General Flynn’s Statement to America – Reclaiming America

General Flynn’s Statement to America

Having received a presidential pardon from President Donald Trump, Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn issued the following Thanksgiving Day statement (see below). Please share your thoughts about the pardon of General Flynn in the comment section on this page.


By Almighty God’s grace and with the love and courage of my wife Lori, the strength and fortitude of our families, and the inspiration of our friends and every single patriot who circled me with their prayers, wisdom, and kindness, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. For the first time in more than four years and because of my fearless attorney, Sidney Powell, the Guardian Angel of American Justice, and thousands of good people with endless energy rallying together on my behalf, I breathe freedom and liberty today.

We are a nation founded by leaders who fought tyranny and oppression to ensure that all American citizens be treated fairly and equally across this land. These constitutional and God-given rights should never be denied or disguised behind false prosecution or political persecution out of fear, hate, or an opposing voice. Those who scowl at the very core of our Republic and act from vengeance or revenge against one of us, threaten the safety and security of all of us.

Never again should any family or individual be so viciously targeted, maligned, smeared, and threatened such has been the experience of my family and I. Not you and your loved ones, not me nor President Trump, our First Lady, and the Trump children. Stand with me today in renouncing this betrayal of trust that has burdened our nation and proclaim with one united voice across this land that we will never again allow the rightful power of the citizens of this country to be uprooted, undercut, usurped, or held hostage by a coup against our nation, a duly elected President or any future president of these United States.

For over three decades, it has been my honor and privilege as a Soldier and public servant to fight for the rights of American citizens and for citizens of the world. I have fought alongside the bravest men and women on distant battlefields in the midst of the fire and fury of war. In this fight for my life and liberties on the battlefield of justice and truth, my faith in God and the love and support of my wife Lori have seen me through.

Along our journey together, we have been blessed to have the trust and support of millions of Americans across our great country and around the world. These are our Digital Army of Patriots who inspired us to keep fighting, uncovered secrets we would otherwise have not known, and shared with us their thoughts, dreams, and wisdom throughout this ordeal.

Many months ago, one patriot wrote to me, “I only recently learned of you. I’ve been willfully ignorant of this world and the level of evil in it. God is moving in our lives and I know my purpose now is to raise my five patriots to love God, fight for truth, and defend the United States of America, One nation under God!” We are so deeply and sincerely appreciative for the force of light brought into our lives to battle on and we will never forget the trust placed in us to never give up the search for truth.

I am forever grateful to my legal team of warriors – a team that came into our lives during the most difficult time. Ms. Sidney Powell entered the Flynn family’s lives like an Angel sent from heaven with the fighting spirit of David, ready to slay Goliath—and she did.

Each member (of our small defense team), assembled by Sidney, fulfilled unique and difficult roles with a warrior’s spirit. Mr. Jesse Binnall, a brilliant leader, and polished legal street fighter possessed an expert grasp of the law and a common-sense approach to discovering the truth. Ms. Molly McCann, who is an intense scholar with a superb mastery of the law, a true warrior, and someone of great faith. Molly spent tireless hours researching, reading, and writing all the while helping her Mother’s fight with cancer. Mr. David Warrington’s steady hand and advice on navigating the minefields of the Washington, D.C. legal circuit were always on the mark. Lindsay McKasson and Abigail (Abbie) Frye are two determined legal professionals who were relentless in piecing together a million-piece puzzle allowing our team to find the truth.

A special thank you goes to my warrior sister Barbara, who took on managing my legal defense fund and between her and my youngest sibling and brother, Joe, did countless interviews to help raise necessary and important funds to fight this fight.  And finally, my sister Clare Eckert and her daughter (my God-Daughter and niece), Alicia Kutzer, rounded out our team. My oldest sister Clare is a tough but superb legal and business professional and Alicia is a remarkable lawyer. Without a doubt, we could not have won this fight without their counsel, exceptional research and writing abilities, as well as their unwavering love.

