Federal Judge to Biden: No!

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – A federal judge has blocked two Biden administration rules claimed to be reducing the illegal Southern Border crossings, possibly creating conditions for another surge in America’s migrant invasion.

On Tuesday, California U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar suspended the two policies: one requiring that illegal immigrants use the CBP One App to schedule an appointment and enter the U.S. legally to seek asylum, and a second one requiring that migrants seek asylum in the countries that they travel through to reach the United States.

Under the current setup, U.S. officials could reject applicants’ asylum claims if the latter didn’t comply appropriately with the two procedures.

The two policies introduced by the Biden administration after the end of the Trump-era Title 42 expulsion policy in May have been credited by the White House as the reason for a decline in the number of illegal border crossings, The New York Post stresses in a report.

“The Court concludes that the Rule is contrary to law because it presumes ineligible for asylum noncitizens who enter between ports of entry, using a manner of entry that Congress expressly intended should not affect access to asylum,” Tigar wrote in his order.

“The Rule is also contrary to law because it presumes ineligible for asylum noncitizens who fail to apply for protection in a transit country, despite Congress’s clear intent that such a factor should only limit access to asylum where the transit country actually presents a safe option,” the judge added.

Tigar put off the enforcement of his ruling for two weeks to give the Biden administration time to appeal it, The National Review reports.

The Post emphasized that if the Biden administration fails to appeal the ruling, the two policies would be nullified, and “chaos could break out at the southern border.”

“Today’s ruling does not change anything immediately. It does not limit our ability to deliver consequences for unlawful entry,” the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said, vowing a swift appeal.

It plans to ask the court for an injunction allowing it to continue to use both the app and the third-country asylum application rule.

If the two policies are killed, that would mean that any migrants seeking asylum would only have to set foot on American soil to be entitled to make a claim.