Fox News Pundit Slams Trump, GOP for Losses

Marc Thiessen

( – The Republican Party’s failure to generate a “red wave” in the 2022 midterm election means it “squandered a historic opportunity,” mainly because of former President Donald Trump, Republican pundit Marc Thiessen declared.

Speaking on Fox News, Thiessen, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, blasted the GOP for failing to offer American voters a “viable alternative” to the Democrats’ rule in such a way that it has become clear that Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News, is angry at Trump.

“Americans are begging for a reasonable alternative to what’s happening in this country, and we’re not giving it to them,” Thiessen said on “America’s Newsroom.

“And if we don’t give it to them, then shame on us,” the Fox News contributor added.

With vote counting continuing, as of Wednesday evening, the GOP had clinched 210 seats in the US House of Representatives, with 218 needed for a majority, vs. 192 clinched by the Democrats. Current results also showed each party had secured 48 seats in the Senate, with the fate of Georgia’s US Senate seat to be decided in a runoff.

“75% of voters last night said that they not only didn’t like the direction of the country, they were angry about the direction of the country, and yet they voted for the status quo,” GOP pundit Thiessen declared.

“Why is that? It’s because the Republican Party did not give them a viable alternative to vote for. They were begging for a viable alternative. And we didn’t [give it]. As a result, we squandered a historic opportunity,” he elaborated.

Thiessen argued one of the most important reasons a “red wave” didn’t materialize in the midterms was the “candidate quality issue” connected with the bidders endorsed by Donald Trump in battleground states.

“We nominated a bunch of people that the voters rejected in a lot of these Senate races. [Voters] looked at us, and they said, ‘We sent you a message in 2020. Did you not hear us?’” the Fox News contributor explained.

“I’m not a ‘Never-Trumper,’ but the election denial put people over the edge. At some point, the voters said, ‘We don’t want this. We don’t want the chaos,’” he insisted.

Thiessen argued further that if the Republicans did not end up controlling the US Senate, they would have Donald Trump to blame.

“If that happens, Donald Trump costs us the Senate twice in a row. In 2020, voters didn’t reject Trumpism. They rejected Trump,” he said.

The pundit lauded the GOP’s overall election success in Florida, not just for Governor Ron DeSantis’ reelection but also that of US Senator Marco Rubio.

“Florida was the silver lining in what was otherwise a very, very dark night,” Thiessen said.

“[Voters] gave the Republican Party a wake-up call,” he concluded.

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