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He’s Abolishing the Death Penalty

If you had any doubt as to how far left Los Angeles has moved in recent years, the newly sworn-in District Attorney, George Gascon, has announced a series of changes that have stunned even some committed civil libertarians.

Gascon says his office will no longer prosecute trespassing, disturbing the peace, making criminal threats, drug possession, drinking in public, loitering to commit prostitution, and resisting arrest – among numerous other crimes.

And, most dramatically, he says that not only will he abolish the use of the death penalty in Los Angeles, but he will also seek to have all those on already death row resentenced to life in prison.

Gascon states in the new Death Penalty Policy he just issued to his prosecutors that, “Racism and the death penalty are inextricably intertwined.”

Please watch the below video of Gascon announcing his position on abolishing the use of the death penalty and then share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.



  1. Bob says:

    Back to the Wild West! Know what they say. GOD made man… Samuel Colt made him equal. Gonna be open season on California politicians. Now that is KARMA!!

  2. Rand says:

    The “left” reminds me of a Hollywood movie critic, who was instrumental in getting a movie thrown out , or to make millions , on his word alone. After trashing one movie, in a real snarky manner , the “director” challenged him to be in a movie , and “Actually act”. He accepted the challenge. He was THE MOST RIDICULOUS “actor” EVER to be in a movie, and after criticizing so many for so long , and then going down in flames , he retired from being a critic.
    Are you listening Soros? Biden[Old Joe, Drug addict Hunter, OLD Jill} . The Clinton Cartel. The entire DNC,BLM. “antia” . Communist Party of the U.S. “Hollywood stars”?

  3. Concerned Taxpayer says:

    So tell me this George, Why are the majority of death row inmates in California WHITE? You said the death penalty is racist (the left’s go to word when all else fails).

  4. Lynn Gratonik says:

    Please cancel this subscription. UNSUBSCRIBE.

  5. Rodrigo Diaz De Bivar says:

    These are the kind of educated loons that are in the insane socialist’s pocket trying to destroy this once-great nation. People like this continue to re-affirm my thinking that love of this nation and the protection of our citizens have gone by the way of the dinosaur. Evil and stupidity is now the idols these brain-dead people worship and that’s what the Democratic party has evolved too and still, the non-thinking voter who claims they are true Americans, continue to vote these nut-cases right back into office which of course tells me, they don’t subscribe to solving the problems of this nation, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

  6. Sic&Tired says:

    These ARE….The Kinds of People – “Namely” –> District Attorney, George Gascon that are bringing our Country Down.!!! Simply They and He are Morons.!!
    I have No Idea where these kinds of people have gotten their Brains….From the
    Rent a Brain Store on the Corner and then they Picked a Brain that was Sub-Zero in the I.Q. department……… How Pathetic and Sad are Society is with People of his kind…………….

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