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Fauci Now Wants You To Wear Two Masks

In a move that is almost certain to be met with astonishment and maybe even anger, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) may soon demand that Americans wear two masks instead of just one.


Dr. Fauci says two masks may soon be the best look for protecting yourself against COVID-19,” according to the New York Daily News.

The renowned pandemic doctor said Tuesday that the Centers for Disease Control may soon call on Americans to double-mask in order to provide an extra layer of protection against spreading the deadly virus. [emphasis added]

Fauci said more research needs to be done on the efficacy of wearing two masks instead of just one.

“‘It makes common sense,’ Fauci told the Washington Post Tuesday morning. ‘It certainly can’t hurt and might help.’” [emphasis added]

For more on this developing story, please go to the New York Daily News.

We support free speech. Please share your opinion in the comment section. How many masks do you wear now? Would you wear two masks if that was recommended or demanded by Dr. Fauci and the CDC? Why or why not?



  1. Barbara Armann says:

    There will come a day when the vaccine will be made mandatory. And it will, indeed, kill those who got it. Bill Gates has been pushing this for a long time. And he also pushes POPULATION CONTROL. The stuff inside the vax isn’t a vax at all. It has MRNA that will actually ALTER our DNA. Don’t forget they told certain groups of ppl decades ago they were getting vaxed for sypilis but all they got was permanent birth control. Don’t think they’ll do it again??? THINK AGAIN!!! The elites want to lessen the worlds population by 90% and they will do it!! They poisoned our water with Fluoride which is toxic waste from aluminum processing. And they’re spraying our skies with toxic, heavy leads. They call it geo-engineering to stop global warming. It’s actually CAUSING global warming but they blame it on coal mining & fracking. They want us “useless eaters” exterminated!! Please research this stuff. Look up Dane Wigington on facecrook. They want us all just to die off. And that IS a conspiracy….just not theory…but FACT.

  2. Barbara Armann says:

    The covid testing swabs are dangerous too. BE WARE of the SILVER SWABS!! They have NANO-PARTICLES in them. Thats why they put them all the way to the back of your sinus and spin them. If spit from our mouths can infect someone, why take a swab to the back of the sinus??? Go to the site “RUMBLE” and look for Dr. Rashid Buttar. He has a vid that explains exactly whats on those swabs. That stuff can get inside the brain, multiply and make you go mad. And it’s no conspiracy theory. It’s a FACT!! And they want some of us to get tested more than once! Wonder why?? Because the first test didn’t KILL us is why!! Do your research before you get tested!!!

  3. Barbara Armann says:

    I absolutely REFUSE to wear even ONE…let alone two!! This guy is a friggin clown!! Why in the hell are we all taking HIS advice anyway? He originally stated that masks didn’t work!! Next thing ya know we’ll all be made to wear HAZMAT SUITS!!! I see people outside, alone, wearing masks and it just blows my mind that there are so many sheep out there!! Just getting in line for the slaughter!! This covid crap has been proven to be nothing more than a COMMON COLD!!! Not even a FLU!! And we all know they jacked the numbers to get everyone in a panic!! People better wake up n take the country BACK!!!

  4. Byrd 1 says:

    I read an article about Fauci during the Obama years. Fauci was “studying this virus and if it could jump to humans? Supposedly Obama pulled funding? and Fauci was told to stop. But then he went to China and carried on?. Don’t know if this is true or not. But lots of time and money was spent. Curious where the money comes from. But Fauci isn’t exactly trust worthy and seems like he is totally enjoying the spot light. He goes back and forth on many issues. His connection to Bill Gates who happens to be owner
    Or part owner of the CDC, and then his connections to the lab in China? To me he has to much power and very little importance, and very much a part of the problem. I guess I just don’t like him or his behaviour. To me he is just a little tyrant that was given to much credence and went crazy with the power and no one to tell him to back off(except for President Trump?) On th masks, on Netflix I watched a a show on manufacturing overseas. They happen to be one on masks being produced in India. Very eye opening to me and very questionable on being sterile. Fauci can roll his 2 masks and join the crackhead as far as I’m concerned. I use it when I go into a store that requires you to have one on. I’m an old American woman and people better wake up to what’s going on in our country. Remember Ben Franklin said if we give up a little freedom for some security, we will loose both and deserve neither.

