FBI Agents Rewarded For THIS?!?

FBI Agents Take a Knee During BLM Protest

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In a move that has angered and outraged many Americans, the Federal Bureau of Investigation rewarded FBI agents who took a knee during Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests.

As The Washington Times is reporting in, “FBI insiders say agents who took a knee during BLM protests were rewarded“:

“The politicization of the FBI is being implemented by the promotion of liberal agents into positions of authority, and the punishment or dismissal of agents who support conservative causes, FBI insiders told The Washington Times.

“They say this institutionalizes a liberal bias in the upper ranks of the nation’s premier law enforcement agency.

“In one high-profile example, an FBI agent who while on duty demonstrated solidarity with Black Lives Matter marchers in Washington by “taking a knee” as the protesters passed was later rewarded with a promotion to a supervisor rank.” [emphasis added]

More details:

Immediately after the BLM march, Washington Field Office Counter Terrorism Special Agent in Charge Larissa Knapp lauded the six agents, The Times has learned, saying the kneeling agents de-escalated a confrontation that could have turned violent.

Other agents on the scene chose not to kneel.” [emphasis added]

For more of this insider account, please click HERE.

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