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Frank Sinatra’s Daughter Blasts Trump Voters

Nancy Sinatra, the daughter of the late, great American crooner, Frank Sinatra, just blasted Americans who voted for former President Donald Trump.


Nancy Sinatra, daughter of the late singer Frank Sinatra, says she will “never forgive” the people who voted for former President Donald Trump and hopes the anger “doesn’t kill me,” according to Breitbart.

“‘I couldn’t believe that this great nation had sunk so low,’ Sinatra said of Trump’s 2016 victory in an interview with The Guardian.

“‘I’ll never forgive the people that voted for him, ever,’ she added. ‘I have an angry place inside of me now. I hope it doesn’t kill me.’

“The report added that Sinatra — who has been feeling depressed ‘about everything’ — recalled being disgusted over Trump’s 2017 inauguration when the former president’s first dance with his wife Melania was her father’s hit song, “My Way.”

“Trump had also played “My Way” again last week as he boarded Air Force One for the last time…

“Sinatra added that she never says Trump’s name in conversations, and the last four years have taken a toll on her mental health.”

For more on this story, please go to Breitbart.

We cherish free speech. Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Nancy Sinatra? Why?



  1. Danis Garcia says:

    Well, maybe Nancy would like to address her father’s role in getting JFK elected by introducing him to Mafia boss Sam Giancana who chose to fund the campaign as well as using his strong-armed thugs to force unions into voting for JFK in 1960. To be fair, JFK’s opponent, Richard Nixon, was funded by New Orleans godfather Carlos Marcello – with Jimmy Hoffa as his bagman but I guess Giancana’s thugs were more forceful than Marcello and Hoffa.

  2. Jan says:

    And I care about her opinion of me why?

  3. Terry Lamont says:

    “F”u Nancy Sinatra, you can see that NO DEMOCRAT ASSES HAVE COME TO BACK YOUR VILE COMMENTS , take Nancy PIGlosi with you to hell!!!

    • Trump Supporter says:

      Oh isnt she so pathetic? Why dont she go have her shitty diaper changed. I never knew she even existed.She must think she is worth something. Poor little worthless person. Anybody that still backs the evil democraps after all thats come out about their plans and their crookedness are themselves evil and crooked and terrorists and child molesters.If your still backing them then you can go down to hell with the evil democraps. So she is sick cause of Trump. Well get sick and die and who cares. The democraps damn sure dont. So eat shit and leave mr. Trump alone bitch

  4. John Schofield says:

    Just saw an awesome video of President Trump’s 4 years in office to the tune, “I Did It My Way” by Frank!

  5. Marilyn says:

    Nancy, who asked you????

  6. George Champlin says:

    Where did she get the idea that it is just trump supporters. She needs to face the facts it is most Americans who know what she did

  7. Stephane says:

    Her Dad was so much smarter than she is. Her Dad was a PATRIOT. Not the kind of idiot the DEMONRATS are today. Mr Frank SINATRA had BALLS of Stainless Steel, unlike the dumb ballless biden, the gutless JINOS, the rapists and pedophiles the left seems to raise in their ranks.
    She is just another rich girl not because she did it, but because DADDY DID IT HIS WAY!!!


    • Gloria regan says:

      I was a John Mccaine advocate. My dad was in WW 11 and Korean Conflict. In the Air Force for 38 years. I knew someone from Shephed Air Force Base
      Who was left behind when Mccaine came home. His remains were recently (2019) ??? Or 2020….brought home and given a formal funeral service. I do not recall Mccaine speaking for the men left behind. He also let his anger at Trump to effect a critical vote for health insurance for because he turned it down.

      • Stephane says:

        ALWAYS remember this: Mc Cain KILLED more people on the aircraft carrier than anybody else during all the wars the carrier was in!
        American LIVES.
        Because he was STUPID and kept his finger on the trigger he had NOT deactivated!!!

