Did They Do the Right Thing? – Reclaiming America

Did They Do the Right Thing?

Here are the names and states of the 10 Republican members who joined with every Democrat member of the U.S. House of Representatives and voted to impeach President Trump for “Incitement of Insurrection.”

Review the list and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with these 10 Republicans and the Democrats? Would you have voted to impeach President Trump? Why or why not?

  • Rep. Liz Cheney-WY
  • Rep. Herrera Beutler-WA
  • Rep. Katko-NY
  • Rep. Kinzinger-IL
  • Rep. Upton-MI
  • Rep. Newhouse-WA
  • Rep. Meijer-MI
  • Rep. Gonzalez-OH
  • Rep. Rice-SC
  • Rep. Valadao-CA


  1. Peggy F Kulpa says:

    You do not convict someone without a trial. You do not jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts. These people jumped with out knowing the whole story. Our country does not need people who do not follow facts. They are dangerous to our democracy.

  2. Joan says:

    Most left wing insipid fools need one say more!!!

  3. Carolyn Coburn says:

    NO! They did NOT do the right thing. You might as well add McConnell’s name to that list, too.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    They need to get rid of Pelosi. She’s been out to get our president from the start. Does she have a personal grudge against him or what? She’s always been the first Democrat to start something against him. What’s with her? She needs to go. Why not impeach her? She’s just a big mouth anyway, out to cause trouble.

    • Rebel One says:

      I couldn’t agree more

    • bruce says:

      Please don’t get mad. Pelosi’s problem is she is too old and going senile, then we add to that menopause and other female issues for women in that age group. Trump is like a barking dog and Pelosi acts like a hissing cornered cat, so the fight is on and Pelosi knows how to use the system better than Trump. Obama sidestepped his belligerent and uncooperative congress and senate and Trump failed to do so.

    • Yes, I would love to see them impeach Pelosi, Shift & Schumer. For 4 yrs. they have spent their time trying to get rid of President Trump instead of doing their job that they were elected for. Term limits for all would take care of a lot of our problems.

  5. dotty says:

    These despicable RINOS sold out their country. The old saying ‘follow the money’ comes to mind there.Cheney -TRAITOR she should be forced to resign. Trump has done MORE TO PROMOTE AMERICA in the last 4 years than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNION. He loves the people,the FLAG, the POLICE, the PEOPLE!! His actions displayed this LOVE EVERYDAY. The election was a FRAUD. DOMINION AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, ALONG WITH SOROS, BLOOMBERG and the SOCIALIST SUPPORTERS -BIG TECH, ETC..CHINA, IRAN, all paid to control the failure of this GREAT MAN. IT WAS HIM AGAINST THE WORLD. He was our FIRE WALL AGAINST SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM and they worked to discredit and destroy this GREAT MAN. THE MAGA MOVEMENT MUST band together and fight back.

    • Fred Behling says:

      Dotty, l couldn’t have said any better! You hit the nail squarely on it’s head! I agree with you 100%!

  6. Kermit Johnson says:

    Cheney is an insult to Wyoming and the rest of them too should be removed from the political field and we need true honest Americans for us Americans

  7. Tom says:

    Question: Why was there an allout assault to impeach Trump from before he took office?? Then….why was there a lengthy impeachment of Trump for working with the Russians when Hillary paid for the crucial proof and there was no evidence/proof and Dems knew about it?? Why didn’t Dems call out the riots that destroyed many business and invaded federal bldg. AND KILLED PEOPLE??
    Why didn’t Dems and Republicans agree to conduct an Audit of the Election, knowing the result would be proof who won??
    Because TRUMP is not a Career Politician and cant’t be trusted not to expose the Corruption of Government.

