Florida Banning Puberty Blockers, Sex Reassignment Surgeries for Kids

Ron DeSantis

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Florida is a step away from imposing a total ban on surgeries and drugs that allow minors to change their sex and are recommended for transgender individuals by the federal government.

A vote by a joint committee of Florida’s two medical boards at the end of last week approved a draft ban on puberty blockers and sex reassignment surgeries for children under 18.

The committee of the Florida Board of Medicine and the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine is set for a final vote which is expected to prohibit anyone below 18 from taking hormones or getting “transitioning” surgeries.

Last week’s vote in favor of the ant-transgenderism rule for minors came after a five-hour discussion, Fox News reported.

“It’s lifelong altering effects for children. I don’t think they’re emotionally or psychologically capable of making that lifelong decision,” said one of the discussion participants, Blaise Trettis.

The draft ban was opposed by transgender proponents, such as Amy Rachel, a biological man claiming to be a woman, who described it as “just plain wrong.”

“People’s lives are at stake here. Some are deliberately spreading misinformation about the transgender community and about the kinds of treatments that are available and given,” Rachel argued.

In August, Florida’s two medical boards launched a 120-day process to regulate gender dysphonia treatments for children.

Their initiative followed guidance by Florida’s Department of Health issued guidance issued in April, which countered the federal government’s instructions in favor of “gender-affirming care” for minors, including “partially reversible” hormone therapy and puberty blockers.

“[S]ystematic reviews on hormonal treatment for young people show a trend of low-quality evidence, small sample sizes, and medium to high risk of bias,” Florida’s authorities found.

Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s Surgeon General, attacked the pro-transgender federal guidance as being politically motivated rather than resting on objective evidence of bettering youths’ conditions.

“The federal government’s medical establishment releasing guidance failing at the most basic level of academic rigor shows that this was never about health care,” Ladapo said.

“It was about injecting political ideology into the health of our children. Children experiencing gender dysphoria should be supported by family and seek counseling, not pushed into an irreversible decision before they reach 18,” he added.

In August, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis insisted that doctors who “disfigure” children because of “gender dysphoria” must be prosecuted by the law.

“They don’t tell you what that is … They are giving very young girls double mastectomies, they want to castrate these young boys,” DeSantis said.

“Both from the health and children wellbeing perspective, you don’t disfigure 10, 12, 13-year-old kids based on gender dysphoria, 80% of it resolves anyways by the time they get older… So why would you be doing this?” Florida’s governor wondered.