  9. AMK says:

    The sad truth is most people as for myself are really not concerned about what the far left wing moral-less actors and actresses think. If the left had any kind of platform that related to helping and building America and Americans instead of crooked money, crooked politics, selling out our country for a dollar and selling children for their sick , twisted perversions;they would not be so intimidated by Trump and his supporters. I personally am tired of hearing what anyone thinks about who we vote for. News flash as of right now this is called freedom and believe or not that extends to Trump supporters. Why don’t the Democrats work on something besides trying to make this a society of mixed up perversions so they will feel better about themselves. If you can’t quit the sin, make everyone think it’s not a sin . Be someone who can be respected. Do something for America. After all didn’t all of you as politicians take that oath. . If you had any sense, any agenda except perversion and killing unborn and born babies, you wouldn’t have to worry about Trump. You people are twisted and talk about your dictators, you try to say their is something wrong with people who don’t agree with you. Well I think there is something wrong if we do think like you. I would have to repent every night and all day long if I though like you sick people. People who are in the entertaining business and I use that term lightly, should not voice their sick opinions and perversions on the public, we thought your movies were fiction. We didn’t know some of you were really twisted. I will choose my movies and shows according to what entertainers think they need to express themselves. The real you is really ugly. I hope you don’t die either, everyone needs a chance to repent.

  10. C.K. Vernon says:

    If she thinks she is depressed now. Let her see how depressed she is in another four years. If Biden stays in office she probably will kill over. Just saying!!!!

  11. Wayne says:

    Trump and the Republican party has nothing to do with the sad state of affairs in this country that on the heads of the left and the Democrats. People like you,Sinatra, should not be allowed to vote.

  12. This Lady Wants freedom Will freedom walked out the door when President Trump left You don’t have any spray whatsoever and what you’ve got now with Vidant So I hope you enjoy yourself Don’t deserve to be called American Your father would probably a popped your face if he was living

  13. Bill says:

    Your boots are made for walking Nance – If you want Communism walk you rear to China!!

  14. Cat says:

    Ms. Sinatra , years ago, was already unbalanced and had Daddy issues. Her only claim to fame was hitching her Radio Flyer to Daddy. So ow she blames Trump supporters. Wow. Tell her to grow up and take some responsibility for herself.

  15. Justin Juelich says:

    If Nancy Sinatra was as talented and eloquent as her father, she wouldn’t have to resort to this publicity stunt to draw attention. Hey Nancy? Got them boots on? Well start walkin’…

  16. Gorilla says:

    Who cares about her? Why does anyone even report what these people have to say?She is hateful and vile!

  17. RedLeg says:

    Sorry, I thought that dried up old bitch was dead, but I’m glad she is dealing with her mental issues, or is attempting to deal with them. God may bless them, but her and her kind can go straight to hell for what they have done to this country!

  18. Anna says:

    All we can do is pray for people like her. They have an ugly heart and soul that needs Jesus. She is depressed because of her heart which has nothing to do with Trump. I pray she finds Jesus and realizes life’s to short to be so bitter and ugly on the inside. Let go of that hate and anger and she won’t be depressed anymore.

  19. Mark says:

    A whole lot of vitriol I see from all these folks who have commented on Ms. Sinatra’s equally-laced vitriol on those who had voted for Trump. Hating her and all those of the liberal mindset who have spewed very dark and deeply, ugly rhetoric on conservatives and Republicans will not accomplish anything ladies and gentlemen. Yes, she needs professional help; that is very easy to see. We must forgive her and temper our emotions and thoughts or we will end up in the same personal, emotional, mental and spiritual rut she has carved on her own. As one of the commenters stated earlier no one MADE her hate…she chose that. We must rise above. Even though it is a scary time now and in the future for our country with the proven shady ethics and politics those in leadership in the Oval office and congress have shown God, Who owns this country and all things in the Universe is still in control. What we must do is focus on what it will take in the days, months and years ahead to right this political and moral shift our present POTUS, his vice president, Ms. Pelosi who have marked out a path of real moral and ethical destruction for this great land and peoples of America. Let’s work towards making the USA a land of great reputation, compassion, fairness and brotherhood so as to be the beacon of hope for the rest of the world and God will bless those efforts and direction. Personally, she was a favorite singer of mine, but she has lost my total respect since she decided to throw verbal firey arrows towards those of the conservative foundation. Let’s show her and all haters of those of the conservative mindset. Remember, we aren’t perfect as she is far from perfect.