    • Kim says:

      As president Trump should There is so much lies deceit cheats thieves in the Democratic Party I never knew how much until I watched the witnesses in the impeachment hearing that they’re posting on YouTube I watch two hours of how they sent text back-and-forth FBI agent to FBI agent San Juan deplorable Man he was he would never make it into president Because don’t worry we will stop him and this was before he even stepped into office more and more text from the FBI corruption is unbelievable their task force had 13 Democrats not one Republican on the task force when they were going for the first impeachment if we as Americans were the year an honest Democrat ha ha or Republican need to stand up with Trump and take our country back or were at the beginning of a very very Hard road I pray for us I pray for President Trump and his family and all the people in America that are so naïve to the fact there’s something really bad is coming in to the great USA God bless America

  8. Edward Allard says:

    The impeachment has accomplished exactly what they wanted – took the focus off their crimes, and it has obviously brought out their infiltrators in the Republican Party – the riot they planned eliminated any chance of focus on Georgia – we are not dealing with Democrats or Republicans, we are dealing with Socialists that want to take over…

    • sally costello says:

      Totally agree! And maybe they’re hoping the American people will forget about that $2000 stimulus check and no more mention of the Bides’s and Ukraine…this has been a great diversion for the Democrats on so many levels. And why the so-called news outlets can’t report on more than one thing at a time is a joke. More time and attention has been the rebellion and the virus and a few snippets of other ‘news’. I’m pretty sure we all know yes going on. It doesn’t constantly need to be repeated by all these Socialists. That’s our myopic news. How convenient!

  9. Violet ODell says:

    The 10 got paid off, a crime committed. I live in Ohio and he can not get re-elected.



    • John Mark Hunter says:

      I emigrated to this country 22 years ago because it was the land of the Free and home of the Brave. No longer – we are now going to be enslaved by the Democrats. I cannot believe these 10 Republican TRAITORS, Liz Cheney you should be disgusted at your behaviour. Kinzinger – well you are just a spineless clown who follows the money. We will stand strong, Justice within the law needs to happen. So much fraud and criminal activity by the Democrats like i have never seen in my life. You will answer for your crimes one day.

      • Hannah Yim says:

        You’re right. I am with you. Liz must resign. She and other 9 Republicans are deviding the Republican Party. They must go… they have no integrity, flip-flopper. I cannot believe these 10 bad apples. After all what President Trump has been done for our working people taking care of minorities more than any otherpresidents, how can any one call President Trump “white supremacy or Nation..?????” Ms. Liz Cheiny and other 9 disgusting Republicans are not true True Republicans. It’s so sad to watch most leaders whom we elected are only interested in their own personal policy agenda….
        I thank God there are still many other patriotics – love the country and want to do Right things …….!!!

        • Janet Junkins says:

          It is all about the power. Look at Pelosi – Power! Chucky Boy – Power and wait til he takes over McConnell’s place! He and P are already thick as thieves. But once Trump is out of office and the family is off the table for political agendas, they’ll forget all about Trump. That man has been through the wringer the last 4 years. Now they want to be sure he doesn’t get his pension, any sort of protection and NYC is cancelling contracts they had with his companies. It smells rotten.

    • See if they can feed 10 kids like our grandparents did back through the depression without being on the system I bet notmoonshine says:

      Rot is not even the word for it if we don’t stand up for our president it will not just be him they will destroy they are still destroying our children our values everything we grew up on that our families work so hard to prevent buckle up and hold on for the ride there is a shit show coming all thanks to the DemocratsAnd Nancy Pelosi as their leader an absolutely horrible human being I have already started shopping on eBay if I need something online Amazon prime has been canceled I tried to go to Parler from Facebook could not because Facebook and Twitter took care of that those platforms are deplorable un-American liars employees have came out from Facebook stating CEO Mark Zuckerberg pay them to put fake media about Trump on his site as well as Twitter trending fake news if it was up to me I would say shut every single platform down go back to the old ways and see how they survive on that shitSee if they can feed 10 kids like our grandparents did back through the depression without being on the system I bet not

  11. Steve H says:

    No where in his speech did he say anything about violence, infact he said go and protest in peace. Hundreds of thousand of people were there and 5 people died. What about all the riots and looting last summer and fall? How many people died? How many businesses were burned down and destroyed? How many democrats, for that matter, republicans too, came forward and spoke up to stop the riots and looting last summer and fall? Not one!!! Those demorats are all traitors who are lying and stealing money from the American people. All polictians were and are afraid of President Trump because he’s not on the take. President Trump is not a polictian, he’s a business man who has gotten things done. All the polictians that been there for 10, 20, 30 and 40 years have accomplished nothing in comparison to President Trump. They have stolen enough from us, it’s time to have them brought up on treason charges.

