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Here’s Why Biden Won’t Build a Trump Wall

( Millions of Americans are at a loss to understand why President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris won’t take the illegal immigration crisis on the United States’ southern border more seriously.

Those Americans include both Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats who believe the ongoing illegal alien crisis – many call it an invasion – will cost Democrats the House and Senate next year in the 2022 mid-term elections and could very well cost the Democrats the White House in the 2024 Presidential Election.

And, Republicans can’t understand why Biden and his administration won’t continue the immigration policies of former President Donald J. Trump – including a border wall – that they believe had made substantial progress in stemming the illegal immigration tide.

Well, on Sunday, during an interview with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, explained precisely why the Biden administration won’t build a wall.

And, it’s an explanation millions of Americans will find hard to swallow.

In a nutshell, they oppose a Trump-style border wall on humanitarian grounds.

More to the point, Biden and his people believe most anyone should be able to cross the border of the United States and make their case as to why they should be admitted to America.

Here’s some of what Secretary Mayorkas said to Chris Wallace when confronted about not building a border wall as Trump was doing before being ousted from the presidency.

Wallace: It has gotten worse. The statistics of your own department show that the flood of people coming illegally across the border has gotten worse under the Biden administration.
Mayorkas: I wouldn’t call it a flood, if I may.
Wallace: What would you call it?
Mayorkas: We have seen large numbers of individuals encountered at our border making a claim for asylum, for humanitarian relief.
Wallace: My question is, why did you allow them in the country in the first place? Why didn’t you build, forgive me, a wall or a fence to stop them from walking – the flood of people coming across the dam, it looks like a highway that allows them to cross the Rio Grande.
Mayorkas: It is the policy of this administration. We do not agree with the building of the wall…[allowing individuals to make claims for humanitarian relief is] one of our proudest traditions.
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