    • Barbara H says:

      Thank you for this post. I totally agree with you. We should not lower ourselves to their level although I find it very hard.
      God is in control and He does have a Plan.

  20. P.B. says:

    This broad is just as filthy as Hanoi Jane, they should both go to HELL where they belong. They can say hello to their so call king of hell. We have no use for either of this filthy evil pigs in this country.

    • Gregg warren says:

      The BIOTCH said she has a void full of HATE that will probably KILL HER I say the SOONER THE BETTER for AMERICA

  21. Veronica Arnold says:

    No one can make you angry. Anger is a response you choose to entertain. Sinatra’s anger is her own choice, and the fact that it is affecting her mental health is her own fault, no one else’s.

  22. Michael Woolley says:

    Sorry, I’ve made a mistake Nancy Sinatra is still a bitch but I was thing of the other
    Commle Jane Fonda.

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Nancy, the traitor during the Viet Nam war, why should we care what you think? Now she thinks we will even listen to her. She’s just an aging washed up has been and no one cares what she has to say about anything. I would expect this coming from her. She’s never been on America’s side. She’s always been on our enemies’ side. So, she’s just showing her true colors. She says this will almost kill her. Maybe she will die and decrease the surplus population of Democrats.

  24. Michael Woolley says:

    I haven’t had any use for that commie bitch since she sat on that machine gun and joked with the vietcong.

    • Billy American Roberts says:

      I think nancy should dig out her old walking boots grab fonda by the hair i\of the head.and start walkin.Don’t stop tell they are plumb out of our beautiful country.Ungrateful bitches.

  25. Hanoi Jane got our brave soldier tortured during the Vietnam era. Hers BOOTS can walk her off a cliff. Let the recovered POWS have her

  26. Ricky Conner says:

    She needs to take the other Nancy p with her when she walks of that pear to

  27. Donna Kujawa says:

    Nancy Sinatra is a Crazy Person who can’t stand the idea that President Donald Trump and Melania danced to a song Doing It My Way sung by her Father. Also this is a Free Country and people can vote for whomever they want.

  28. pinokeeo says:

    Before she said anything she should of read the Book”When To Speakup and When To Shutup” by Dr. Michael D. Sedler.Her comments,Really?

    • Pat says:

      Sorry President Trump used your father’s song. Wish he had chosen Elvis’s version because it is much better!!! I think you sound like a bitter, hate-filled old bag & nobody cares what you think about Trump voters. Your dad was friends with the mafia & JFK dropped him quickly from his “friends list”. You never could make it on your own so you have to name-drop your fathers name to get attention….sorry, not many people remember him & even less remember you. Why do you think you are so important? You’re a “has been” trying to get fame from your dead father’s name. Don’t commit suicide when Trump comes back!!!!!

  29. Nancy Beaumont says:

    I’m ashamed to say we share the same first name between you and Pelosi. You are evil Nancy’s who are washed up,and only know how to spew hate and no one gives a crap about your opinion. Your anxiety is brought on because of your hate so you reap what you sow.

  30. Julia moore says:

    No wonder she’s stressed, shes on the wrong side of life. Trump is the only one with the help of God to fix this mess. Don’t care if you hate me, I love Trump!!!]

  31. Eddie Broyles says:

    How about we take a clue from some of your dad’s friends and fill those boots with cement. Then if you decide to go for a walk, maybe you can jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. No one gives a damn what you think or how you feel.

  32. T M Heane says:

    Not going to lower myself to your level by responding. Your opinion means zero (0). Just another “Hateful” person – part of the Hate Culture.

    • Granny says:

      I agree, her opinion is not important to anyone that I know. Especially to me. She seems to think she is Smarter & more important than anyone. Too bad she is wrong.

  33. Paul E Perks says:

    Well Nancy you’re “Boots Are Made For Walkin” so why don’t you march off and live in Canada with all the wackadoodles?

  34. summer! says:

    her boots were made for walking alright…right off the end of a pier…good riddance Nancy watch out for the sharks!

