GOP Headed to NY to Investigate Manhattan DA

Alvin Bragg

( – The GOP-led Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives will hold a New York City hearing to listen to “victims” of Manhattan’s Democrat DA Alvin Bragg, reports reveal.

The House Republicans’ move comes after last week, at Bragg’s initiative, former President Donald Trump was arraigned and charged with 34 counts of financial crimes.

The House Judiciary Committee’s NYC hearing will be held on Monday, April 17, at 9 am, at the Jacob Javits Federal Building, The New York Post reported citing government sources.

The venue is “just blocks” from Bragg’s office in Lower Manhattan and the courthouse where Trump was arraigned and will stand trial.

The GOP-led “field hearing” will feature individuals allegedly affected by the leftist policies of the Manhattan District Attorney.

According to one source, it will look into “New York’s rampant crime and victims of Alvin Bragg” resulting from the DA’s “failure to prosecute” criminals.

The Post points out that Republicans have attacked Bragg as “soft on crime” and for “embracing a novel legal theory” that has been used for the first-ever criminal case against an ex-president in US history.

One of the paper’s sources reveals there is a possibility that Judiciary Committee chairman, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, might invite Bragg himself to the field hearing in New York City.

The holding of an NYC Judiciary Committee hearing was confirmed later on Monday by one of its members, US Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ).

“I know our chairman [Ohio GOP Rep.] Jim Jordan as well as the rest of the committee, and we’re going to ask the tough questions,” Van Drew told Newsmax.

“Not tough questions to hurt these people. Understand these are people that have gone through hell, because either family members or others that they were close to have lost their lives or have been badly hurt and beaten, because this is a bad district attorney and bad special assistant,” the Republican lawmaker elaborated.

He said former special assistant DA Mark Pomerantz would be at the hearing and would love to see Bragg there as well.

“I’d love to have him there because … truthfully I’d like to pound the daylights out of them with questions because there’s just no real good answers to this except they’re being political, and they’re hurting New York City and they’re hurting the United States of America by what they’re doing. This is nuts,” Van Drew declared.

He argued that both political parties were “infuriated” by Bragg’s felony charges against Trump.

“It truly is upsetting to see our courts used in a totally inappropriate way. You’ve got a municipal prosecutor and a special assistant prosecutor going after the president of the United States. Unprecedented.

In a statement on Monday afternoon, Manhattan’s DA attacked the GOP lawmakers for organizing the NYC hearing.

“Don’t be fooled, the House GOP is coming to the safest big city in America for a political stunt. This hearing won’t engage in actual efforts to increase public safety, such as supporting national gun legislation and shutting down the iron pipeline,” Bragg stated.

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