Ex CDC Chief’s Startling Prediction

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In what some see as a frightening prediction of a repeat of the COVID-19 horror, the former Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Robert Redfield, has forecasted an imminent bird flu pandemic.

In recent years, the bird flu virus has been responsible for the deaths of millions of birds globally, both wild and domesticated. Yet, its impact on humans has been minimal to date, NewsNation notes in a report cited by The Hill.

In a recent interview with NewsNation’s Brian Entin, Redfield expressed his concerns, stating, “bird flu will enter humans” and warning of “significant mortality.”

Amid these concerns, discussions around bird flu have intensified as the virus was found in several cattle herds nationwide. The World Health Organization also reported the first human fatality due to the virus in Mexico.

“I really do think it’s very likely that we will, at some time, it’s not a question of if, it’s more of a question of when we will have a bird flu pandemic,” Redfield said.

He also emphasized that the mortality rate of bird flu in humans could be “probably somewhere between 25 and 50%,” a stark contrast to the 0.6% mortality rate of COVID-19 as noted by NewsNation.

Avian influenza, commonly known as bird flu, stems from a type of influenza virus typically found in birds and other animals, as described by the Cleveland Clinic.

The primary mode of transmission among birds can extend to humans through direct contact with infected animals’ bodily fluids such as saliva, respiratory droplets, or feces. Individuals working closely with poultry, waterfowl, and livestock are particularly susceptible to infection.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, human-to-human transmission of the virus is “extremely rare.”

Redfield, with his background in laboratory research on the virus, detailed the conditions necessary for the virus to adapt to human transmission: a change in five amino acids in the virus’s key receptor, enabling it to bind to human receptors and facilitate person-to-person spread, akin to COVID-19.

He expressed certainty about the inevitability of these changes.

“Once the virus gains the ability to attach to the human receptor and then go human to human, that’s when you’re going to have the pandemic. And as I said, I think it’s just a matter of time,” he said.

The unexpected detection of the virus in cattle across the United States has raised some alarms. Jenna Guthmiller, an assistant professor of immunology and microbiology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, commented on the unusual occurrence of high viral loads in the cows’ udders, speculating that milking machines could be facilitating the virus’s spread.

As of now, over forty cattle herds have confirmed cases of the virus. The CDC is utilizing wastewater monitoring to trace the virus’s presence, reassuring that the general public’s risk of contracting the virus remains low.

Despite the low risk, there have been human cases this year: one in Texas and two in Michigan. All were farmworkers exposed to presumed infected dairy cattle.

While the first two cases showed mild symptoms, the third case in Michigan presented with respiratory issues, which increases transmission risk.

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