Did The Deep State Kill Madison Cawthorn’s Political Career?

Madison Cawthorn

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Freshman United States Representative Madison Cawthorn, a North Carolina Republican, lost his primary race last night in his bid for a second term despite being endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

It is no secret that many establishment Republicans in both North Carolina and Washington DC wanted to kill Cawthorn’s political career after he recently revealed that he had been invited to congressional parties where drugs and sex were involved.

Now, political observers are asking if the Deep State took out Cawthorn to stop additional revelations.

As the conservative National Review publication observes:

“Known as a firebrand of the “America First” populist platform espoused by former President Trump, Cawthorn often spoke in the chamber with fiery rhetoric about the border crisis, the China threat, and the economic failures of the Biden administration.

“But over the last month, he became saddled with a series of scandals dealing with his past inappropriate behavior, all of which surfaced in media coverage around the same time. Cawthorn first fueled rumors that his congressional colleagues were attending cocaine-involved orgies, but could not expound further when pressed for specific details, leading House minority leader Kevin McCarthy to express in a private meeting with the junior legislator that he had ‘lost his trust.'” [emphasis added]

Cawthorn conceded his race last night and did not indicate that he would challenge the results. It remains to be seen if he will reveal more about what goes on behind closed doors in Washington DC now that his own political party has ousted him.

What is your opinion about United States Representative Madison Cawthorn and why he lost his GOP primary race last night? Please email [email protected] and share your view. Do you believe the Deep State in Washington DC was out to end Cawthorn’s political career because he revealed that he had been invited to congressional parties where drugs and sex were involved? Why or why not?