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Governor Cuomo’s Secretary Comes Clean

The walls are caving in on New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

As Breaking 911 reports, “Cuomo’s secretary has admitted that Cuomo’s administration covered up COVID-19 nursing home deaths because they feared that the data would “be used against us” by the Justice Dept.”

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you believe Cuomo’s administration covered up COVID-19 nursing home deaths because they feared the data would be used against them as part of a criminal investigation by the Justice Department?



  1. Stephane says:

    Another fat lazy sad liar in government.
    Just like his brother.Communist News Network partisan.
    Thinks he is above the rest of us!
    He thinks we cannot remember from one day to another.
    VIDEOS you stupid bastard!

  2. Nelson Daryl says:

    This whole mess started with Bush rinos 1&2, then the Clintons and finally Hussein. The Biden boys started the Chinese take over on there trips for money. Then Hillary lost because she was incompetent and the takeover of the election began.
    It is fight or Armageddon, take your pick!

  3. Robert Wood says:

    He was responsible for about 15000 deaths and he gets awards for his handling of the corona virus, he should be held liable and ejected from office. Then jailed for negligent homicide of 15000 people. He is a communist and put many business owners out of business that will never reopen while the big companies prospered. Sounds like that is what the democrats wanted all along was for the rich to get richer. They say they are for the people when in realty they line their pockets and blame everyone else and play the race card to cover their tracks.

  4. Brian K Conrad says:

    I don’t understand why this is big news. We’ve known since the beginning of the china virus we knew Cuomo was a liar and sadistic self-serving egoist. HE will do whatever it takes to save his murderous career just as the clintons did.

    • Steve Tessitore says:

      Anyone who would sign a bill to allow abortion up to 9 months is a criminal and doesn’t cherish any life

  5. WHEN WILL IT END!!! WE HERE ENOUGH OF FAKE NEWS TO LAST US A LIFETIME,PLEASE JUST STOP THE DRAMA,and get back to living our lives no wonder,no one trust’s the media or the government or lawyers or any one connected to them there all as crooked as criminals are….

  6. Donna says:

    100 % agree. A re vote is mandatory.

  7. Kathleen Carlucci says:

    The Democrats especially congressional have lied to the public repeatedly. Shame. Shame. Time for these corrupt reps to be removed from office. The 2020 election was corrupted. I personally saw in this election an illegitimate absentee ballot . Speak out and speak out to the supreme court. The 2020 election needs to redone without absentee ballots. Identification and unified, secure elections by live citizens only……… It is not too late. Correct what was wrongly done.

    • Lila Stark says:

      I totally agree and needs to be redone because the president there now has got dementiaI Voting should be a 1 on 1 face-to-face and show your ID as who you really are

      • Aric says:

        We need to write the Supreme Court, congress Until they listen to us. We want a re election, get rid of dementia joe. Write until they can’t stand the letters coming in by the thousands! I mean it, just do it. No more complaining, just do it.

  8. Joe Masefield says:

    What! Andrew Cuomo another criminal Democrat with the left media covering his corrupt ass.

  9. Mike Lenahan says:

    As a a former New York resident and someone whose family goes back 5 generations in the city of New York I am disgusted , mad and want the people of NY to push to have Mr Cuomo and Mr Di Blasio both thrown out of office and prosecuted for their actions against the innocent people of the great State of New York.
    New Yorkers are good people and don’t deserve this type of treatment. It could have been me , my brothers and their wives who could have been in those Nursing Homes. Yes we are old enough. In essence they want to get rid of the non-productive seniors who are a drain on society .

    Just think how Cuomo said “ what difference does it make” , sounds like Hillary Clinton .

    It’s time we take back our country and ideals which include respect for your elders and “Life Matter’s” that what difference it makes. Shame on those men and their flippant and better than thou attitudes .

    Reminds me of the Nazi’s and Bolshevik -Marxist ways of dealing with people . Lie , steal and kill.

    • Cuomo new what he was doing putting those people in the nursing home. He’s a sorry low down heartless person replace him! He deserves penalty not to mention shutting down churches!

