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Facebook Bans All Mentions of ‘Stop the Steal’

In an act of censorship, Facebook and Instagram (another Facebook platform) are now removing any mention of “Stop the Steal,” the words that refer to the 2020 U.S. presidential election used by many supporters and voters of President Donald Trump.

Facebook claims the phrase might incite violence on Inauguration Day.

Read the statement below from Facebook and then share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with Facebook censoring any mention of the “Stop the Steal” movement? Why do you think Facebook is taking this act of censorship?

We began preparing for Inauguration Day last year. But our planning took on new urgency after last week’s violence in Washington, D.C., and we are treating the next two weeks as a major civic event. We’re taking additional steps and using the same teams and technologies we used during the general election to stop misinformation and content that could incite further violence during these next few weeks. [emphasis added]

We are now removing content containing the phrase “stop the steal” under our Coordinating Harm policy from Facebook and Instagram. We removed the original Stop the Steal group in November and have continued to remove Pages, groups and events that violate any of our policies, including calls for violence. We’ve been allowing robust conversations related to the election outcome and that will continue. But with continued attempts to organize events against the outcome of the US presidential election that can lead to violence, and use of the term by those involved in Wednesday’s violence in DC, we’re taking this additional step in the lead up to the inauguration. It may take some time to scale up our enforcement of this new step but we have already removed a significant number of posts. [emphasis added]

Our teams are working 24/7 to enforce our policies around the inauguration. We will keep our Integrity Operations Center operating at least through January 22 to monitor and respond to threats in real time. We already had it active ahead of Georgia’s runoff elections and Congress’s counting of the Electoral College votes in the US presidential election. We extended it due to the violence at the Capitol last week.

As was the case through the 2020 elections, we’ve continued to proactively reach out to federal and local law enforcement and we are providing information in response to valid legal requests. As always, we will continue to remove content, disable accounts and work with law enforcement when there is a risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety. [emphasis added]

In addition to the indefinite suspension of President Trump’s account that we announced on January 7, we’re keeping our pause in place on all ads in the US about politics or elections. This means that we aren’t allowing any ads from politicians, including President Trump. [emphasis added]

We are also connecting people with reliable information and high-quality news about the inauguration and the transition process. After the inauguration, our label on posts that attempt to delegitimize the election results will reflect that Joe Biden is the sitting president. Our Voting Information Center will stay active on Facebook and Instagram through the inauguration so it can continue to help people find reliable information and updates about the electoral process. [emphasis added]

During inauguration week, we will add a news digest to Facebook News as a curated place for people to find reliable news about the inauguration. This will include live video of the inauguration at the US Capitol on January 20. Facebook News often includes news digests dedicated to events of national or global significance, such as “COVID-19” or “Unrest in America” with stories selected by the curation team. There will also be curated live video of the inauguration and other major moments on Facebook Watch.

We’ve had emergency measures in place since before the US elections such as not recommending civic groups for people to join. Last week, we implemented several additional ones, including increasing the requirement of Group admins to review and approve posts before they can go up, automatically disabling comments on posts in Groups that start to have a high rate of hate speech or content that incites violence, and using AI to further demote content that likely violates our policies. We’re keeping these measures in place. [emphasis added]

We will stay vigilant to additional threats and take further action if necessary to keep people safe and informed.” [emphasis added]



  1. Facebook won’t let me post a previous comment.

  2. Valeska Rowland says:

    Everyone used to have the right to express themselves in this country. I guess Facebook cares more about the all mighty dollar than THE PEOPLE!! We should be allowed to choose a different platform for our voices!!

  3. Ruby Guerra says:

    The 3-some:😵 Dizzy Lizzy Maddening Meg and Lousy Pelausi are the traitors…as well as traders. They trade their souls & the American Constitution for $$. Shameful, lying,UNAMERICANSELLOUTS! The likes of these are destroying our Country, our Honor and our God!!!!

