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Did Trump Greenlight This Assassination?

Did President Donald Trump greenlight Israel to assassinate an Iranian nuclear scientist who was gunned down today? Many national security and intelligence officials across the world believe the final decision must’ve come from Trump.

A prominent Iranian nuclear scientist who was seen as a driving force behind Tehran’s disbanded effort to build a nuclear weapon nearly two decades ago was killed Friday outside Tehran in an apparent targeted ambush, Iranian officials said,” according to The Washington Post.

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, described the attack on the scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, as the work of “state terror” and implicated Israel as having a possible role. Officials in Israel had no comment.

“The killing of Fakhrizadeh — on a road in Damavand east of Tehran — was the third high-profile attack to shake Tehran’s leadership in less than a year.”…

Analysts also said the timing of the attack appeared linked to the impending change of U.S. administrations.”

Here are two tweets related to the attack. The first tweet was retweeted by President Trump which may indicate his agreement with the assassination. WARNING: The second tweet contains gruesome photos.

Please share your thoughts about the assassination of this Iranian nuclear scientist in the comment section. If President Trump gave the okay to Israel to kill him, do you agree with that decision?



  1. 9MM says:

    Did he,hell who knows but If he did it’s a big cheer as this Iranian smuck was one of the ideal having twerps wanting to wipe Israel off the map. It’s gonna sadden Ovomit tho and possibly Biden and his CCP BUDS.

  2. Iris Sapovits says:

    If he did, good for him. I don’t believe President Trump or Israel had anything to do with this attack.
    Muslims are well know to kill each other.

  3. No, I do not believe President Trump would work, so hard, to keep peace between countries then do such an unwise thing. President Trump has earned the respect from countries because he is honest and wants peace for everyone. He is fair and tries to work out problems by working with them. It is important that people do not jump into blaming someone without getting the facts.

    It could have been someone in Mohsen Fakhrizadeh `s own party that had him killed, many reasons. Israel is our friend . You don`t throw out names with no proof. Innocent people can get killed/hurt and the guilty go free. THINK!

  4. John Anderson says:

    I have no doubt President Trump had nothing to do with the assassination. However I applaud whomever did for ridding the world of a dangerous individual

    John Anderson

  5. Joe says:

    Iran should be very careful who they blame, also this should show them, that any one can be a target any time, and taken out, with the blink of an eye. Now our great president wouldn’t do something like that. but don’t think it can’t happen.

  6. Susan says:

    Now you are going to blame Trump for everything that happens on foreign land and with no proof. You took the Presidency away from him so now, for once, leave him alone.

    • Editor says:

      Why do you think it would be bad if Trump had him killed? Many believe it’s a good thing that this dangerous scientist was killed and that Trump should get credit (not blame) for eliminating a threat if he asked Israel to conduct the assassination.

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