    • Janet Junkins says:

      Term limits!! Of course, Congress will never vote for term limits. But you shouldn’t have people in office in their 80’s. It’s the good ole boy way or no way.

  12. Martin Morford says:

    The GOP needs to find and train 10 STRONG candidates, then primary the 10, starting with WY.

  13. Brad Tipton says:

    At the insistence of Nancy Pelooser, the House “jumped the gun” on this impeachment. They blamed Trump for all the “riot-like” activities of breaking into the Capitol Building and other activities. They did not wait until the FBI and other law enforcement completed their investigations and filed reports. I FIRMLY BELIEVE that the bad actors were ANTIFA infiltrators to the otherwise peaceful and law abiding crowd. Unfortunately some of the latter did follow the ANTIFA “leaders” into the building. I understand there are over 170 arrests of those involved. They have not even been interrogated yet. When the truth comes out, it will (unfortunately) be too late. Trump will be branded as an INSTIGATOR and that is all most Americans will learn through the LYING MEDIA. The impeachment MUST FAIL so my POTUS can make a comeback.

  14. Lorene says:

    I would write them if they were my representative and let them know that I would never vote for them again. If enough people were to let them know that they had made a terrible mistake, then it could make some difference later. We have some very bad people in office both house and senate.

  15. John Spencer says:

    These RINO’S are a disgrace to the American people. All anyone with half a mind has to do is read his speech.
    It says nothing about causing violence. It seems most people that believe this Democrat nonsense are nothing but a flock of sheep ready to walk off a cliff.

  16. Marty Eden says:

    They all need to be removed from office! They have made their choice and we the people will not forget. The real problem is we have so much fraud in our Elections that we the people have no say in who is put in to office. And the ones that are in office are above our laws!

    • Janet Junkins says:

      I am a life-long resident of Georgia. I can’t believe people could not or would not see what was going on during the election. Must be the fact that the Governor’s race will be coming up and there’s some women politicians in Ga who have their eyes set on the “gold”.

  17. Tina Thomas says:

    To all who stand with the Costitution and the fact that our government is by the people and for the people, think that what has been done is or was or will ever be a thing of treachery. That is not the government I voted for.

  18. Lisa M. says:

    The 10 fake Republicans need to be replaced in the next election. The voting system needs to be fixed because it was clearly stolen from President Trump. Free speech is disappearing due to the monopolies of social media. News now is clearly bias except Newsmax.

  19. Jeanette says:

    These 10 need to be removed from office. They are not representing we the people. Same as all the corrupt Democrat’s. But then they are all corrupt that why I switched parties.

  20. Ronald Keech says:

    Lis ding dong cheney doesn’t deserve any respect and should be forced to resign as should the other nine. God bless Donald Trump.

  21. Bonnie S Dooley says:

    It is so sad that these Republicans voted against their party! Hopefully they won’t win reelection.

  22. Jerry says:

    Amazing how fast this took place! To bad the “real” help that Americans need, the stimulus checks, was held up by Nancy, yet she could push this through in a matter of hours. Wonder if these 10 would have voted “no” on that package? All need to resign! God Bless American.

  23. Lewis D Turner says:

    I agree with all of the comments submitted in response to the impeachment of President Trump. On second thought it was not an impeachment but a farce. This bunch of stupid idiots should carry out the rules as set forth in the constitution not make up their own. Those 10 Republicans will back up the President as long as they think he can help them otherwise they play with the Demos. Congress does not like Trump because he does not kiss their butts and gets things done. He has been the best President in our life time.