  4. Cole says:

    Why should a few people tell we the people what to do. You want to silence us so you can steal more of our freedoms

  5. I was stuck in Vietnam for 6 months and Facebook locked me out of my account.
    I have never been able to recover that account.
    I miss talking to my friends and family.
    It was connected to messenger and I save info I needed and I can no long get into that messenger

  6. Actually it’s a clear hypocritical smoke screen for an excuse to hide what’s really the agenda! It isn’t for the sake of humanity!!
    First we must know the catagory of the psychic of the colony we’re up against. My expert opinion is that we are at war with a huge colony of narcissistic evil people. We must first educate ourselves on the signs and character of a narcissist. They do not contain the “chip” that makes us human. Such as empathy or natural good will towards other. In fact they are completely void of human feelings of empathy/compassion., They actually “Enjoy”and are empowered by the human suffering and chaos they are so natural at inflicting! To be free from the grips of a Narcissistic government and media we must learn certain ways to respond that doesn’t excite them into gaslighting and the evil empowerment they seek so avidly!

    Let Freedom Ring!! Peace and Victory to the Wise that will seek to educate themselves and teach others of the personality disorders of the leftist government.

  7. Shakeem McCain says:

    It’s time for a civil war, because this can’t go on. We have to start shedding some blood. Talking about it is not gonna stop them, we have to get violent here. They don’t get to tell us how to fucking think or feel because these Democratic bitches get’s their feelings hurt. The capital attack was a start, we need to turn up the juice.

  8. Bill says:

    I have opened a group on telegram called Conservative Views. (@conservativeviews)
    Open for all wanting to share news, express opinions, meet and make contacts, etc.
    Parler will be up and running again soon, so adios fb and twits.

    • colleen pomeroy says:

      so Bill, in regards to the site you wrote about do we put ([email protected])
      and when Parlar gets back where we can reach them how would I get switched over to them?

      • colleen pomeroy says:

        Also I would like to know how Nancy Pelosi can make a statement so racist as she has without inciting riots with the whites. I have never cared about the persons skin color. Buy I do care about honesty and integrity. and whats happening today within our Whitehouse is far from the truth. How as a country can our government ask us to trust them to do what is right when we see this type of hypocrisy on a daily basis.
        Its as if the democrats are suppose to get a free pass on everything they say and do. It truly makes me sick. There has to be an answer to this for our country. I am appalled.

        • Jim Baccanti says:

          Could not have said it any better. Democrats only know cheating & lying 🤥 &riots were fine for their cause . Unfortunately all their leaders are lowlife pieces of shit

  9. Richard Hull says:

    Facebook SUCKS. Just like its owner Mark SUCKerberg

  10. Barbara Kocher says:

    But they do nothing about the posts anti _ President Trump or Invoke 35th amendment, Impeach Trump, etc. Those people all have freedom of speech. They just don’t want the true facts getting out! If it wasn’t that I can’t do church online or check my Grandson’s daycare info without FB it would totally be gone! I am greatly cutting back on use.
    Welcome to China!

  11. Corri says:

    Facebook has the right of freedom to run their business however they choose to run it. For those who don’t like the way they run it, they may choose to go to a different business. Just like you can go to a different restaurant if you don’t like their rule that you must wear shoes to be in their restaurant. Or, just like you have the right to set the rules for those who enter your home. So, if you don’t like what Facebook offers as their business, then you have he total freedom to go elsewhere. Simple as that. Maybe some people don’t like the reality of freedom, but that’s it, free and clear how it applies to everyone.

    • Denis says:

      So much for free speech on Facebook this is how Hitler got his start shut the people up then take there guns and burn their books.

      • Ray Paradee says:

        facebook got the people in that they wanted the election was a crooked sham and everyone knows it.now big business and the media have free reign to run this country into the ground so china can buy it for next to nothing.i am 75 years old so i hope i am gone so i don’t have to see it

  12. Janice Cavaliere says:

    I am completely deleting my FB account – it is sad because the intent to connect people and families was wonderful in the beginning. All of big tech needs to be made accountable for being publishers rather than portals for free speech. It was shocking to see Parler removed. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter and others need to be held accountable for putting a noose around our freedoms…They are responsible for people like Nancy Pelosi running the House of Representatives – she is an embarrassment to America – ripping up the State of the Union speech of the President of the United States was the final straw! Disgusting – she and other Progressive Radical Democrats were elected to Congress by Big Tech. I say:
    Term Limits for all political offices
    All legislation to ‘Stand alone’ (no pork!)
    Limits on political donations
    Shorten the time allowed to run for office
    Congress to abide by same legislation as those they serve
    Allow immigration LEGALLY (give illegal immigrants one year to legalize or be deported)
    I could go on and on – the Progressive Corruption in Washington is destroying our Nation –

