Guaranteed Basic Income for Pregnant Black Women??

( – The state of California has taken up a program of the city of San Francisco which provides for handing out a guaranteed basic income to pregnant black women.

The Democrat-run city will use state funding to expand its already existing “guaranteed basic income program for pregnant black women” to include four other countries across California.

San Francisco’s so-called Abundant Birth Project program has received a grant of $5 million from California’s Social Services Department to expand it to include Los Angeles County, Alameda County, Riverside County, and Contra Costa County.

The Abundant Birth Project of San Francisco’s Public Health Department began in June 2021.

It has given $1,000 per month over the course of one year to 150 black and Pacific Islander mothers.

The new grant by the state of California will provide monthly payments to another 425 black and Pacific Islander mothers. Pregnant black women in the four new counties will receive between $600 and $1,000 per month.

“The Abundant Birth Project has proven to be successful in San Francisco and brings an innovative, equitable approach to addressing disproportionate health impacts largely among Black families, which is why I committed to investing $1.5 million over the next two years to grow the program in our City and neighboring counties,” Mayor London Breed said.

“We hope the Abundant Birth Project serves as a model to address racial birth disparities throughout the region and state and across the country,” the city’s Democrat Mayor.

Her administration has claimed that “racism” is causing poor health for black and Pacific Islander families.

“This funding will provide pregnant people with economic stability during this critical phase in their lives while allowing public health institutions to test a novel and promising public health intervention,” said Dr. Zea Malawa, head of Expecting Justice, which partners in the program.

The report points out that the “Abundant Birth Project” is not the first time the Democrat-run city has implemented a “far-left guaranteed basic income program.”

Last month, San Francisco announced a Guaranteed Income for Trans People program. Under the scheme, low-income transgender residents will get $1,200 each month for up to 18 months.

The “Trans People Program” has an online application form with 97 genders, 19 sexual orientations, and 18 types of pronouns.

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