Hillary Slams Trump Supporters for THIS?

Hillary Clinton

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In what many are calling an act of extreme hypocrisy, Hillary Clinton, who twice ran for president as a Democrat but did not win, has likened the Republican party to a “cult.” She criticized Republicans for standing by former President Donald Trump, even following his recent indictment.

{After reading the rest of this post and Clinton’s statement, please share your opinion abut her by emailing [email protected]. Is she a hypocrite for attacking Trump and Trump’s supporters over the handling of government documents?}

This week, Trump was arraigned on an indictment that listed 37 charges. These were related to his alleged mishandling of sensitive government documents. In response to these allegations, Clinton gave her insights on the Pod Save America podcast.

She criticized Republicans for accusing the Justice Department of double standards in handling classified records, contrasting how they dealt with Trump’s case and President Joe Biden’s. She said, “I do think it’s odd, to the point of being absurd, how that is their only response.”

Clinton, who ran against Trump in the 2016 presidential race, continued by saying that Republicans are not addressing the real issues or accepting the reality of the charges against the former president. They’re aiming to confuse the public, she said, by raising irrelevant points.

“It’s going to be fascinating, I guess, in a bizarre and sad way to watch them spin themselves,” added Clinton, who has also served as the US Secretary of State.

She expressed surprise at the continued and seemingly unwavering support from Republicans for Trump. She said they could have taken this as a chance to respectfully acknowledge Trump’s efforts but express the seriousness of the situation and cease their defense.

However, Clinton asserted, that’s not what’s happening. “They’re all in, again. The psychology of this is so hard for me to fully grasp,” she commented. She went on to say that, at this point, the GOP is acting more like a cult than a political party, sticking with their leader no matter what.

Addressing the continued Republican calls to “lock her up,” Clinton said this is a typical GOP fallback tactic when they’re unsure or doubtful.