I can never thank them all enough for taking on this monumental challenge to win. Because of them, my eyes are brighter and my heart is filled with love for my sons, their wives, my grandchildren, and for all members of our extended family of Flynns and Andrades and so many, many others who kept me going and gave me strength through their prayers and messages of hope for the future.

Together, we have overcome this enormous hurdle. Now we will get back up on our feet, dust ourselves off, and not fear what lies ahead. We may be tested again with false accusations and untruths and hatred for our beliefs and for raising our voices but we cannot be deterred and we cannot stop.

Time does not always heal all wounds, but discovering the truth has a funny way of shaping the scars.

To all Americans, what we choose to do in this life should never be stopped by fear. Instead, we need to embrace the uncertainty and accept the risk that comes with sacrifice and then work to overcome the sheer magnitude of life’s challenges, especially during this crucible of our nation’s history. Our very survival as a nation is at stake.

The Flynns will never stop being the fighters that our parents, Charlie and Helen, taught us to be. Through generations of military in our past, and with many of us still serving our nation in one capacity or another, we will “rise up” to the next set of challenges together and defend our families, our homes, our honor, and our nation.

Even today, perhaps more than ever before, America requires tried, true, and tested patriots to ensure the future of our children and grandchildren. And in the end, there is only ONE who is the judge of our ultimate destiny.

God Bless America.

Michael T. Flynn



  1. Thomas says:

    May God bless you and your family thank you for your service and thank you Mr President Donald J Trump

  2. Robert D . Paul says:

    God bless you and your family. Also, God bless Sydney. She ought to be the first woman President of the United States. I only hope she can crush the Dominion Election Cheating Company. We pray every night that Donald will reclaim the White House. Otherwise, our country faces a Democrat / Socialist catastrophe !!! Robert Paul & Barbara Doll

  3. Phyllis Frank says:

    God bless you Sir and your wonderful family. Thank you for your service. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Rand says:

    God smiled on you General. Tis time for all Patriots and freedom lovers stand tall. Biden “will not let the Constitution survive”. He will go after the 2nd amendment , followed by The 1st amendment , then when this is accomplished, he will have the whole thing dismantled and then the crying by the left will begin , when “THEY find out” that they are pawns to be used and thrown out .
    BLM and Antifa will find out that they have three enemies to fight. The Right , the “woke” [finally] , and those who were not committed to any group will “see the light” and get into the fray .
    The muslims are only laughing at Biden, in that he is doing the work for them and he will be burned alive by them

  5. richard e swanson says:

    may the forces of evil who perpetuated your demise be brought to swift justice in jesus name amen richard swanson jax fl fellow patriot

  6. Noreen Leach says:

    So happy this nightmare is over for you & your family. Your attorney & her team were amazing and last but not least Thank you to President Trump. He truly believed in your innocence !!

  7. Mar says:

    Thank you for your service sir. I’m really happy for you and your family be together right now. Our Lord listened our prayers always. Be blessed. And I will thanks President Trump for be smart and don’t let the bastards decided from him.

  8. Pegs says:

    GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY GENERAL FLYNN. GOD HAS TRULY BLESSED YOU WITH HIS GRACE AND MERCY. I ‘m so VERY PROUD of OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! That TRAVESTY SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN to ONE MORE PATRIOT of our GREAT NATION!!! You and your family were in my husband and I’s daily prayers throughout this SHAM OF A NIGHTMARE !!! Everyone of us will someday stand before GOD ALMIGHTY and be ACCOUNTABLE for our sins. I have only ONE word for the people responsible for this CORRUPTION and EVIL ACT…… REPENT I TRULY have no idea how they can sleep at night! GODSPEED to THE FLYNN FAMILY

  9. George says:

    Thank you for your service sir

  10. Art Asbury says:

    If all are created equal, why do some not accept that premise and create an order of authority?

