(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Conservatives are celebrating a huge free speech win, as the offending Stanford Internet Observatory is finally shutting down.

The observatory is a center that analyzes so-called online misinformation and that previously scrutinized congressional inquiries into governmental control of public discourse.

The House Judiciary Committee and its Weaponization Select Subcommittee reported in November that both the observatory and the University of Washington’s Election Integrity Partnership (EIP) collaborated with federal bodies and social media companies to infringe on conservatives’ free speech rights.

Reports from Platformer and the Washington Post have revealed that the observatory’s remnants will be integrated into Stanford’s Cyber Policy Center.

The observatory was established five years ago by ex-Facebook security head Alex Stamos and is down to just three staff members.

It has reportedly drained Stanford of millions in legal defenses through lawsuits and legislative probes.

After House Republicans doubled down on their efforts for accountability, it was revealed that the observatory was implicated in actions before the 2020 elections.

Documents provided by Stanford under subpoena threat unveiled that the observatory helped censor online content that could influence voter perceptions as part of so-called efforts to maintain election integrity.

According to House Republicans, the observatory’s actions often unfairly targeted conservative viewpoints by labeling them as “misinformation,” while similar content from leftwing political perspectives remained unchallenged.

To do so, the observatory’s researchers would suggest “reducing the posts’ ‘discoverability,’ ‘suspending [an account’s] ability to continue tweeting for 12 hours,’ ‘monitoring if any of the tagged influencer accounts retweet’ a particular user, and . . . removing thousands of Americans’ posts.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan celebrated the observatory’s closure as a victory for free speech, tweeting, “Free speech wins again! Great work from @Weaponization for shining a light on the censorship regime.”

Additionally, the observatory is the center of an ongoing lawsuit by the Republican attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri.

Both states accuse the Biden administration and federal entities of colluding to suppress free speech on several controversial topics, like Hunter Biden’s laptop, the COVID-19 lab-leak theory and election integrity, during the 2020 election cycle.

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