Fox News Censors Trump Press Conference – Reclaiming America

Fox News Censors Trump Press Conference

“Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto abruptly cut away from a Trump campaign press conference led by Kayleigh McEnany Monday afternoon,” according to Mediaite.

“The White House Press Secretary was speaking in her dual role as campaign spokesperson and was addressing President Donald Trump’s continued efforts to refuse conceding the election, after news outlets projected he has lost.

“‘There is only one party in America trying to keep observers out of the count room, that party my friends is the Democrat party,’ McEnany proclaimed. ‘You don’t take these positions because you want an honest election. You don’t oppose an audit of the vote because you want an accurate count. You don’t oppose our effort at sunlight at transparency because you have nothing to hide. You take these positions because you are a welcoming fraud and you are welcoming illegal voting.’

“Shortly after…Cavuto cut in abruptly by saying “whoa, whoa, whoa, I just think we have to be very clear.’

“‘She’s charging the other side is welcoming fraud and welcoming illegal voting, unless she has more details to back that up, I can’t in good countenance continue showing this,’ he continued.

“‘I want to make sure that maybe they do have something back that up,’ Cavuto added. ‘That is an explosive charge to make at the other side is effectively rigging and cheating. If she does bring proof of that we will take you back.'”


Watch the video as Cavuto takes McEnany off the air at Fox News and then share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page. Was Cavuto right or wrong to censor President Trump’s press secretary?