  24. Lorne Styles says:

    So all the people that have come forward as witnesses to the fraudulent behavior and put their reputations on the line are deemed unworthy to speak? Are they liars? The videos we have seen are just someone’s imagination or fabricated? They may now be blacklisted as well? This totally sounds more like stories from communist China, not AMERICA..I have learned so much about corruption in AMERICA
    but never dreamed pro life Republicans would roll over for this evil. Some things are actually worth dying for. I feel any Republican that has caved to this pressure is unfit to represent the pro life party.they should be done and gone yesterday!! How will they do when they stand before God having cast their vote for this murdering duo? IS THERE NO FEAR OF GOD ANYMORE??

  25. maxibaby says:

    If every House Democrat and these 10 Republicans heard and/or saw what President Trump said in his speech and believe him to be guilty of the charge levied against him ….. we should all be very afraid of the mental competence of the House of Representatives! They are unqualified to write legislature that becomes the law of the land! They cannot come to a sane reasonable conclusion of what they HEAR! Democrats historically have “selective hearing” aka Dems hear what the want to hear….don’t let truth get in their way!
    All who voted to impeach should be voted out of Congress! They are not fit to serve! This was small, petty and spiteful…nothing more, nothing less!

  26. P. Andrews says:

    They are a discredit to the Republican Party and especially to America and
    American citizens.

    Shameful misled group of hopeless unfortunates; a disgrace that they have
    submitted to corruption and evil and allow it to flourish.

    • Tony badami says:

      well, I believe that we have to create a new party. Republicans are a business for their gain. a bunch of jerks and can’t see beyond their nose. out with the old in with the new.
      A patriot party is needed. we shall consider the name the Patriot Party.
      can’t work with liars who look the other way for their gain. out with the unfaithful Republicans in with the Patriots.

      • Korean Callahan says:

        I agree and have voiced the same thing.

      • Theresa says:

        I totally agree 100% I’ll change my voting status from Republican to Patriot Party. I hope all Republican voters follow suite cause the Republican party is DEAD. Traitors to there voters
        Trump 2024 Patriot Party 👍👍👍

      • PATRICK T LYONS says:

        I couldn’t agree more these spineless cowards do Not represent our Republican party. Ive been saying this for the last 20 plus years- We Need a Legit 3rd party!
        Could be wrong but i believe its gnna be the Trump Party like G.W.B once said,” your either with us or against us” ppl need to immediately decide there stance & start organizing

        • J Junkins says:

          Unless the remaining Republicans get a backbone, he’ll be impeached. Lose his pension, protection from the Secret Service, not able to run for office ever, has lost respect around the world because people will believe the Dems since that is the only thing the Media reports. Nothing Trump did for the little man was ever reported.

  27. This impeachment was nothing but a waste of taxpayer dollars for nothing! He will be out in a week! They should be working to protect citizens from the criminals let out of jail and all the criminal illegals they have let in our country. 5 people did die but not from the Peaceful demonstrators. One veteran was shot in neck by police. Another officer later committed suicide. Two people had medical emergencies. An officer was shot by another officer. Yes, this should never have happened. Would not have if they had accepted offers for security. AND would have been no problem if the left supporters that destroyed cities, killed , raped , beat citizens and police, wrecked vehicles-police cars- and set them on fire, should have never been there. Was planned to make Trump and supporters to look guilty. And pipe bombs they claim finding , the left supporters used many of them all summer in their burning cities! The democrat Ayers and governors supported their actions! They did not protect citizens. They refused to give safety to citizens. Disgusting 🤮!! They should be looking at video to arrest all of them. I pray God will protect and keep us safe from these demons! God bless our citizens and our country! And I beg God keep our children safe!

    • Korean Callahan says:

      Wondering why security wasn’t beefed up after Pelosi was warned by the FBI of the large protest and in light of this critical time to protect our Congress. She is a hateful vengeful old woman who I believe did not increase security on purpose because she knew there would be unrest and could blame it on the president. This was done deliberately just like cheating on the election. They don’t do anything without forethought.

  28. Rodney Boone says:

    These people are not what our forefathers envisioned.You went to Washington to speak your piece and serve the country and then back home to earn an honest living! Not at all what politics are today! Sick – sick – sick!!