  35. Betty Buell says:

    Nancy,Yourfathersang that song beutifully,and yes,he did do it his way, but other people also do it their way also. Take a pill, hatred doesn’t become you. You sully your father’s name!

  36. John f silvent says:

    Well Nancy I’m sorry my heart bleeds yellow piss for you sorry that you’re not adult enough to deal with consequences of a free and honest election not like the one that we just had but I’m not going to sit here and complain about that I’m going to suck it up and it for years if we can change it

  37. Mad as Hell says:

    What is it with you crazy haters, all I can say is keep it up & you will have a one way ticket to HELL!

  38. Don says:

    Just 1 word for “boots.” BUGLY.

  39. Micala Molnar says:

    Nancy SINatra has always been a rebel, NOT CONFORMING to the rest of the sane world. Her illness is created by ALL her insane actions she did as a young woman — that’s “why” she is depressed. Like your typical loosey goosey democrap, she blames everything that happens to her on someone else, which at the moment is Presidrnt Trump. RESPONSIBILITY IS NOT IN HER VOCABULARY!

    Who cares if Nancy Sinatra keels over? Most people remember her dad, Frankie Boy. Not many remember Frankie’s daughter the rebel. My guess her depression is because she no longer is in the limelight and her career is a bust. Getting to be actually interviewed probably stressed her out creating her own psychosis because no one remembers who she was. So to look more “with it”, she jumped on the “Hate Trump” bandwagon. But she doesn’t look “with it”, she just looks pathetic like the old has been singer who got popularity because of who she was, NOT what she could do — barely sing!

    Go take one of your chill pills Nancy. You brain is as scrambled as your pathetic career!

    • Shari Babcock says:

      NANCY WHO??????!

      • Gerald Luedke says:

        These boots are made for walking, that Nancy Sinatra. Who is obviously an old hag now. Who cares what she has to say. She is stupid enough to jump on the train called I’m gonna say what every one else of the Legion of Dumb has to say. She can’t come up with a choherent sentence on her own. what an Assclown but then, there are plenty of them.

    • Pat says:

      She’s no better than Jane Fonda

  40. Roy Mason says:

    Dear Nancy,
    I know exactly how you feel, only I put up with it for 8yrs. I’m talking about the non-american, Kenyan, Homosexual, muslim that you and other brain dead americans put into office. SO DEAL WITH IT Witch changed to a B

  41. Chuck O says:

    Bottled up Hate will eat away at anyone until they give it up. Nancy will stay unhappy and sick until she quits hating anyone.

  42. Terrie Wyatt says:

    Nancy take your boots and walk off the nearest pier, because you are stupid as hell. I don’t like wishing harm to people but you ate just a moron.

  43. Peggy Andronis says:

    I didn’t know that Nancy Sinatra’s opinion or forgiveness of what I or anyone of President Trumps voters/supporters mattered. It is a real shame that she has descended into such utter depression because we finally had a person of integrity in the most powerful position in this great country. She must be blind as well to not see how he had helped this country and kept it from being sold to the Chinese.

    • Don says:

      I’m old enought to know the difference between slugs in the White House and a REAL American Patriot. The last 4 presidents’s, ALL slugs. Trump is the best President in my lifetime, no one even comes close.

  44. ROBERT POWELL says:

    GIRLS: this is what happens when you mix way too much dope with way too much booze and mix in communist propaganda in hollywierd. the mix is poison end up looking like nasty nancy..and by the way pelousy has the same problems.

  45. Karen says:

    These boots were made for walkin’

    • Eileen says:

      She can keep on walking, but her dirty boots aren’t going to stomp on me. She never did have any talent, her hatred will kill her, and since she doesn’t want to forgive, so she in turn will not be forgiven.
      BTW, her father would have looked better in blonde hair than she does.

