Video: Don Jr. Rescues Ted Cruz – Reclaiming America

Video: Don Jr. Rescues Ted Cruz

Surprising some, but not others, Donald Trump, Jr. has come to Sen. Ted Cruz’s defense.

Cruz is under bipartisan attack for having flown to a Mexican resort with his family while millions of his fellow Texans are without electricity, heat, and water (and dozens have died) because the Texan electric grid failed during freezing weather.

Don Jr. believes that, while the trip does look bad, there’s nothing Ted Cruz could do to help Texas.

Watch the video linked below of Don Jr. and then share your thoughts in the comment section. Is Don Jr. correct? Is Ted Cruz helpless to do anything to assist Texans? Or, was it a mistake for Cruz to have traveled to Mexico while his state was facing a crisis?

To watch the video of Don Jr. defending Ted Cruz, click HERE.



  1. Diane says:

    I wish they would shut up about it❗
    Focus on what the real pronlem is.
    This mess the libral, marxist Demonrants are doing to OUR country❗🎯

  2. BUTCH says:


    • bob onit says:

      Optics are bad, sure ,but one should consider whose angling ,and tilting the lens .his stock is going up since he took care of his family then came back to work. He’s gone over night so what’s he going to put on his Marvel Super Father -Nature suit , and change the weather as usual in Texas the wind blows ,but so do those complainers

  3. Deris Inman says:

    Totally agree with everyone’s comments on here and thank you Don Jr. for speaking out for Ted Cruz. The rest of the chicken shit Republicans sure won’t stand up for Mr. Cruz.

  4. Stephane says:

    pelosi can go to Hawaii but Cruz cannot go to Cancun?????WTF?
    What HYPOCRISY!!!

  5. Hey Dumocrats–Stop the stupidity. I am just asking but just what could Ted Cruz have done to alleviate the crisis in Texas? Well, nothing–him leaving for a night or two just gave you lying, cheating Dums something else to focus on besides doing your elected job. Every time you criticize and point at someone else you have several fingers pointing back at yourself.. If you spent more time doing your elected job you would have less time to be hateful to someone else.

  6. Bill S says:

    What is this so called what ever that occupying the peoples house do for the disaster in Texas . Not a pep what has The Who ever is in charge of security not a pep so all you do Gooders that think the sun sets on mister B pep off

  7. GITMO says:

    Demorats are on vacation most of there life when there not causing chaos and stealing tax payer money, there on vacation! It used to take them 3 months to make a decision until Trump worked 14 hour days making them actually work for a change and earn a couple dollars of there over paid useless jobs! So stupid for demorat everytime a replublican does something normal they call for them to resign! What’s he supposed to do,go fix the power grid you retarded demorats!! He doesnt own it! He didnt make it go out! Its private owned! People are so stupid to call people out for something that simple! Demorats are like dealing with spoiled rich bitches in high school who have no idea what the real world is about!! All drama and totally useless in everyway! There so corrupted with deep state billionairs shoving there crap on America like they know best! 100 % wrong in everything they do! They have the money to do what they want so no sweat off there back! You dont see them donating there money to where it’s really needed! Like Soros he only donates to chaos groups or useless organizations to cause problems! Pays for migrates trash to come here! Protestors! Fake news! Antifa! BLM! Mee Too twats! You name it!! Demorats keep it up theyll awake a sleeping giant in most of the non brainwashed people in America and it will bite them in the ass big time!! Congress demorats should have a target on there head for what theyve done! We definitely should be stopping Carrer politicians and prosecuting criminal activitys in there party instead of turning a blind eye to it!! Go after deep state billionaires and prosicute them! There not above the law! Obama/ Killary/ and Soros need to be removed from society!

  8. TAZ says:

    Ted is not at fault there was nothing he could do Nancy and her crew are jealous. They wished they could go to places like that but they are to scared to do so. They hid behind walls because they are SPINLESS COWARDS and they are scared to death of TRUMP and all great Republicans’. They will be defeated in the near future GOD is allowing them a little time to repent. I stand with god and I am fine

  9. Buffersue says:

    What could Cruz have done by staying at home? The atmosphere currently is to criticize Republicans / conservatives for whatever they can. How about when people were hungry during 2020 because of Covid and not working and Pelosi was eating that expensive ice cream and hair salons were closed and we were having to cut our own hair or couldn’t afford to pay for a hair cut but Pelosi went to a salon. I agree with Don Jr.

    • Mary Higgins says:

      If ANY of you complainers had the ability to remove your family, YOUR CHILDREN , to drinking water and heat…you wouldn’t hesitate!! So get off this man for doing so.!! They all think he should remain in suffer because they are!!!

  10. Luvitrleavit says:

    But if it was a DemonicCrapRat?!?!? Pass and Go, right?!?!
    Our Ted doesn’t fall under the all mighty: Only for Me, but not for thee” PigLoser and Newscum socialists rules. Miss Piggy is still drunk and Ted Cruz has already made a round trip! Shit, she’s been drunk since she was unfortunately conceived. For this matter, now I can see a reason for abortion. If one can visualize to look into the future see and sees this evil 👿 spawn in the making, then yes, abort! She should’ve been. The WHOLE SWAMP!

  11. Mark Howard says:

    Up here in Northern matter deep snow..-40 storms..tornado..straight line derecho winds..drought..forest fires..we Dont rely on a township..county or state to bail us out. Its our own Wit and Grit. Sink or swim. Man up and woman up.
    Stop blaming Your elected people for your OWN lack of responsibility to be prepared. Ohhh if this is a once in a history event and you were not prepared for it??? Common sense says niether was the power company people. They are PEOPLE.

  12. Nauvoo says:

    Typical leftist and RINO reactions. It’s not surprising as that ilk has already shown their plans including, as usual, an ever growing dose of hypocrisy and betrayal. As has been noted elsewhere, the leftist/socialist/communist movement doesn’t quit even if they have to lie in the weeds for a bit as they wait for an opportunity to strike. Much like a snake…

  13. Charles Ulysses Farley says:

    What was Cruz supposed to do, climb poles and restore the power? Some people will whine about anything.

  14. Clive Cassity says:

    We agree with Don Jr on this

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