  16. Christopher says:

    Her provocation lead to exactly what she wanted. Another BDSM tactic.

  17. Christopher says:

    Her provocation lead to exactly what she wanted. Another BDSM tactic.

  18. Duane says:

    They should have beat her unconscious. Better yet put a knee on her nack.

  19. Allen says:

    Too bad he did not break her face. That would have been an improvement. What a unlikeable “person.”

    • ROBERT M says:

      what a moron–a real piece of garbage not a true American–ship her out of here until she realizes what that means

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