  29. Alfred A says:

    I think that what these republicans have done to Trump and his administration is unacceptable and we should make sure they are never re elected. Trump is far from perfect but he has been honest and one of the best presidents of our times. He has come through with promises made and promises kept but truth be told, the democrats have been trying to destroy him since before he stepped into the oval office. They were talking impeachment 19 days after inauguration and have now disgraced our whole country. I sometimes feel as if we are living in a parallel universe where black is white and white is black. When “Make America Great Again” is seen as inflammatory and a bad thing, we are in serious trouble. God bless this great nation!

  30. Gladys Myers says:

    No!!! They just need to remember the Democrats are playing political games. President Trump did nothing wrong. Antifa and the police allowed this to happen. Antifa and other groups threatened Trump supporters and dressed up as Trump supporters so President Trump would get blamed for all the violent acts. Democrats let all the riots before in all of the States before. God knows what is going on and God will not allow them to get away with this that’s why President Trump did what he did with Jerusalem and got 4 countries to sign peace

  31. Debra Young says:

    The ones who voted to impeach President Trump are a disgrace. I will do everything I can to see that they are voted out of office as soon as they come up for re-election!! That is a [email protected]

    • Tony badami says:

      these morons need to be recalled and put to shame. what people do for a position. what profits a person if they gain the whole world and lose their souls. they will suffer loose at judgement time. he that knows to do good and doesn’t do it much is required of them.

      • Korean Callahan says:

        This is sedition by both parties and they should be brought to justice by hanging in a public place. This should never happen to another president again.

  32. Linda McCardel says:

    Remember their names and vote against them next time. These people are not Republicans – they are cowards. How can a true Republican vote to impeach their president when there is no investigation, no facts, only the lies of the Democrats and the MSM. They ought to be censured themselves for not supporting their party in a shame impeachment attempt based on nothing.

  33. Judith Farrell says:

    Biden’s term will be cursed and Americans will come to regret that they let this happen to a good president, Trump has courage, is honest and did a great job…. wait till Biden has to deal with the anger and the problems that will come his way…will they impeach him to and let Harris take over… their real goal…and who then really controls America….? the communist and rich liberals who see to own and run this nation. America died today…freedom and truth died today. Let us pray against the chaos and darkness which will cover this nation for the next four years. God bless America…..dark days to come.

    • Elizabeth says:

      These Democrats are hypocrites. what the media turned a blind eye to for the last year they are now crucifying Trump for even though he didn’t have anything to do with it. If anyone incited the mob at the White House it was Antifa and BLM hired by the Democrats. They have such a hatred for President Trump because he tried to make America great again. They don’t want us great but subservient like good socialists or communists. Their hatred is driving them to become animals and ghouls. They will do anything to punish Trump and anyone who voted for him for the audacious act of voting for someone other than their candidate. I hope we, the American people won’t put up with their nonsense. God bless America!

  34. Dee T says:

    These 10 better hope that their constituencies are ok with what they did today.
    I have decided that I will no longer do anything to help further Kinzingers’ career (and I am fairly sure, he has higher political hopes). I am also sorry that I sent a donation (albeit a small one) to help Valadao of California. I was excited that he beat out his opponent. Now I am not so happy with my decision. I think these 10 will not be looked on kindly.

  35. Charles says:

    No, they are traitors, Rinos, I hope this is remembered when they come up for voting.

  36. Shelby Byrd says:

    I am so disappointed in our SC so called Congressmen. I have voted for Lindsey Graham 2 times since moving to SC but never again. He was 1 of the 1st to betray President Trump without having all the facts. Everyone seems to believe everything the most evil person I know of says, Paloskie. I will not vote for Tom Rice again either. He betrayed our President too. They were all to quick to condemn. There’s a lot of crooks on both sides & I am ashame of you. He has done more for us in the 4 years than y’all have done in 25 years. What’s Paloska holding over you crooks?