    • Anne Hosier says:

      It’s already been destroyed. Now they will begin to rebuild it in their own image and it will so much different from what we remember now.
      I agree with what you say. I have never been so shocked, so disgusted, by the people who were entrusted with the power that we, the people, gave them. Their jobs were to do what We the People voted them in for. They betrayed that trust as part of their plan to change everything this country stands for. Once they are in power, we will all see what they intend to do, see what they are capable of doing, in the name of their vision if the United States of China.

  13. Roger Cain says:

    This is TERRIBLE. Generations of GOVERNMENT officials found a BETTER path to wealth and security through GRAFT.Their fathers SUCCEEDED, now they can PASS the torch to sons and daughters. AUTHORIZING your very own salary goes over easier if your oposition gets in on the DEAL.Congress tells the TAXPAYER,This an A B conversation, so C your way out. Taxation from the top down with no REDRESS fom the bottom up. It was precisely this ATTITUDE that led to the French and American Revolutions, with a slightly DIFFERENT outcome. With the Congress writing it’s OWN rules,granting immunity from prosecution,SEPARATING it’s health care and pension system from the general population,raiding social security, and contolling the value of currency, it’s a good deal for THEM. In WHAT private or corporate business is THAT allowed? The Constitutional design to LIMIT the power of a federal government over the SEVERAL states has been turned on it’s head.This is a great DEMONSTRATION how bad morals CORRUPT a nation. Meanwhile a GREAT divide has developed between the ULTRA rich and the nearly destitute.It may be time for a RESET, instead of another economic disaster of EPIC proportions.

    • Anne Hosier says:

      This IS the reset. That’s what they said months ago. People have been blindsided by a senile old man with a crackhead son bent on the destruction of the United States and all it stands for. All Biden has done in his 50 years is nothing compared to what Trump has accomplished for us in only four years. I think it’s worth something that he made us better and stronger as a nation than any other man who took the oath if office. He pledged to defend us from all threats, foreign and domestic and he did, until he was overwhelmed by the radical left, and abandoned by those who were closest to him. These days are the darkest our nation has ever seen and they will not improve any time soon.

  14. Carl Mac says:

    This is what communism is we’re becoming a communist country patriots need to take her back.

  15. bruce says:

    Facebook you have been a fair platform up to this stupid election fraud. But what s going on now? You allow AOC and her Squad to curse, threaten both physical and career death, Antifa and BLM are treated as celebrity hero’s as they destroy city after city and you allow it uncensored, this is not morally correct, yet a simple truthful phrase is a death sentence on your platform. Truth told you and Twitter are not Gods.

  16. John Yanik says:

    Free speech is now under full assault. Every bit of our online activity will soon be scrutinized. Once innocent words that we may have used are now demonized by the media. We will therefore be categorized as bad people for anything taken out of context. This will effect our credit, our jobs and our social lives.
    I have therefore cancelled both my twitter and facebook accounts.

    Amazon has now joined the thought police frenzy. We will now be judged by what we purchase.
    Time to dump amazon and start shopping my local stores and also online Walmart.

    It is not the courts that will get big techs attention; its only the loss of profits that will shake them.


    Spread the word.

  17. Paul Raineault says:

    I am against censorship. It is an infringement of the freedom of speech. If you don’t like what someone writes you don’t have to read it. I personally try not to upset otherwise people. It seems like I’ve been eating a lot of crow. I am sick biased media.

  18. Shakeem McCain says:

    We need more people here, because this is serious. We our country back like now.

  19. Richard Midgett says:

    Delete Facebook, Amazon,Twitter and take a hard look at the companies such as Ford Motor Co. whom support this stop doing business with them and any Chinese products we have to take this country back from this evil path it is heading down!