  5. georgia says:

    fauci IS a corrupted “globalist” and a COMPLETE medical Fraud! His hand has been it the “til” from the Covid inception…. follow his money and involvement with the inception of covid

  6. Sheba Gomez says:

    Masks aren’t stopping their ugly mugs from spewing hate and misinformation. The good thing is, it does help cover their ugly mugs, just not enough.

  7. Becky Arterbury says:

    Does he also wear glasses and hearing aids?? If he did, I’ll bet he wouldn’t recommend this!

  8. Lou says:

    Dr.(?) Fauci and the CDC can go wanting. Let him wear 2 masks, I can’t breathe with one mask. So forget you, Buster, you aren’t king of the hill, and why President Trump put up with your B.S, I have no idea.

  9. Janet Blexrud says:

    Hey Fauci nice try! The people have woken and we have spoken! NO MORE MASKS – NO MORE BS

    • David Marsh says:

      His father should have worn two condoms…problem solved

      • Well said! Better yet, castrated and sterilized. Him and the rest of Hitlers Army in the White House.
        Last year at this time he was saying masks were not necessary and wouldn’t help. He’s an overpaid, spotlight hogging chameleon.

  10. Debbie L Ramirez says:

    If Dr Faucet face wants to wear 2 masks, so be it, let him wear 2 masks, 3 masks, 4 masks, WHATEVER…for him and his stupid morons that believe in all that crap, because 1 mask isn’t killing people fast enough, Hey! Go ahead Faucet face, you can suffocate…JERK!!! I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!! NO MORE MASKS!!!!!!!

  11. Patriot says:

    Dr. Fauci is an incompetent moron! Let him and all those incompetent morons on Capitol Hill wear 2 masks; maybe that will silence the bulls*** that spews from their mouths! They should also make those in the left wing media wear duck tape over their mouths; because the hatred and lies is more dangerous than COVID-19!

  12. William P Grigsby Jr says:

    A person would have to be stoned or stupid to think that a 2nd mask is going to help. And lets be very clear, the covid BS is just that BS! True numbers do not support them calling this a “pandemic” If thats the case every flu season there is a “pandemic”
    When the truth comes out the lie is exposed for what it is it’s going to be a rude wake up call for the sheep

    • Trevor Jagger says:

      Fauci is a little POS this guy needs to be retired, do your own research on this man !! He and Obama have been involved in this virus for years, they are the ones who sent these experiments over to Wuhan and have funded this virus manipulation !!! FACT !!!

  13. Bill says:

    WOnt be doing that one – I have asthma they Demonrats can kiss my rear!!That request is nothing more than a show of force and false elevation above Trumps restrictions..To make the Demoncraps look like they are doing more…BUT NO ONE BELIEVES A WORD THEY SAY ANYMORE…….DEMONCRAPS ARE ADMITTEDLY NOW NOT BELIEVING OTHER DEMONCRAPS..

  14. William Nagle says:

    This is the SAME guy who told us at the start that these masks are essentially useless. He told us wearing one may give you a false sense of security, but is ineffective in stopping a microscopic virus.
    I believed him him on his original position. Since that point he has been right on NOTHING.

  15. Ginny says:

    If two masks are truly the answer, why is Dr. F. only wearing one mask in the photo above???

