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Does America Need a Climate Czar?

Even though the election hasn’t been certified in several key states and the Electoral College doesn’t meet until December 14th, Joe Biden is busy this week announcing who he is selecting to join his administration in key positions. One announcement today is sure to raise eyebrows in some political corners. In fact, some political observers are questioning why the United States needs a “Climate Czar.”


President-elect Joe Biden on Monday named former Secretary of State John Kerry as special envoy to lead his administration’s efforts to fight climate change,” according to The Hill.

“Kerry will be the “climate czar” for the incoming administration, coordinating programs that are expected to stretch across multiple agencies while leading efforts at a White House that may need to look for avenues beyond Congress to advance climate priorities.

“‘America will soon have a government that treats the climate crisis as the urgent national security threat it is. I’m proud to partner with the president-elect, our allies, and the young leaders of the climate movement to take on this crisis as the President’s Climate Envoy,’ Kerry wrote on Twitter. [emphasis added]

“The position will be embedded on the National Security Council (NSC), a sign of the gravity with which the administration views the issue.

“‘This marks the first time that the NSC will include an official dedicated to climate change, reflecting the president-elect’s commitment to addressing climate change as an urgent national security issue,’ the Biden transition team said in a statement announcing Kerry’s selection among other top security officials. His role will not require Senate confirmation.”

Please share your thoughts in the comment section about John Kerry being selected as the “Climate Czar” for the Biden administration. Do you believe the United States needs a climate czar?



  1. Do we have enough in the House to im-pinch both of them based on treason with China? Do we have enough in the Senate to finish the im-pinch-ment for the next four years? Just write a dossier and crank it up. When will we have the Supreme Court hear Powell? What is the DOJ doing?

  2. Hipshot says:

    Obama is baaack. All his crew running our government again. We can kiss everything the best President we’ve had and did for us goodbye. Puppet slo joe is a brainless moron.

  3. Steve says:

    Send Kerry to Siberia that’s where he belongs. With the thing he did in Vietnam to get his purple hearts not taking care of his men, he don’t deserve to be called a veteran

  4. PROUD NAM VET. says:


  5. KEN says:

    He should go help China. They are the true violators. The Paris Accord only subsidizes China while robbing america of jobs.

  6. Janice Alderson says:

    One thing is for sure, Obama is running this scam. Joe is to brain dead.

  7. Steven Minale says:

    Giving this job to Kerry is like giving it to Gore, two proponents of “the sky is falling” politics. Kerry is a turncoat goof.

  8. Lorene says:

    This is just another excuse to add more corruption into the govt. Kerry has never done anything that was good, why would we want a man like him…

  9. Gene D. says:

    Dems areSneaky, nasty and great at undermining this Country’s core values. I firmly believe they are unethical, and have supported all of Antofagasta ‘s violence, with help from Obama!
    God help us. A president way beyond his prime, supported by Silicon Valley, Wall Street, social snd news media have brainwashed thisCountry. For shame.

  10. Travis Ogle says:

    America absolutely does not need a climate czar. We need our people to educate themselves about the entire hoax of man made global warming or what we are now calling climate change. Does the climate of planet earth change? Since it has been changing for millions of years as documented in geological records, I think it’s safe to say that it does change. The climate change that the liberal Dems are so worried about is just another scam to milk the people out of more money in the form of carbon tax. If our schools and universities would teach real science this information would be common knowledge. This tiresome scheme has been around for quite a while now but thank God they have thus far been unable to shove it down our throats. They just needed a whack job like Hiden-Biden to try to force it upon us. Hopefully common sense will prevail and they will add it to their growing list of failures. Climate czar…what a sick joke!

  11. Gail says:

    Great two known criminals. Ukraine buddies. Enough to make you barf

  12. Mary D. Nelson says:

    Wow! We don’t need Kerry for ANY position.. for that matter, we don’t need Biden or Harris. Too bad those intent on destroying America need to hide behind these front men. Anything to confuse the working classes so they’ll continue to work and pay taxes so the fat cats can live in leisure and destroy the only free country in the world. Very sad indeed.

