GOP Gov Attacks Trump as He Exits the Political Battlefield

Larry Hogan

( – Former Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, just announced he won’t run for president in 2024.

He stated his decision was a self-sacrificial move to prevent former President Donald Trump from securing the Republican nomination.

Hogan encouraged the party to move on from Trump, and he said he believes there are several competent GOP leaders who have the potential to lead.

He also added that he wants to avoid splitting votes and playing a role in another “multicar pileup” that could help Trump recapture the nomination.

Hogan’s primary concern is the survival and future success of the Republican Party. He believes that the GOP platform should be centered around fiscal responsibility, economic freedom, and limited government. Education was not mentioned as a priority, although it is becoming an increasingly important issue for the GOP.

Hogan pointed out that working-class voters have flocked to the party due to the excesses of progressive elites, but this has also empowered populist candidates who have exploited “angry, performative politics.” These individuals have departed from conservative principles by proposing bigger government, which contradicts conservatism.

After serving as governor of Maryland for eight years, Hogan plans to return to the private sector and focus on founding and running businesses.

He believes that the GOP still has electoral promise and can win both the electoral college and the popular vote with the right messaging that welcomes working-class voters into the fold. Hogan said the party can push back against elitist policies on the left without resorting to divisive and performative politics.

“Our nation faces great challenges; we can’t afford to be consumed by the pettiest grievances. We can push back and defeat the excesses of elitist policies on the left without resorting to angry, divisive and performative politics,” Hogan said. “We can deliver safe streets, more economic opportunity and respect for traditional values without abandoning our limited government conservative principles and America’s role as leader of the free world.”

Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference after Hogan’s announcement, where he criticized the older era of the GOP and stated that the party would never go back to being ruled by “neo-cons, globalists, open borders zealots, and fools.”

Hogan’s announcement highlights the ongoing debate within the Republican Party over its future direction and the role of Trump in shaping that future.

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