Gun Rights Groups Fight Back

Concealed Carry Handgun

( – Several organizations that champion gun rights and the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution have indicated they plan to mount an aggressive attack against the implementation of red flag gun control legislation, as that legislation seemingly gains ground in Congress following the massacres in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York.

Red flag legislation is gaining momentum among Democrats and some Republicans, who have mentioned their willingness to work toward a bipartisan solution.

President of the National Association for Gun Rights, Dudley Brown, has already mentioned the group’s plans to curb bipartisan legislation, “We’re already planning our full attack plan on it.”

Red flag legislation, which prevents those who are a potential danger to themselves and others from buying firearms, is already used in nine states, including New York, where a gunman opened fire at a Buffalo, New York grocery store, killing ten people and injuring three.

This is not the first time Second Amendment groups have expressed opposition to red flag legislation, as they did last year when they pressured House Republicans to oppose similar legislation.

At that time, the National Association for Gun Rights and Gun Owners of America bombarded Republicans on social media and through email blasts and making calls directly to lawmakers; however, their current tactics for combating bipartisan gun legislation haven’t been revealed.