Good News: Most Cops Are Like This Police Officer

( – With so many leftists in the United States constantly badmouthing police officers, it’s important to emphasize that the reality is the overwhelming majority of police officers are like the officer featured in a story by Fox News.

Fox tells the tale in a heartwarming article headlined “Georgia police officer buys homeless man hotel room, warm meal amid freezing weather: ‘act of service’“:

“Georgia police noticed a man in need of a place to keep warm and out of the cold and paid for his hotel room for the night during the winter storm.

“In a real-life heartwarming Christmas story, Cobb County Police Department Officer Withers paid for the hotel room for the man in need with his own money as well as providing the man with a warm meal.

“‘Great job Officer Withers for your heartfelt act of service,’ a Facebook post from the Cobb County Police Department said.

“Like a lot of the U.S., Georgia saw temperatures drop from above freezing before midnight to in the teens in a matter of hours on Friday morning.” [emphasis added]

Fortunately, Officer Withers stepped in and, like many of his fellow officers across the country, helped a man in need.