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Gov. Hogan: No Right to Not Wear Mask

Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said during a media briefing about the coronavirus that no one had the ‘constitutional right to walk around without a mask,‘” according to Blaze Media and other news outlets.

The dubious claim was made by Hogan while he announced further coronavirus pandemic restrictions on Monday.

“‘It’s sort of like saying I have a constitutional right to drive drunk. I have a constitutional right to not wear a seat belt, or to yell fire in a crowded movie theater, or to not follow the speed limit,’ Hogan said.

“‘We’re talking about a quarter of a million people dying already. You know, more than, you know, the Korean War, the Gulf War and the Vietnam War added together. Which part don’t you understand?’ he asked rhetorically.

“‘There’s no constitutional right to walk around without a mask,’ Hogan added, ‘this is, we did it in 1918, I don’t know why we can’t do it now. Wear the mask.‘”

Watch the video of Hogan and share your opinion in the comment section on this page. Do you believe Americans have the right to decide for themselves whether or not to wear a COVID19 mask?



  1. Rhina says:

    Respect means allowing us to do as we feel comfortable. Wear the mask enjoy your own germs China is loving the destruction of their propaganda the dish out.

  2. Rhina says:

    Respect is a two way street. No one is safe from any viruses everyone will get it one way or another. The more we don’t mingle the longer and stronger the viruses get.

  3. Rhina says:

    It’s about control, after all there are more germs on earth then there are stars in the sky. Like being a useful idiot go for it. It is so un-American it is how they are terrorizing us.

  4. Arnold says:

    Wearing a mask is not the solution, stupid people will spread the virus with or without a mask. I wear a mask when it is required within public places while shopping, not outside of my house, or in my Car. practicing common sense is what is needed not MASKS they do not protect you since your eyes are exposed. Those who have the virus should wear the masks at all times not the healthy people. You are an idiot and you have no authority to dictate what or how we should protect ourselves.

  5. Eddie Herrera says:

    This feardemic has gone on way to long! People need to wake up . The mask and lockdowns don’t work, we have been following these guid lines for months and nothing has changed. There is no reason to be tested! The science even states that it is not deadly to most people. I am not afraid of death or afraid of this virus!

  6. Terri says:

    As an adult and a senior citizen, I say NO to masks. I prefer to live in hope, not in fear and to take the necessary precautions to secure my own safety. If masks really worked, COVID19 would have been under control long ago. The people of Japan, for example, have worn masks for decades because of air pollution; they still get the ‘flu and they still deal with other illnesses. If a mask is truly ‘safe’ then my going without one harms no one who’s wearing one. My NOT wearing a mask puts no one else in danger (if masks REALLY work) but ME. I am not required to wear a mask since it would put me in danger due to another medical condition but my life is NOT going to stop because of that. I am old enough to weigh the risks and to make my decision accordingly. Germs are all around us..none of us can avoid them.

  7. Connie says:

    There’s nothing in the constitution that says the government can force you to cover your face either. Wearing a mask may prevent the wearer from getting droplets expelled from their mouth or nose onto someone else or on surfaces, but little to no effect on keeping viruses from entering. You might as well force people to wear goggles and hazmet suits while you’re at it.. your eyes and any cut or scratch on your skin are susceptible to viruses… the only reason for mask mandates is to make these little tyrants feel like gods

  8. John Anderson says:

    Wearing a mask can cause several medical conditions due to bacteria and germs trapped next to the mouth and nose. Further a government of free citizens cannot mandate the wearing of masks without the passing of laws to support it. My personal belief that when out in public is to wear a mask for my own protectio and that of others regardless of the low amount of actual protection they provide.

    John Anderson

  9. VIETNAM VET. says:

    I agree that we should all wear a mask. Many are saying that the mask does not work. My answer to that is if wearing the mask could save your life or the life of a loved one it is better to wear a mask and feel secure than not to wear one and infect some one else or yourself.

  10. Erica Norton says:

    Personally, I wish people had enough respect and common courtesy for one another that there was no need for arguing over the government had the right to force people to wear a mask. The simple fact it is definitely harmless to wear a mask and at the very least possible that it’s not harmless to not wear one, should be enough reason for everyone to do just consider it common courtesy and just do it. Arguing over it is nothing but a waste of time and energy, that could be used on real important issues, Lord knows there’s no shortage of those.

    • Mich says:

      Totally agree, well said

    • Connie says:

      It is NOT harmless to wear a mask,,, breathing in your own carbon dioxide and increasing the amount of germs you breathe in with every breath because the germs you expel are trapped in the mask… wearing a mask only serves to make you FEEL more secure.. Fauci said it himself in March

  11. Yes we need the mask mind your business hogan

    • Joyce M. Childs says:

      Good for you! You are definitely right, everyone should wear a mask, for themselves and for respect for other people.

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