  16. James B Jacobs says:

    It has been proven that masks are worthless. The CDC said that 85% of the people that tested positive were people that had always complied with the guidelines, mask wearing and social distancing. If you have a problem , you try something and if it don’t work, you try something else until you find something that does work and then you fix the problem. You don’t just keep doing the same thing over and over again. That’s what they have done with this virus. That’s why we still have it.
    Some people have a problem breathing with one mask, let alone two. What’s Fauci’s next solution, a bag over your head with eye holes? Wouldn’t surprise me.If that don’t work, then it would probably be 2 bags. That man is no expert on anything. he is worse than having no one at all. The taxpayer has paid him over $1.7 million since trump took office. Does anyone believe we are getting our money’s worth?
    This Democrat Governor we have has extended his mask mandate 6 times now and when it runs out this time he will probably extend it again.You cannot go anywhere in this state without wearing a mask. I’ve seen people driving their cars with a mask on.You are suppose to wear one anytime you leave your home.
    I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of this garbage. I am 90 years old, work at the Senior Center delivering meals to the elderly and handicapped, Monday thru Friday. I am not worried about the virus. I m out in the fresh air every day. So far, I have been tested 4 times for the virus and each time it has been negative. If the tests are accurate, I do not have the virus, can’t pass it to someone else. Why am I required to wear a mask. I have a problem breathing thru one, let alone 2.If this don’t end pretty soon, we will not have a country left, not because of the virus but because of the idiot politicans.

  17. Laura Cummings says:

    I don’t wear even one mask, unless I’m forced to. And I damn sure am not going to wear 2, even if Fauci the Fraud says to. Wearing 2 cuts down on oxygen intake, which is probably what they want, so that everyone is a brain dead zombie. Thanks, no

  18. William Barefoot says:

    He is playing games. He wants to see how far he can push and get compliance so he will know how much power to sway people he has. He is a wanta be dictator.

  19. Carol says:

    Well, hey. If 2 masks protect us better than one…..why not 10 masks!
    The virus will die out quickly because nobody could possibly get it, and then we wouldn’t need that vaccine either. Bill Gates will lose a lot of money on his pharmaceutical stocks.

  20. Laura Brown says:

    Hell no I don’t think we should have to wear a mask at all, it should be a personal choice. I have to wear one at work and to go buy groceries and I think it’s ridiculous. They’re trying to kill us off by cutting our oxygen intake..

  21. Elizabe th h says:

    Hell NO!! I’LL DIE FREE FIRST!!!!! The only time I wear ONE mask is to go in a store, or go to work, and even THEN I don’t cover my nose!!! I was a rape victim and have a thing about my air being cut off…..

    • Marie says:

      Enough already let’s get back to normal, let our bodies breathe fresh air God gave us. This Dr is a liar.
      Covid19 is a way of control over American lives. I’ll never get this experminital vaccine ever and I’ll never wear 2 masks…thats the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. What is he teaching my grandchildren?

  22. Tim Spreadborough says:

    I can’t understand why he wants you to wear 2 masks, maybe he should have you wear 10 or so, perhaps that would be even safer.

    I don’t believe that it would make much more sense.

    What do you think about it?

    Tim Spreadborough

  23. Rosemary Oswald says:

    A better choice is Hydroxychloraquine and Ivermectin for treatment but those medications don’t make money for big pharma. We can bearly breath with one mask. With 2 masks we will breathing more of our own carbon dioxide. Not good in my opinion.

  24. Gram says:

    I’m an American not Chinese Communist. I will not wear 2 masks. Idiots !!

  25. Stephane says:

    he is the guy who started that crap!
    He went to china to involve them in the study on how to weaponize that virus.

  26. junk junkie says:

    Anyone speaking from the left, appointed by the left or spews
    the ludicrousness of the left, I pay no attention to, believe or trust. They are all out of touch with reality, wats good or bad, wats right or wrong. If someone lies to u about something as important as “covid” then they’ll lie to u again about anything. He lied to me once (& the rest of the world) so now I just see him as a lier.

  27. Cg says:

    Seeing how you communist assess cant accept facts take me off your fuck ass list.

  28. Sandra Briggs says:

    Is he out of his mind? I have copd and can’t wear a mask for very long at a tint I’m 69 years old and don’t believe anything he says he keeps changing his mind. Can’t you find somebody that knows what’s going on? No because this is the first time we have had covid 19 and all these people V8 including him are guessing. Just STOP!!!!

  29. Carole V. says:

    How many times is Fauci going to change his story? He fits right in with Biden and the liars. No I will not wear two masks not on his advice.

  30. M D V says:

    Two masks.
    1. To filter out the original ChinaVirus.
    2. To filter out the ChinaVirus variant.

