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Fox News Censors Trump Press Conference

“Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto abruptly cut away from a Trump campaign press conference led by Kayleigh McEnany Monday afternoon,” according to Mediaite.

“The White House Press Secretary was speaking in her dual role as campaign spokesperson and was addressing President Donald Trump’s continued efforts to refuse conceding the election, after news outlets projected he has lost.

“‘There is only one party in America trying to keep observers out of the count room, that party my friends is the Democrat party,’ McEnany proclaimed. ‘You don’t take these positions because you want an honest election. You don’t oppose an audit of the vote because you want an accurate count. You don’t oppose our effort at sunlight at transparency because you have nothing to hide. You take these positions because you are a welcoming fraud and you are welcoming illegal voting.’

“Shortly after…Cavuto cut in abruptly by saying “whoa, whoa, whoa, I just think we have to be very clear.’

“‘She’s charging the other side is welcoming fraud and welcoming illegal voting, unless she has more details to back that up, I can’t in good countenance continue showing this,’ he continued.

“‘I want to make sure that maybe they do have something back that up,’ Cavuto added. ‘That is an explosive charge to make at the other side is effectively rigging and cheating. If she does bring proof of that we will take you back.'”


Watch the video as Cavuto takes McEnany off the air at Fox News and then share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page. Was Cavuto right or wrong to censor President Trump’s press secretary?



  1. Garn Dye says:

    There aren’t any of the news outlets that bring us the news only thing they have are editorials from whoever is on at the time. Fox news should take more care in who it cencers. Just another editorial outlet by

  2. Beverly Patterson says:

    Was watching the program when Cavito interrupted Kayleigh McEnany, silenced her speech and proceeded to express his own “good conscience” by disallowing us to hear what she had to say and make up our own mind. Free speech denied. Has FOX lost its compass? I thought you were “fair and balanced”. Not so anymore apparently.

  3. Linda Wallace says:

    Fox has changed from “fair and balanced” to a left winged organization. We refuse to watch it any longer, and we were avid Fox News viewers for many many years. Congratulations Fox… have alienated your core base. Brilliant move! You have been moving in this direction for awhile, but starting with Chris Wallace’s biased debate monitoring and your subsequent election coverage, and now the Cavuto thing, you are really showing your true colors. Watch while your ratings slowly decline as more and more of your followers switch to Newsmax, just like we did. We really love Tucker, Sean, and Laura, but won’t even watch them as long as they are on Fox. Fox has betrayed its loyal viewers! I implore Tucker, Sean, and Laura to desert Fox just has Fox has deserted us, follow the trend and move to Newsmax. You will have an amazing following at Newsmax!

    • Doris says:

      My feelings exactly!!! For years watched and relied only on Fox for fair & impartial news. So disappointed in the last few years in most of them. Love Judge Jeanne, Tucker, Sean, Laura. Liked The Five but hate Juan so will not watch anymore, and cannot stand Wallace’s voice and cocky attitude. NewsMax is my new home.

  4. M L says:

    Why is FOX picking up the Media actions. Let the person complete their message then comment on them. Don’t pick up the ‘Other’ Media habits.

  5. Chris Wickizer says:

    It’s a shame to see that Fox News has now turned it’s back on it’s own theme of “Fair and Balanced”. In these types of situations people have a tendency to show their true colors.

  6. EUGENE A COX says:

    trump was absolutely correct when he said that Fox News was not the network that it once was. I will continue to watch Hannity, Laura and Tucker but that is it. Sorry done with Fox Newqs. Thanks Neil you meat head!!!

  7. Julie says:

    So disappointed in Fox. Watching Newsmax now. How could they suspend Judge Jeanine Pirro?

  8. Richard Rosenburg says:

    Well Neal you got your meat head into it this time , I quict watching you years ago , ypu were a meat head then and still are. we know ypu have m.s. and it affects your way of thinking I think it,s time you say buy-buy fox needs to replace you with someone who has someintigorty..

  9. Phyllis B says:

    What happened to fair and balanced? My husband and I have been watching
    Fox news for years, but the minute I saw Cavuto cut off McEnany I turned him
    off. Since Fox News changed hands they have become another CNN etc. NEWSMAX
    here I come. I will still watch Hannity, Carlson, and Ingram in the evening.
    Cavuto, What happened to free speech?

