Good News: He’s Dead

Lashawn McNeil

( If there can be any good news from the horrific crime that Lashawn McNeil committed this weekend in New York City, it’s that just moments ago, it was announced that McNeil is dead.

McNeil is the demented thug who shot two uniformed officers of the New York Police Department – killing one and gravely wounding the other – as they approached his bedroom door to see if he was okay after McNeil’s mother requested police assistance.

McNeil was shot by a third officer in the apartment when all hell broke loose as McNeil used a modified handgun to ambush and fire at almost point-blank range on the two young officers.

As the New York Post is now reporting:

The “distorted” career criminal accused of shooting two Manhattan cops, killing one and leaving the other clinging to life, has died of his wounds from the incident, law enforcement sources said.

Lashawn McNeil, 47, had been in critical condition since being shot by a third officer after gunning down Finest Jason Rivera, 22, and critically wounding NYPD cop Wilbert Mora, 27, during a domestic disturbance inside his mother’s Harlem apartment Friday…

“Police said the deranged gunman ambushed the cops by opening fire with an illegally modified Glock .45-caliber handgun during the incident.” [emphasis added]

As we mourn for Officer Rivera and pray for Officer Mora, we give thanks that McNeil is dead.

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