  31. Lois says:

    HE IS INSANE!! I do my best to wear one,but have to get a cool breathe now and then!! Am 76 years old with heart issues, and shortness of breathe on exertion! I WILL NOT WEAR TWO MASKS!! It wasn’t long ago the idiot said masks do not help. Fire this money, fame hungry OLD MAN, and put someone in that position with some common sense! PLEASE! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  32. Darcy says:

    Go piss up a rope you as-hole dr. Who?? Changes his mind more often than some people change their underwear. I can’t stand the sight of the weasel ol Fauci.

  33. Clarise Lyon says:

    What an idiot–I cannot believe that he is the highest payed idiot in the Whitehouse.

  34. maxibaby says:

    It is hard to believe this little twirp is the highest paid government employee! He gets up every morning with a new plan of attack and is usually the opposite of what he said just the day before! At best he is playing a guessing game and he’s a very bad game player!

  35. Jody Lenk says:

    I don’t wear a mask unless I have to deal with a customer. Most of the time the customer says they don’t care. I think it is just a way to make Americans a bunch of sheep. I’m a sheep dog not part of your glock Fool Faucci.

    • Susanne says:

      I totally agree….it’s all about CONTROL, nothing more!! It’s similar to the person who, when taking a prescription, thinks “If one pill is good, then two must be better!” Such BS! Fauci is losing his marbles. I agree that this is becoming a guessing game. The American people are sick and tired of his often wrong information. If he convinces the CDC that 2 masks should be worn, then LOTS of people will refuse to obey.

  36. maxibaby says:

    Dr. FAUCI must be the test subject for wearing two masks! I am a asthma patient…the fibers released from one mask makes me cough and have minor attacks of asthma so there is no telling what two masks would do to me!

  37. ron knox says:

    go piss up a rope Dr Death

  38. Angel Pagano says:

    He wants to think he turned all of us into little robots…. following all is his ridiculous theories. He has changed his mind numerous times which proves he is a liar. He loves all the adulation. Now with Biden in charge, his whole demeanor is even more overbearing. He feels free to say and do whatever. Trump had him pegged a long time ago. He was scared of Trump. He knew Trump was aware of his phony ideas. God bless Trump. We miss you!!!! Hurry back!!!!!!!

  39. Sandra Mann Wilkerson says:

    Tell the doctor that he can be the first to wear 2 masks and actually it may do him better if he wear 3. That way we could see how many it would take to keep us from breathing at all and if we can’t breath, we are sure not to get Covid!! SOUNDS GOOD TO ME AND THE DOCTOR BEING FIRST WOULD PROVE WHETHER IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA OR NOT!!!

  40. I really don’t believe any thing he says. He’s been a liar since day one, and has been China’s little mouthpiece too. I wonder how much they pay him?

    • portia says:

      ALOT, as he is highest paid member on gov’t staff.
      There is too much in question about Dr. F and his ambiguous statements.
      I personally do not trust the vaccines either. 🙃

  41. Lou says:

    This man has lost his freaking mind. My husband died last month from a right brained stroke, couldn’t even swallow his own saliva and starved to death, but what did the doctor say he died from? Covid-19. Bull puckey! Fauci has been found in the past to be a liar, and should not be telling people what to do. Maybe he should duct tape his mouth. We’re tired of listening to the garbage he spouts. First the masks are necessary, then they’re not. Now we should wear 2? The masks themselves are causing problems for people. If we’re wearing masks, why the 6ft. distancing? Again, makes NO sense.

    • Jack Hildreth says:

      The S.O.B. is costing us more money over and over again. He’s making good money for running off at the mouth. Why can’t he buck up the extra money,Hell he should be paying for the whole deal! My two cents !!€

  42. James says:

    Please comment on the virus properties vs the permeability of a typical double mask system. Also all masks have a certain amount of leakage; please comment on the isokinetic properties of the virus vs typical mask openings

  43. Linda says:

    Dr. Fauci suffers from “little man” syndrome. He wants to tell everyone what to do. The first time he had a chance to be on a microphone you could see his grin from ear to ear.

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