  10. Carmen says:

    These Demoncratic Party think they can play thier dirty games over the Country that made them rich with the sweatand sacrifice of the working Man of America

  11. Sharon says:

    He needs to go to jail for a long time, just like a Democrat Cuomo kept blaming Trump for everything to through suspicion off of himself. It’s the way Democrats do their jobs blame someone else for what they did!

  12. Rick says:

    Cuomo has defied the american people in as much as he is constant lie if he is speaking he is lieing he doesnt care about us he cares about himself and if your over 65 you are not important people die and because he would not listen to Trump and could only place blame on everybody except himself and his brother is as guilty as him both should be arrested and prosicuted for the deaths of hundreds of people he got what he asked for then put all of it in storage prob. Going to sell it to other countrys bottom line he needs to be put under the prison with his brother for lieng for him both killed elderly people and lied to our president about it he has blowen up the amount of deaths from covid to recieve extra funds from the federal govt. Arrest and prosicute him

  13. George says:

    Como is a crook he should be removed immediately along with all his executive staff why do we need 5000 National Guard troops to protect the president and the politicians in Washington from the people who they so-called selected them to Office Duuh Think about it when are the politicians going to realize they are public servants they are supposed to work for us not us work for them the Democrats are way out of hand we have to take our country back Biden is not my president I want President Trump back

    • Frank says:

      Trump won by a landslide. Biden is not and never will be president. Neither will horizontal harris ever be President. Those two crooks are lying nation destroyers.

  14. Frank Z says:

    A Godless pompous ass. Should be tried and convicted on hundreds of charges. Remember his praise for President Trump for his aid to NY and then he stabbed him in the back saying Trump did basically nothing! Of course he’s just one of many hypocrites that just happen to be Democrats……

  15. Paul says:

    Every senator should be impeached including the two assholes in the white house,it will all come out that they are all criminals, as for illegal aliens they should be hunted down and returned immediately as for the idiots in the white house,UP YOURS

  16. rick says:

    So, Gov. Slo-mo gets caught doing something everyone’s known about for monthe! I’ll bet not one thing happens to this killer, other than being run out of office, maybe. I’ll bet there isn’t one judge in NY that would convict him & give him more than a slap on the wrist! This is the way a Criminalocracy works!

  17. Brad says:

    Another possible incentive for Cuomo to vastly underreport the Covid deaths from his nursing home fiasco is to hide the facts from his constituents. If known they likely would start a massive recall effort, like is happening against Newsome in CA.
    I would not blame New York residents if their recall method would be TAR, FEATHERS and RUN OUT OF STATE ON A RAIL.

  18. Maria says:

    Maria Toth
    Cuomo has turned the State of New York into a laughing stock. He’s a disgrace, and worse then his father. Thank God I haven’t lived there in years. The best way to see NY is in your back view mirror.

  19. Joyce Lowry says:

    He’s a murderer.

  20. Susan Neavin says:

    Everyone knew what was going on. But he did nothing to correct the death of all those people He should be charged with all the deaths. But he is Democrat polition, so nothing will be done. He is one of the swamp

  21. Dorothy says:

    DemoRATS crimes are all coming out. Cuomo’s hate for President Trump backfired on him. You can run but you can’t hide!!!

  22. Albert says:

    Cuomo is a Democrat’s and as such has no heart or soul for the People of the USA, only an insatiable thirst for power and wealth. He deliberately sent sick people to nursing homes where the most vulnerable of our population lived knowing that many of them would contract and die of Covid 19. The Democrats consistently falsified the covid case and death numbers to make President Trump Look bad. The man is a murderer, no doubt about it. Life without the possibility of parole is the only justice for him.

  23. Mike Hallum says:

    It’s time for prison for lots of people in the house and the Senate and especially Governors that have held things from the people.

  24. LeAnn Walters says:

    Just another DEMOCRAT CRIME so they get a pass, they always get a pass, NOTHING is ever enforced, they are above the law and they know that nothing will happen so why not just keep doing their dirty work!! They disgust me!

  25. lefty says:


  26. Mandy says:

    Time for criminal and civil charges!

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