  10. ACooperSN73 says:

    The public has been listening to charges and lies about President Trump by the Democrat’s and media, for four years, having no real proof of anything. Nothing was ever proven, yet everyday there was more harassment to Trump. Democrat’s have been trying to get him out of office even before he was elected. He made promises to the people of this country and carried them out, and cleaning up the messes made by former Presidents along the way. President Trump is for the people, a strong leader, and business man, not a wimp and follower. He should be allowed to voice his opinions just as much as the Democrat’s and the MEDIA.

  11. Pegs says:


  12. Barbara says:

    I’ve been an avid follower of Fox News since it’s inception 24 years ago. As of this week, after the decisions Fox made and the Fox journalists showing their true colors, I’m done with Fox. Just to be clear, I will still follow Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, but I’m done with Fox. They can no longer be trusted to be unbiased and to report and let us, the viewers decide.

    • Sharon says:

      You r absolutely right? Fair and balanced? No! More like ‘we’ll go with who appears to be winning’. Fickle, I would say yes! Backbiting? Yes! I’ll be watching Newmaxs also! I hope Fox News ratings drop dramatically! To Fox News: We turn our backs on you!!

    • Georgia Ellenberg says:

      I agree.

  13. 2puttbirdie says:

    Doughboy Cavuto can take Beijing Biden and stick him where the sun doesn’t shine !! I’ll never watch Fox News again

  14. Joyce Dwiggins says:

    What happened to “we report, you decide”? What the country doesn’t need is wanna be censors. No more of me listening to Cavuto.
    I have not posted before.

  15. Joyce Dwiggins says:

    What happened to “we report, you decide”? What the country doesn’t need is wanna be censors. No more of me listening to Cavuto.

  16. Cg says:

    Fox has sucked into the fake news bravado.Goodbye
    Newsmax will be number 1

  17. Janelle Stonebraker says:

    Fox is over. Carlson , Hannity, Ingrahm , and Bream need to get out and move on. Not sure about Brett.
    To support the new Democrat party is nothing short of treason and anarchy. You cannot believe as they do and still be called an American believing in the Constitution. They are the enemy within. Unbelievably sad .

  18. Melissa says:

    Fix News is not looking so fair and Balanced anymore . It’s shameful now that they look like a new CNN . Not the previous FOX . Disgusting

  19. Pat says:

    Fox has sold its soul. What happened? You may gain the whole world Fox but lose your soul. God wins in the end. That is the only truth when all is done. Fox cannot say we believe in free speech and cut someone off … Fox used to allow our freedom to decide. Let us hear and decide. FOX has been bought as part of the media propaganda and censorship. I never thought I would see this on Fox. NewsMax has my ears now.

  20. Danny Parnell says:

    Cavuto cuts her off for allegedly having no evidence but lets the dems spout lies without evidence.
    go figure!!

  21. JMichael270 says:

    FORGET FOX !! I have just switched to NEWSMAX and will subscribe to One America News Network !! The only ones worth watching on Fox are Bartiromo, Varney, Dobbs, Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, Levin, Pirro!

  22. William S Graebe says:

    Cindy McCain’s hair is too tight. She should back off and let President Trump have his day in court. After all, the Democraps are following Saul Alinsky’s methods of destroying democracy.

    Also, Neil Cavuto should not become Twitter. What Kayleigh McEnany was saying is not fodder. Many indiscretions were committed by the DNC and states controlled by democraps which appear to likely be voter crimes and ballot dumping.

  23. Jody says:

    Fox News? Now run by illiterate assholes.

  24. Linc says:

    The country run by all these people with degrees from a to z. So,if they are so smart,how come we are so screwed up? It seems to me,we need more doers and a lot less thinkers.

  25. Randy says:

    Fox news has became a new member of the fake news group.

  26. Tommy Rito says:

    What happened to the Fox slogan( We report you decide). I immediately turned the channel when Caputo did what he did.

  27. Joe says:

    All msm is starting to be as fake and fraudulent as the democrats

  28. Patsy Braddy says:

    I think Neil Cavuto is just one more of the Far Left Media that should not be allowed on a respectable News Media. FOX News owes it to American people to fire him immediately.

  29. Diana M Talmadge says:

    Cavuto belongs on CNN. He hates President Trump.

  30. CurlyQ says:

    The media was willing to air the Democrats unsubstantiated claims that President Trump was in collusion with the Russians to rig the 2016 elections. The media backed the Democrat’s claims to the point of even pushing for President Trump’s ouster from the White House. Claims that proved to be untrue and fabricated by Democrat Party minions. Now the media doesn’t want any investigation into irregularities in the national election that is tainted with numerous problems? Who is controlling the media? Who is controlling the country? Who wants every U.S. citizen to bow down before their graven image? If this reply to this story is posted and allowed it will really surprise me!

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