    • Martha B Martin says:

      She said she hoped to die over Trump being president
      .I pray God Grant’s her wish soon…I never liked her

  46. Rose Sowell says:

    Screw Nancy Sinatra.Who Does She Think She Is??????Ugly So,And So.Her Career Is Washed Up.No More These Boots Are Made For Walking.Maybe Walk Over Your Stupid Face.Sorry Ass Wipe.Get Over It And Mind Your Own Business.Who Cares What You Think About Trump Voters???()(&’__$((7&(I’m Sure Trump Voters Are Saddened By The Way You Think.(Not)Lol)

  47. Leilani Peterson says:

    I thought Paul Anka wrote the song “I did it my way”. Sinatra merely recorded it as have many other singers. Elvis did a beautiful rendition of it. Get over it ” one-hit-wonder Nancy.

  48. Elizabeth Houser says:

    Who cares what that parhetic old has Ben has to say about anything?

  49. barbara davide says:

    If she wants to see ugly, she should look in the mirror. Even her father had a hard time tolerating her. He was not lucky with his kids, but then again, he was not father material.

  50. Jan says:

    Poor Nancy, she’s as disillusioned as the so called do gooders who actually voted for this old man who half the time doesn’t know where he’s at! For god sakes these people of movies and music who by the way make more money than the average guy in a lifetime should stick to what they get paid to do, there has been nothing in the last four years that has hurt anyone in fact people saw more in there paychecks he tried to secure our borders from the illegal aliens who come here for a free ride he was for the people not the big corporations the reason the other government idiots don’t like him is because he’s not a politician and wouldn’t bend to all the damn lobbyist; so Nancy dont throw stones because my dear your house is made of glass, and ,your dad would probably be the first to throw a stone in your not so god fearing home

  51. Margaret says:

    Hanoi Jane was against viet nam veterans and tryed to turn nation against them. My husband and other vet’s came home and never got any welcome home because of her hate and action. Because of her and some professors at big college vietnam vets were looked down on. As a result Vietnamese people were welcome and given money to buy homes and open business vets got nothing. Does this sound familiar Biden wants to help illegals while Americans need help. Where is American first in democratic party still all traders as I see it.

    • Richard says:

      The deal is they only want their votes and then they will turn on them.

    • The Bible says if you don’t forgive God will not forgive you! I would
      hate to know I was sending my soul to Hell for unforgiveness😢
      Jesus died on the Cross as a perfect Man! He took the punishment for all human race so we wouldn’t have to. Sooo I think you need to
      rethink your forgiveness process.
      You would feel much better if you forgave all those you have I’ll will

      • Beau says:

        Forgive who and for what you need to make more since if your going to quote the bible , the way I see it is eye for an eye at this point , sorry not taking no christianity away from you all this has everyone on pins and needles

      • Silver Eagle says:

        The Old Testament says “You kill those who come to kill you.” For centurys, the Jews have practiced “when slapped,turn the other cheek.” They found out the second slap hurts as much as the first. As a result no more cheek turning

    • Tx Kate says:

      Margaret, I totally agree with what you said. And BTW my Vietnam veteran husband was treated the very same way–no welcome home, no nothing.

    • Pat says:


  52. James B Jacobs says:

    Oh, poor baby, the Trump supporters hurt her feelings. She will probably never get over it. How dare them vote for Trump when they could have voted for her hero, the most unqualified person in the USA or maybe the world to be President of this country. She is so pitiful.

  53. Leonard Boyette says:

    Nancy meant that the last eighty years has taken a toll on her mental health

  54. kenneth Frazier says:

    I Doubt that’s she’s even Franks daughter. Somehow I believe ole Franky would have admired the way Trump operated as he sort of fit into that mold himself.

    • Edwin says:

      I fully agree,old blue eye’s is a favorite of mine,thank God I’ve got alot of his original 78’s because I would never buy anything now and give her any royalties!

    • Susan Hobson says:

      Nancy needs to get over herself. Ole Frank gave that song to all Americans and her saying that she is angry for a Great President honoring her father by playing his famous song is crazy. Maybe she is green with envy. He could have played, “These boots were made for walking”,” and one day they will walk all over you”. So grow up and show something worth listening to. By the way has-been looks good on you.