  13. Alex says:

    Them to belong together there are both kids asses there fixing to start a civil war they will be the first to go

  14. Darrell Kinsley says:

    If Biden likes Russia so much, and wants to emulate their history and lifestyle, I will be happy to personally buy him a one way airplane ticket to beautiful Moscow! Take his “czarist” friends with him.

  15. McRant says:

    Kerry, otherwise known as Lurch or the Looming Doofus, is respected by none. The only claim to fame he has is his Heinz catsup wife.
    In point of fact, Kerry should be brought up on treason charges for working for Iran to derail Trump.
    He’s a far leftist radical who supports the ‘Great Reset‘. better known as Globalism.
    Centrists, left wingers…..please note the following.
    He supports:
    Mandatory gun confiscation
    No private ownership or public ownership of property, businesses, corporations
    Medicare for all
    GND (look up Dr Robert Hockett, law professor, Cornell University, and true author of the GND. He admits that the GND has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH CLIMATE/CHANGE/PANIC. It seeks to ‘push the country in the right direction-which to a leftist means as far left as possible into socialism. On Tucker, everyone should read.
    No borders

    This is the death of the United States. What Biden doesn’t ruin with his stupidity, Kamala will with her Power trip.

  16. Nell Bee says:

    America needs a climate czar just as badly as it needs Joe Biden for president! Both of them had sons making millions from Ukraine gas company! Kerry and Biden are each guilty of The Logan Act!

  17. After 4 years of “Russia, Russia, Russia” and spending $40 million to find out these were all fake accusations, one would think President Elect Biden would avoid using titles like “Czar” a term Putin would use …but hold your nose folks these Biden hypocrites have no shame…you ain’t seen nothin yet! Just wait for 20 million illegals being given amnesty, our borders opened, $1.2 Trillion pay off of student loans, Medicare for all, food stamps going back up to 40 million from Trump’s reduction down to 31 million, removing the filibuster, naming Washington and Puerto Rico states to pick up added Senate seats and an increase in corporate taxes and $3.50 per gallon for gas tax and this week naming Kerry the “Climate Czar” will look like a cake walk.

    Those of us who earn less than $400,000 better grab your ass as all goods and services will be increasing by at least 17%, your rents, insurance, credit card interest, increased by 20% capital gains increase of 25% and food cost up by at least 14% and you will wish Biden made you pay income tax on you income…that is if millions of us have not yet gone bankrupt, lost our homes in foreclosure, ended our marriages like the end of our businesses…the 2021 Biden choice will be Socialism or Suicide.

  18. Elizabeth D. Sattes says:

    I do think John Kerry would command respect from international and national collaborators.

    • Sharon O says:

      Why the heck doesn’t demented Biden just pull all Obummer’s old staff in since he seems to be directed to choose a number of them. Kerry as “czar” (Russian?) of climate change is disgusting. He should have served some jail time for using a private server to send Killery emails. He should have paid the price for parking his boat in another state to avoid paying taxes. His visit to Iran when he had no business there should have brought a charge of sedition. I’m waiting to hear that Obummer will have a desk in the White House to direct the running of the US if demented Joe wins. I fear the future.

    • Meredith says:

      John Kerry will command no respect, he and his friend Biden have sold our Country out so many times , only in politics for what they can gain for family and other criminal politicians and for power although Biden no longer is running the show. We have (had) a great USA but now no one will have any idea what will go on behind closed gov’t doors just like during the Obama years! This election was a farce and run by Democrats in certain states and wealthy ones to finance whatever they had to do. We the People must stand up to this or loose democracy for generations to come!

  19. Elizabeth D. Sattes says:

    I think we need a leader to help us face the problems of climate change. I don’t think we need a “czar” and don’t know why America would welcome a Russian terrorist (*czar) to lead us on this or any issue.
    How about a climate monitor and international collaborator/leader?

  20. Larry says:

    Stupid is as stupid does

  21. Joe M Brown says:

    What a joke: didn’t he get a Purple Heart from shooting himself in the foot?!Ole sleepy Joe is showing he is suffering from dementia!

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