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District Attorney Drops All Prostitution Cases

Prostitution is one of the most controversial crimes in the United States. Some believe it’s a victimless crime that shouldn’t be prosecuted. Others believe that prostitutes are victimized by both the “clients” they service and, often, the individuals who forced them into working as a prostitute. And yet others believe that the prostitutes themselves are criminals who add to the moral decay of society. Still, across the country, prostitution cases are being dropped by more “progressive” prosecutors. Here’s one extreme example.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez today announced that he is moving to vacate open bench warrants related to prostitution and loitering for the purposes of prostitution – charges his Office no longer prosecutes...” according to the District Attorney’s press release.

District Attorney Gonzalez said, ‘I decided to take this action for several reasons: first and most obviously, it doesn’t make sense for someone to have an outstanding warrant for something we no longer prosecute. But beyond that, these warrants have powerful negative consequences for the individual, and they undermine public safety. Because someone with an open warrant is subject to arrest at any time, those engaged in the selling of sex are more likely to be driven underground and be less likely to report abuse or other crimes, which makes both them and others less safe. An outstanding warrant could show up years after it was issued in a background check for an apartment rental or a job application, hamstringing someone’s ability to move on from their past to a more stable and less dangerous way of life.

“‘Vacating these warrants and dismissing these cases is consistent with my view that those who engage in these activities need to be offered assistance, not criminally prosecuted‘” [emphasis added]

For more, see the District Attorney’s press release.

We value free speech. Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you believe prostitutes should be criminally prosecuted? Why or why not?



  1. Louis O. says:

    There many forms of prostitution, some are subject to arrest same are over looked because they operate under legitimate guises like job promotions, movie deals, grades in college or university, etc. We have become a country of wimps and what-ifers (made up that word). One more perversion made acceptable is not a surprise.

  2. bruce says:

    Good for you, do like both Europe and Asia. Make prostitution legal in State-regulated and monitored houses and specialty clubs. It gives the prostitute a safer environment to literally work from, like the strip club dancers and risque dressed serving ladies in Vegas.

  3. Bill says:

    The Dems are so ugly they have to get laid somewhere..They voted to keep it and release them all because it was their only chance with anyone other than Pelosi..lol

  4. H b says:

    I don’t believe that there are many young women that aspire to be a prostitute. Most are forced by circumstances or outright enslaved into this line of work. Those who are enslaved are scared of the pimps and will most likely die from prostitution. Whether from drugs, disease, or a beating. By arresting them, police might save the young girls enslaved by pimps. Tolerance of prostitution also encourages more inhumane activity such as human trafficking. I will never see this as a victimless crime.

  5. Shirley Pierce says:

    When there is NOT a law against it, THEN all cases should be dismissed. UNTIL that is so, the law is the law. OBEY IT

  6. Rhina says:

    If someone wants to be a prostitute they should be allowed to do it safely. This is the oldest profession in the world. Respect is a two way street. It is a God given right it’s what freedom means.

    • John says:

      Folks just don’t get it. Sex is for a married man and his wife. Period. Read the book of books, the Bible which is God’s operators manual for successful living. No where is fornication or adultry or any sexual perversion condoned. Between Hollywood and internet porn they have cheapened “the act of marriage” to the point it is nothing but a sport. Hell is awaiting those who knowingly and willfully disregard Gods command. The choice is ours to make. God will not force people to obey but He will enforce the consequences on judgement day. Stop the lying to yourselves and others and enjoy Gods peace through obedience to His will.

  7. Stephane says:

    One of my teachers, in the Marist college I was schooled in, was a “confessor” to the “putains” in Paris, France.
    If, even in Paris, the most prestigious city in the world, the sex trade is not denied, why would it be here? The HYPOCRISY of the catholics in this puritanical atmosphere is so abhorrent, it is repulsive. Just as the attitude of the “catholics” who proclaim their belonging to the church, but support wholeheartedly the MURDERS of millions of babies every year! They would rather not counsel the use of a condom, ( unauthorized by the church as contraception), nor vasectomies,( reversible ), but WAGE WAR FOR MURDERS!
    This is just par with socialism. No religion but THE STATE.

  8. Jeffrey Lyn Mills says:

    Prostitution is slavery. Women are mistreated, STDs are passed. There is no reason for there to be prostitution, except that powerful people in government and business hate their lives and their wives and think they deserve a young d
    Girl to make them happy.

    • Stephane says:

      The French Foreign Legion realized that men in combat need release. However they get it. In the old times, murderers, thieves, etc were welcome in that army, as long as they WILLFULLY relinquished all their misdeeds in their past lives. Many an American went in. They were recognized as the most fearsome weapon in the world. By all Special Forces. They used to travel with their own BROTHEL, with nurses and doctors. And they have Chefs d e Cuisine and serve WINE for lunch and diner. Still.
      Only in the USA, NEVADA not included, are the “peripateticiennes, ( whores), not covered by medical insurances and other clinical procedures. Again, the puritanism of the mostly left make those necessary workers a dangerous job. Allowing the pimps to drug the workers, beating the workers, and allowing the johns to destroy the workers. Go to Thailand and watch who does the requests for sex workers the most: “””Americans”””. And see the ages of the requested. Horrifyingly repulsive!

      • Louis O. says:

        Ever heard of HOOOKR? A civil war general actually allowed women to follow his troops and service them, even providing medical treatment when needed. His Name was HOOKER, thus the name HOOKER for the camp followers.

    • Lynn Thomson says:

      Why should they be the least interested in stopping Prostitution? That would be like stopping Adrenachrome, killing babies, Child Abduction, female Trafficking. Lowering the age of consensual sex to appease Pedophiles…..My goodness are you serious? How would they make a living out side of politics? No, I’m not being stupid I’m being REAL….in this country ANYTHING GOES right now…..and THEY LOVE IT!!

  9. James Glenn says:

    Prostitution should not be a crime if a person is doing this of their own free wil. Those that force women and adolescents into these roles should be prosecuted. And jurisdictions should be able to control where and under what conditions they will allow prostitution to take place under local zoning laws.

    • Shawn James says:

      You are so right zoning laws for prostitution that’s a great idea that keeps him from going underground in having more harm than good. And yes the ones that Force Constitution for their own means of money should be prosecuted go to the ones that should be prosecuted. I think the prosecutor should dismiss all warrants for prostitution it makes sense to do so

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