  37. Rose R Rook says:

    They are spineless and traitors to America Shame Shame Shame on them. They will be sorry when the cancel culture cancels them, and they will.

  38. pj says:

    No. These politicians have no end to there treachery. But I beg people not to give up. Get informed on your local politicians, we have seen how they can affect our lives. Buy local; buy from small businesses when possible. Primary and pray. We can not right this ship, if we are hiding in the hold. Together, with God, can weather this storm.

  39. Sick and tired of the double standard. It’s ok for pieces of garbage like waters and a like to encourage violence when they don’t like what you stand for. Call you racist. That’s ok. But if your a republican and you follow the constitution. Your banned and you should be eliminated. Hypocrites all of them. They wouldn’t dare face me or any other true American in a place where they have to answer questions. Cowards

  40. Mildred noles says:

    No one said a thing when they showed Donald trumps head on a spear. No ne called it treason when Pelosi, Schumer, Waters Schalwell, and others said for people to get in republicans faces, don’t give them any peace. It’s OK when Antifa and BLM goes to senators houses in the middle on the night and won’t let them sleep. Swalwell had a long term affair with a Chinese spy, no treason there. Diane Feinstein had a Chinese spy for a driver for years. He was allowed to leave the country. Why didn’t they call what happened at the capitol a peaceful protest, they called the burning and looting of cities and police precincts even federal buildings peaceful. They are very wrong, they are turning people more toward Trump as their savior.

  41. gerald volosyn says:

    Tratiors all of them, need to prosecute democrats and rino republicans. All trump did was EXPOSE ALL THE CORRUPTION going on for decades, what,s next concertration camps for americans like NAZI germany?

  42. Barbara Kocher says:

    President Trump did more for this country and the world than almost every other President we have had, despite having to constantly battle the Democrats constant harassment. They wanted power and care nothing of the people. The democrat fueled Antifa and BLM caused issues at the Capitol and the proof is out there, yet still they want to blame Trump. The USA as we knew it and it was meant to be will be finished. It will be an extension of China.

  43. J Fred says:

    This is not going to get better for a long time, more news from today about Ga. voting irregularities

    • Kevin says:

      It seems like American people are not getting listened to so what is next is a revolution war on American soil

    • Kevin says:

      It seems like American people are not getting listened to so what is next is a revolution war on American soil if you are a true American

  44. Leonard Koop says:

    Remember those republican names they should be replaced. Donald Trump did a fantastic job. Those republicans are spineless

  45. Patty says:

    These Republicans have crossed the line and should change to the Democratic Party. Either they are idiots, or they are of afraid of the Democrats and won’t stand up against them. They must have their heads in the sand. Let’s hope they get voted out in the Primaries! We need representatives that care about the American people!

    • Lj says:

      No! The democrats are insane along with the backstabbing rhinos! Trump did not incite the mob at the capitol. The rich liberals paid antifa once again to disrupt a mostly peaceful rally in support of trump and the MAGA movement. And u can rest assure that it is a movement that will never go away! The 73M trump voters will once again vote for him in 2024! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Don Cordell says:

      These 10 Pelosi butt kissers should be kicked out of office as their are traitors . Maybe Pelosi promised them a ice cream America will never forget them or forgive them

  46. Marlys May says:

    Nancy Pelosi is so full of hate that she cannot see straight. These Republicans are turncoats that are only after their salaries. They did what they did just to stay in office. Half of Congress needs to be removed. Career politicians need to go. WE need a new party for patriots. Demo-rats and republicans are the same party.

  47. J Fred says:

    Seven or eight from blue states, so what do you expect? I know my solution, I’m moving to Costa Rica and let you all deal with it!!

  48. Ed says:

    Kinzinger must not be reelected.

  49. Trudy says:

    Just look at the states where most of them are from. I wouldn’t want to be associated with any of them.

  50. Ben Talley says:

    These 10 have joined the new world order and have swallowed the leftist lies. They have abandoned their commitment to the people who elected them. The war is between the powers of good and evil. They have sold out to the evil. They know not what they do.