  11. Dwight Birky says:

    Thank you for your service and unwavering trust in our God and America.
    May God bless you and your family abundantly in your future endeavors.

  12. David Sommer says:

    So glad for you!! Yes, and when fail, God is the ultimate Judge and His judgment is always right without respecter of personas.
    Dave and Ruth Sommer

  13. Honest says:

    General Flynn, Your Dedication and Honor to the USA HAS NEVER been questioned by any veterans and Never Will Be ~ You Are the True Meaning of the word Patriot !! May God be with You and Yours Sir ~ Thank You General Flynn~

    Another Patriot~

    • A. Fellow. Patriot. and Veteran says:

      General Flynn, I am sorry it took so long for justice to arrive. I would have issued a pardon 3 years ago when this injustice by Obama and the Democrats was perpetrated. They should all be tried for their crimes against the POTUS. I first voted for Trump when he promised to clean up Washington DC and drain the swamp, he needed 4 more years but the election was stolen by the thieving Democrats. I fear for our country, our constitution and bill of rights, our very future..May God save us from this madness.

      • WinningAmerican says:

        First, WOW, General Flynn, how Americans were praying and pushing for your freedom, and that of all your family, teams, friends who were in knots angry about that criminal “judgement.”
        I’m sure we will see you on the domestic fields of battle, and winning… you are loved.
        President Trump is a fighter too, and we thank him for his diligence in helping you and crushing the enemy. He is indeed our President for the next four years… we will accept no other, not Biden Harris Kerry all the other criminals Biden has been ordered to setup. We Americans have seen more than enough of the lies, purpose, manipulation by the DemonRats to destroy our Real Deal American Man, and to destroy USA, create NorthAmericanUnion, to link with European Union owned by S or Az and Spawn. They want our borders erased, like SorAz told the Hungarian President that all borders should be erased. They want an overpowering influx of foreign hispanics to enter and show gratitude with their votes. they want to disarm Americans. Like the leader of the Japanese Forces responded to General MacArthur when he asked why they didn’t just attack our mainland… the response was Because We KNEW There Was A Rifle Behind Every Blade Of Grass. Time to lock and load, Americans… be prepared. THANK YOU JESUS, PRESIDENT TRUMP, all your help, support. We Will Prevail Again… this time, we will take no enemies.

        • WinningAmerican says:

          Hey!~ missed thanking Sidney Powell… a great American strength. God Bless you Sidney in all your battles with the enemy… and thanks to all the others you mentioned, General Flynn!! This is a Great Time .

  14. Gloria Brodkey says:

    Why did you plead guilty?

    • Susan Wright says:

      They threatened his son. What would any parent do in such a situation??

      • WinningAmerican says:

        That reason was proven. The devils were already moving in on his son, family, and like a good General, he gave his “life” for them, and actually for all FreedomLovingAmericans. Hey, ask another ? … why haven’t “they” gone after the Elephant In The Room… DizzyDopyHunterBiden… and his “business” pals John Kerry’s stepson, Piglousy’s son… Turning the Scope on those idiots and their protectors… We Ain’t Through Fighting Till We Win.

  15. Richard Erwin Hoff Sr. says:

    How grateful I am for those of you that have been faithful through such trying times as lovers of truth and integrity and for the blessings of God that has been woven into the fabric of our nations founding fathers. God bless you and your family General Flynn.

  16. Hipshot says:

    General Flynn. No one deserves this more than you do. These liberal communists in this country will never take over as long as we true patriots stick together. They thought they gave Trump resistance wait till they see what we have instore for them Bastards.

    • Camille Ference says:

      General Flynn, l don’t understand the evil, vindictive behavior of Judge Sullivan and the entire obama administration. It really scares me. I’m so happy President Trump pardoned you to stop the hell imposed on you. I respect and admire you. God bless you and keep you in.his care.

  17. BILL BLACKBURN says:


  18. Dorothy White white says:

    I am so glad your free God is good

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