  20. Joe Masefield says:

    Hitler and Stalin are turning over very happily in their graves as FB & Twitter, etc., now adopt their ruthless dictatorial censorship policies. Concentration camnps will be next.

    • Anne Hosier says:

      According to the Billbthat Cuomo has drafted, he will ensure that anyone with the virus, or even suspected if having it, can be detained in a place of Cuomo’s choosing for 30 days and even longer if he thinks it necessary. Isn’t that akin to being locked up in a concentration camp?

  21. William Storenski says:

    I’m with you on that one I say cancel 80 million accounts then they will get the message

  22. Carol Christopherson says:

    This country is so far out of whack the the one I grew up in! Why do people come from other countries to live here?? To avoid living in countries that are like what’s happening before our eyes in our own country! If you don’t want to live free them go to the other countries! I spent 3 years in the army and 16 in the reserves and live my country the way it was! We have a free country because we fought for that right! Antifa gets
    Away with murdering blacks and babies and it’s all for the good cause they fight yet the right fights for their cause and it’s a bad thing?? It should be illegal to supress opinions and ideas and speech regardless of race age sex or whatever you wish to be called in america! Illegals shouldn’t be able to come here and take what isn’t theirs! We shouldnt be sending any money to other countries before taking care of our own! We have homeless and veterans and babies going hungry here take care of them not others who were not born here or come here legally! But unfortunately greedy people such As Mark Cuban said on tv he won’t stop dealing with China why? Because they are a customer! That’s what trump has been exposing for the past four years!

    • Jane Richards says:

      I agree with you Carol. Something is very wrong with this country from the one I grew up in. We’ve allowed people to enter this country and spread their beliefs and have allowed them to become elected official and turn us against ourselves. We as adults are responsible for our own actions and we need to turn ourselves around and take back our country and start acting like civilized human beings. We have freedoms that no one else has. What the hell is wrong with you people. Take a look at what you are doing. We need to bring God back into the picture and pray that we are fixable. We are destroying our own heritage and too stupid to see it. We have the right to protest but not to riot and destroy. I for one love this country and I’m not going to sit by and watch us destroy it. Where has all the hate come from. We are very lucky to live where we do and we need to protect it or we will self destruct. Time to take the blinders off and take a step forward to bring us back to civilization. I’M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN

    • Anne Hosier says:

      You’ve got that right. I have been saying this for months now, that the Nazi leftists will do ANYTHING in their power to bring our country down and you ain’t seen nothing yet. They have only just begun to force us into submission. This is shocking, scary stuff.

  23. Shakeem McCain says:

    Yes we need another platform because our freedom of is being sacrificed by the liberal leftists.

    • Anne Hosier says:

      No. It’s being taken away, purposely. This takeover was in their plans all along. And, the destruction and removal of President Trump will clear the way for them to go full steam ahead to take away our freedom and liberties. With Trump gone, there will be nobody there to protect us from the onslaught they have in store for us. As far as I can see, we either do something about it or live under the thumbs of lying, cheating, traitors who have no moral compasses, no loyalty, no integrity and, most importantly, no souls.

      • Shakeem McCain says:

        We have to do something about this, we can’t go out like this because apparently they’re not listening to us, so we have to start showing better than telling them.

  24. J Fred says:

    I do believe that after the 20th, there will be some discoveries of fraud coming the Dominion voting machines and other counting irregularities and then what will they have to say, just waiting

    • Anne Hosier says:

      Like everything else, it will be buried so deep that it would take a miracle to find and expose it. No. Like Biden’s crackhead son, any wrongdoing will be hidden away, white washed with the rest of the Biden clan’s criminal activities and never spoken of again. They now have control of EVERYTHING. Wait and see. It has just begun.

  25. Annie Heichel says:

    I believe a few states really need to be check for the way they changed rules during the election and I believe no one should receive a mail in ballet unless they request it. there are a lot of questions about the ballots and we need to address that. I WANT MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT FACEBOOK OR TWITTER SHOULD BE TELLING ME WHAT I CAN READ FROM OTHERS. I MAY NOT AGREE WITH THEM BUT THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO SAY IT, JUST LIKE IT IS FREE SPEECH TO BURN THE FLAG SAME WHEN IT COMES TO SPEAKING. IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT I SAY DONT READ IT.