  51. Kevin says:

    NO, President Trump has done awesome things for this country, despite the fact that Pelosi Schumer Nader and many many more have done nothing but spend taxpayer money to try and impeach or prove his election was crooked, those of the people that need to be gone, replaced, drain the goddamn swamp, get some people in there that care about the United States of America!!!!!!!

  52. Roy Stark says:

    They are all traitors to the republic they all dug their own grave God bless the Republic and our President Trump

  53. Bonnie says:

    Shame on everyone of them. President is the best president we have ever had. He is patriotic more than I can say for any of them!! He did not incite his supporters. Those who broke into Capitol were not true supporters but ANTIFA etc as truth is coming to it about that ynless Dems continue to spread lies and upheaval to our country. They can’t even honor the seat that President Trump held. I couldn’t stand the Muslim Obama but I respected the office he held! I can only say shame on all of you for insulting us who voted for President Trump and who knows the truth about election. They want to live in a socialist country so bad they would tell lies on our president. It wouldn’t hold up in a fair court so they had to do it dishonestly through house which is full of people who can’t admitt they lost 4 years ago or now!!

    • emma f macomber says:

      I totally agree with you. They are a disgrace to America and the Republican Party. I hope they are voted out of office next election cycle. No President has fought for our economy and freedom more than President Trump. He has kept us out of wars, which the defense contractors hate, and promoted world peace. He has donated his salary to charities, name one other President who has done that. I stand with President Trump and always will, he is a good man who is under attack by democrats, big tech, leftist corporations, leftist billionaires and MSM. Evil is afoot, please pray for President Donald J. Trump that he may prevail.

  54. S G says:

    Liz Cheney and her band of traitors! Changing to an Independent after all of this!

  55. Martin L. King Jr says:

    No. That means it is time for their constituents to begin vetting candidates to primary them

  56. Judith Ireland says:

    They can go to hell! I will go back to independent voter if I vote at all again I’m shocked at what our government has begun Let the Antifa and Black Lives Matter people have it Those republicans will not get voted back in They are the traitors! God help us all!
    Trump did more for this country than any other president in my 73 years

  57. steve midgett says:

    No they are traitors they do not have my support any more piss on them.

  58. Richard L. Borders says:

    I firmly believe, that when future historians write of Donald J. Trump, that he will be regarded as one of the BEST Presidents the US has ever been fortunate to have had. His personality may be objectionable to many, but his effectiveness in those areas in which a President should excel (economically and militarily) he has been exceptional.

  59. they have to run again in two years let us drop them and get better qualified
    representatives for the FUTURE AND THE BEST FOR OUR COUNTRY

    • JJunkins says:

      A decent person will not want to run for office because anything in their past, even if it is 25 years ago will be dragged up and blasted by the Media. It’s a shame but people will forget and will vote the ones who betrayed their party right back in office. There may never be another honest election in our lifetimes. I don’t see another Republican being elected to the Presidency for a long, long time. Jon Ossof, from GA probably has his eyes on that lofty eyes. He should have never been elected except for the help of a lot of people coming into GA and doing their “we are so good” speeches.

  60. Bill says:

    No help for us or usa, just impeach, impeach, impeach…with a week before he is out of office. So unfair.

    • Moonshine says:

      And using our tax dollars to do it on one witness I watched the lies in contempt for President Trump how they even got passed Congress to impeach I have no idea

  61. Mary Janes says:

    Oh HELL NO they should be brought up on charges of treason

  62. Kay Fulnecky says:

    What was to be gained by impeachment with 7 datys to go? and, not basing on fact what happened at the capitol. President a Trump was not guilty and was still speaking when riot started. Most of these people don’t like President Trump and this was a way to display their animosity. I’ll be very alert when fund raising starts as they all are up for re election in two years.

  63. Renda L Bennett says:

    Why cant they just drop it. He won’t be playing in your sand box much longer

    • JJunkins says:

      I doubt he will be able to get anyone to defend him if he has to go before the 9 panel committee Pelosi has already picked. The attorney will not want that following him around. The whole thing smells of “rot”!

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