  55. maxibaby says:

    Poor scrawny little old Nancy Sinatra! She has celebrity status only because she is the daughter of Frank Sinatra! She had one song that made the charts, “These Boots Are Made For Walking” which she sang in her very flat monotone voice. Then she was done torturing our ears! I digress….why would we or anyone else give a rat’s behind what she thinks of us? Nancy needs to put on her “walking boots” and walk right out of here….bye bye Nancy, watch that anger it is as deadly as a an exploding bullet! Get a hobby Nancy!

    • Edwin says:

      Maybe her new hobby should be to pal around with Nancy pelosi,they can share hate stories,while roasting weezies over an open fire!

  56. Rick Jewell says:

    Well your Opinion really doesn’t matter to the supporters of trump We’ve been hearing it for the Last 5 Years But you know your father would have been proud of trump Your father would have made a lot of money off of trump And as far as you hope it doesn’t kill you well I’m sure somebody’s going to apologize if it does but it won’t be me Cuz really I don’t give a s*** because we have freedom of speech you can get on here and say what you want and that’s fine That’s what America is about but don’t expect people to bend over because some has been decided to speak out on behalf of the Democrats that are Destroying The entire country But my gosh they’re helping China and all out Maybe if you Too Faced one sided One Vision person people could actually open your eyes and see what good he did do well now you’re going to see what good he did because the jackass just took it all away or tried to but that’s okay cuz this is America and we will fix it come hell or high water our country will succeed

  57. CHRIS H. says:

    It’s a shame there aren’t really IQ cops half the Country would be put in prison

  58. Kim says:

    Gee Nance what the hell do you know?? Did you just decide to crawl out of where ever you’ve been? None of us give a shit about anything you say.

  59. Sic&Tired says:

    Nancy Sinatra ….. Is Just a Worthless Woman – Much Like Pelosi, Hillary, AOC, Omar, Warren, Waters, and list can go on and on with the Miserable Democrats – Both Men and Women Idiotic Democrats..!!!!!! Waste of Space People.!!!!

    • Bruce says:

      You left out Hanoi Jane. All of these wretched women deserve to share the same prison cell! You’re correct the list goes on and on. They all are for themselves. Not our country!

    • Susan Hobson says:

      YES!!! It is so good to hear more people who know exactly what Democrats are up to. Wide awake investigating Republicans and others who don’t just swallow everything news shows say. Because I believe nothing news casters say. They speak with there boss’s tongue. Not a set of balls on any of them.

  60. Ronnie haley says:

    She is entitled to her opinion right or wrong.

  61. Mike Moreland says:

    Just another entitled entertainment person. Didn’t say Star because she really wasn’t very talented. Ride her Father’s fame. SO, I say put on your boots and go walking….nobody really cares, and don’t let the door hit you in the butt!
    MAGA from Texas
    Mike M

  62. Frank Steele says:

    Gosh, it’s so good to hear from the “has-been” section, however wrong they my be. You better hope that the IQ police never come for you, Nancy.

  63. Ms Boots Are Made for Walkin.
    Your contribution to music?
    Horrible song, demeaning lyrics, but what would a tone expect from an Elitist ass like you. Your disgust me and all Trump supporters. You voted for socialism, so be proud of ruining America. You need long term therapy

  64. jesse says:

    another washed-up old, has-been foraging for any attention at any cost, even if it verifies her stupidity.

  65. RobertH says:

    She should find it in her heart to forgive. Remember what Jesus told Peter about forgiveness.

  66. William Conneely says:

    I know it’s been 50 years my mental health was destroyed the day this country put me in the army.I know no one wants hear this but we lost the war and did the world end?

  67. Maggie Morgan says:

    Nancy Sinatra is a traitor and has always has been one ,she got Americans killed and tortured in Vietnam and she is a total disgrace to this country.
    If Trump causes her ill health lets pray that he serves 4 more years.

  68. Valerie Matei says: are getting Jane Fonda mixed up with Nancy Sinatra.., however, they both were on the coat tails of their fathers. All of Hollywood needs to stay out of politics and stick to acting. I really can’t figure out who they think they are. Nancy and I are about the same age..but she must have abused herself pretty bad..she has not aged well.
    I really don’t think her father would agree with anything she said in that regard..he loved America and all that she stood for.

