‘Hellscape’ Plan Revealed

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In the face of growing global tensions, a senior U.S. naval commander detailed a severe American countermeasure if China were to invade Taiwan, calling it a “hellscape” for the invaders.

During an interview with The Washington Post, newly appointed U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) chief Admiral Samuel Paparo shared insights into a deterring strategy dubbed “Hellscape.”

“[China wants] to offer the world a short, sharp war so that it is a fait accompli before the world can get their act together,” Paparo explained. “My job is to ensure that between now and 2027 and beyond, the U.S. military and the allies are capable of prevailing.”

China regards Taiwan as a part of its territory and strongly opposes any suggestion of the island’s independence. The Chinese leadership has even set a goal for its military to be prepared for an invasion by 2027.

Paparo’s “Hellscape” strategy involves deploying thousands of unmanned aerial drones, surface ships and submarines around Taiwan at the first sign of Chinese military action.

This would give the U.S., Taiwan and regional allies enough time to mobilize a more robust response.

“I want to turn the Taiwan Strait into an unmanned hellscape using a number of classified capabilities,” Paparo said in order to “make their lives utterly miserable for a month, which buys me the time for the rest of everything.”

Meanwhile, the Department of Defense is advancing the Replicator program with a $1 billion investment to develop a network of drones and unmanned vessels.

This initiative is inspired by Ukrainian forces’ innovative use of drone technology in their conflict with Russia.

The U.S. continues to boost Taiwan and other Indo-Pacific allies’ defenses, recently approving $8 billion in aid to the region.

However, there are concerns about the timely delivery of these capabilities and military aid, especially given the potential for an imminent Chinese offensive.

In turn, China has been enhancing its military capabilities and conducting frequent military exercises near Taiwan.

According to Paparo, China’s real defense spending might be as much as $700 billion annually, significantly more than its publicly stated budget.

Amid these developments, China has advanced its arsenal, including hypersonic missiles that could potentially evade U.S. defenses, and expanded its cyberwarfare capabilities, which pose threats to critical U.S. infrastructure.

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