Florida Governor DeSantis Humiliates Biden

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – As many of you already know, there is a new phrase that is being chanted at sports stadiums across the country, and Democrats along with the mainstream media aren’t happy about it in the slightest.

People are loudly chanting “Let’s go, Brandon,” which is a reference to the original phrase, which is “F*** Joe Biden.”

Now Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just trolled President Biden in the most hilarious way.

According to Newsmax, it appears that Governor DeSantis took a shot at President Biden and referred to his administration as the “Brandon Administration.”

During a recent speech, Governor DeSantis said, “When you look at the Biden … the Brandon administration.” DeSantis then paused with a smirk, and the crowd who clearly picked up on the joke began loudly chanting “Let’s go Brandon” over and over again.

DeSantis then asked how the chant started and began explaining to the crowd the meaning behind the “Let’s go Brandon” chant. He also noted how Trump was called much worse things when he was in office, and it was all fair play.

DeSantis also taunted the mainstream media for their constant dishonesty and bias towards Democrats in general.

Here’s the video:

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