    • Maggie Morgan says:

      you are right, I apologise. I am mistaking Nancy for Jane Fonda but I still think what she said is a disgrace.

      • Teri Frazier says:

        This is the same identity of the far left cancelling and trying to outright silence and cancel those they cant get to agree with them. Those that love the 1st Ammendment for free speech needs to realize that people’s disdain and hate for President Trump and his supporters are those that are the haters. Realizing the it’s about the fact we are here to defend and protect each other as AMERICANS and not hope for revenge because they will only destroy themselves from the inside out for not being willing to work as one team and being so hateful.

  69. Donald says:

    what a disgrace to her father’s name. just to get her name
    ln, the paper..go away nothing.

  70. Donna Darnell says:

    I don’t really care if this liberal washed up old woman forgives President Trump supporters. Her opinion is exactly and we don’t care at all about liberal opinion…President Trump is the best President America has ever Nancy boot on your boots and get walking Trump and his 74 million plus supporters are not finished.

  71. ALEX TOURIGNY says:

    Nancy is one of the No Class Upper Class Wantabe’s ! Her opinion is just as passe as her one hit wonder song. LoL Be quiet and go have brunch with Hanoi Jane. Two irrelevant old bags with nothing to say worth listening to. Wait until Beijing Joe takes the rest of Daddy’s $ for his fake Climate Crisis !

  72. Hal Lemoyne says:

    OH NO, Nancy Sinatra is not forgiven ever, unless she permanently & lovingly

    throws all her support for

    Impeach biden/harris immediately or NOW

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrump and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  73. Joe says:

    They have a room for her at the funny farm,anytime.Pathetic, hanoi jane still here, I thought that dinosaur, left long ago. bummer

  74. John says:

    Wow, is she still alive? Who cares what she says! Those who do not forgive will not be forgiven, on the best authority!

    • Nell says:

      Nancy, dear, you are a smart woman in many ways but here, you have gotten it ALL wrong! Anger comes when we choose to allow the Limbic portion of the brain to control Turning on that portion of your brain will in fact cause illness, anxiety, anxiousness and a loss of Joy in your life. And yes, all of these emotions controlling your life will result in an early death. Recently there was a publication of a study done by several respectable Universities of higher learning; Harvard being just one that proved that people who regularly pray, meditate or practice focusing on a higher Person, lived a longer, disease free happier lives! Being trapped in a cycle, will stimulate the release of cortisol which is dangerous for a healthy body! I would encourage you to search out these studies and decide which path you wish to follow! The sooner, the better for you and all those you hold close to you!

  75. Patsy Matthews says:

    She is a peace of work. the only thing good about her is St Judes Hospital n Danny Thomas did that all she did was help promote it with parties that were paid for by others! It sid not happen but a couple of times too so bs on her ugly mouth who put our soldiers down for doing what they were ordered to do! PEOTECT N SERVE SHE HAS NO IDEA WE CALL HER HANOI FOR A REASON SEMPER FI BITCHTOFON

    • Patti Fischetti says:

      Wrong woman on both counts! Marlo Thomas promotes St Jude because her father, Danny Thomas , is the founder and Jane Fonda is Hanoi Jane. But Nancy Sinatra is a piece of work! I agree!

  76. Alton Corbett says:

    Donald Trump did the things I wanted him to do. I just wish he hadn’t been CHEATED out of another term in which to do more.

    • Edwin Vincent says:

      Thanks for supporting our great president Alton,he did a tremendous justice to this country! Everything he said he’d do he did! Who does this witch think she is? I think the witch from the Broadway musical “Into the woods,looks better,but than again,I’ve always had a thing for Bernadette Peters!

  77. Christine says:

    She is a disgusting, dispicbale,Bit; she is traitor to our country! We did not hurt you! You hurt us. You need to move out of our country far a way ! We do not need vulgar people like you to live here! Why do the news even quote you ? You are nasty !