    • Anne Hosier says:

      Hell, they don’t care if you burn the flag. They would help you do it. Their thinking is to make us the United States of China and they don’t give a rat’s ass whether you or anybody else burns the flag or not. They hate it, they want to be rid of it. They will add two more states and redesign the flag to their dictates so it will be then unrecognizable to us who love it and what it means to us. If you listen to the Nazis then listen to democrats, the message isn’t that different.

  26. Nancy Bilbao says:

    it is truly unbelievable. When did we vote for Facebook and Twitter and Amazon to “protect us”.
    Who are these “moral high grounders” who think they know best? They are nobodies, just like the celebrities who think we care what they say. AND Nancy Pelosi is the one who is really sick….she spews acid filled hatred every time she opens her mouth. She is the Evil one who should be banned and impeached for her incompetence and thoroughly disgusting behavior.

    • Anne Hosier says:

      I totally agree. Pelosi, that toxic evil snake (no offense to snakes), is one of the most vile, disloyal, subhuman beings known to man. She, Biden, Harris and the rest if their cronies are the most corrupt degenerates ever to walk this earth. I deeply fear for this country.

  27. Judy Hansen says:

    Of course Republicans and their values, support for President Trump, and any dissension mentioned against the Democratic Party was censored completely by Facebook before the election. Mark Zuckerberg, as well as Bill Gates, influenced people on the election. They have used their platform to incite riots in Egypt, and in the Ukraine from the Russians. Three times big tech went in front of Congress. How often did they lie and yet they were not ever held accountable. That is why I will probably close all my accounts.

  28. Paul Letteri says:

    Google,Twitter and Google can all go to Hell , they will die horrible deaths
    For they are living Cancers !! !!

  29. Paul Letteri says:

    Google,Twitter and Google can all go to Hell , they will die horrible deaths
    For they are living Cancers !!

  30. Teena Johnson says:

    I still believe that a thorough audit of what happened in the election is needed…. NOT just in the swing states although it makes sense to start at the most controversial area- including at the particular counties. THIS IS not racist! This is sensible. AND perhaps the public needs a little statistics lesson so that they understand there is a HUGE difference between an “audit” (conducted by the people who managed the questionable election) that samples a few ballots to see if any of those ballots are from deceased voters…. and a true analysis identifying dead voters from whom ballots were received!
    The anger within people includes the lack of transparency and access to PROVE that the election was proper. I do not care about future elections right now- There is a good chance we will not see another one anyway.
    Add to this cheating and refusal to allow a true review AND the way that the Democrats were more focused on giving money to foreigners than to the American Citizens who are suffering due to COVID.
    We see the lies and the hypocrisy of the Dems and Rhinos—this make us angry.

  31. David says:

    Stop the steal Facebook! I want my free speech back . My freedom of speech is not yours to take!!!

  32. Peggy Kulpa says:

    I do not believe in censorship. I feel like people should get off these platforms that want to censor them. I think any one who voted for Trump should boycott any platform that wants to censor their vote. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, ABC.NBC and CBS, etc, How dare these entities decide what we should hear. How dare them nullify our vote. They want to ignore the voter fraud issue so that it is not looked into. Yep everything that they did illegally they want wiped away.

    • Roscoe Roules says:

      Better yet file a huge class action suit and push it all the way to SCOTUS and let the court dismantle all of these overreaching big tech elitists and fine their owners into utter and everlasting ruin.

      • Deborah Day says:

        So, would love to know if there’s an attorney out here that would take this on. This was my exact thought. They are damaging our freedoms that are granted to us in the Constitution. We need to make sure they never do this again.

      • Carol Christopherson says:

        But the sc also refused to hear cases that could have helped with determining true voter fraud and other issues in the election why does anyone think they will help stop big tech from censoring anyone they choose to?

  33. Kenneth Long says:

    Everyone, just delete your FB account permanently ! FB and Amazon are stopping free speech, trying to make us accept their beliefs. We either agree to their demands or they shut you up. Remember Adolph Hitler, he used this same strategy with all media in Germany and then the countries he took over.

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