  78. Dan says:

    Wow, she looks horrible! Talk about living off her fathers name , even her song , these boots are made for stomping on her face . Give me a break, you think it would have been a hit if she was Joe doe ,s daughter

  79. judith says:

    She is just a very spoiled little girl that needs to grow up and get a life. The glory days for her have been over many years ago and she needs to get a life.

  80. Deanna Ward says:

    I don’t care for her but I think she should look at herself before she starts condemning Our Great President. She is unworthy of one millionth of what President Trump is worth. She should have to go live in Vietnam since she loved them so much. DWard

  81. Marlene Mitchell-Kavanaugh says:

    Apparently we have quite a few Trumpsters in the comments today….

    • Jane says:

      No dear they are called AMERICANS. People call Trump a bully but what about people like you? If someone doesn’t go along with you, you sling a name at them. Doesn’t matter who you voted for, your an American.

      • It’s called projection. Classic projection. Nancy doesn’t want to see herself as she is do she projects it into us. Senator Rand Paul did a beautiful job of pointing this out. We should all be watching and praying for him, his family and all of those who voted for president Donald J. Trump.

  82. Barry Moss says:

    Hollywood elite are stupid idiots!!! They do not live in the real world!!! I think Frank would tell her she is WRONG!!! She probably has alzheimers!!! 😁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  83. Marlene Mitchell-Kavanaugh says:

    I feel the same as Nancy….what’s happening in this country today…in 2021…makes me physically ill…Trump didn’t start the fire…he just stoked the flames a bit…..I don’t like him …never liked him….and never will like him….

    • Botch says:

      I don’t care some of his remarks but he fulfilled all his promises and worked for free. Worked for the middle class worker. In comparison, Biden has no time for the middle class, has too much money, has act I always son, has an unethical running mate, is Catholic in name only, is doing nothing to help our economy, AND is a puppet in the hands of socialists and communists. Look them up and see.

    • Nell says:

      To continue to hate is the tool of the evil in this world. You are allowed , under the “Freedom of Speech” that we are given under the Constitution. But that choose will take your life early. You will suffer various illness in the form of anxiety and most of all loss of Hope and Joy! But the choice is yours!

    • Judith says:

      This is one crazy mixed up lady. Nancy your dad would be a shame of you ,if he was alive. She are nothing But another DEMOCRAT that doesn’t care about America, Why don’t you just live, and who cares what you say. You voted for the wrong president that doesn’t care about America or the people. Biden doesn’t give a shit about America. he can’t even speak for his self, or run the country. You Democrats that voted for this jerk. Will be sorry, when he takes everything away from you, and give it to the illegals and terrorist groups. WE haven’ had a good President until President Trump became OUR President, that cared about America and the people. THE Democrats stoled the Election from Him.

  84. Rose says:

    Tell Nanc these boots are made for walking. And she should walk right out of her big attitude. She made a one song hit then flew on her Fathers wings.
    You ellitist who do you think you ate or if any of America First Supporters would care what you had to say.

  85. Honestly, didn’t know this has-been was still alive 😳

  86. C.A. says:

    Uhhh…. Nancy who? and why should I care?

  87. Billy says:

    Drag up this wore out piece of TRASH whose only claim to fame is her father and going to North Vietnam and kissing the VCs butt during Vietnam. Millions of American solders will NEVER forgive you either, you wore out HAG!! I was in VN in ’72 and my hate for you will live till I die.

  88. Cheryl says:

    Just a washed up has been who will do anything to see her name in print

    • Margarita E P00R says:

      You are quite correct her father loved this country and he showed it he would be disappointed in her if he were alive.

  89. Frenchie says:

    Whoa .. this fossil is still alive? … another botox Nancy !
    Old termite crawled out of the Holly “Wood” pile …

  90. Donna McClane says:

    Nancy Sinatra WHO? HA! HA!
    Do we really care what she has to say?

  91. Marie says:

    So Hanoi Jane says she will never forgive Trump supporters. Well I will never forgive her for what she did. You know the affects of this election will not harm Hollywood elites but it will hurt me but they don’t care.

  92. Donace Dillon says:

    THis washed up lady has used her dad’s fame to get fame – she looks old and way over processed. I know how she feels – I felt that way about the prior Pres and the current puppet

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