Hillary’s Class Targeted

Hillary Clinton

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Liberals are lashing out at themselves as a demonstration unfolded at Columbia University, where students exited a lecture featuring Hillary Clinton and the dean of the School of International and Public Affairs, Keren Yarhi-Milo. These students were protesting the university’s alleged involvement in revealing the identities, or “doxxing,” of students linked to declarations criticizing Israel.

During the two-hour session centered on the role of women in peace initiatives, about 30 attendees left their seats. They congregated with other demonstrators stationed in the vicinity of the International Affairs Building’s lobby, as reported by the New York Times.

A vehicle equipped with video screens made rounds near the campus, displaying images of students affiliated with groups that had endorsed a statement attributing recent Hamas attacks to Israel. The displayed message branded these students as “Columbia’s Leading Antisemites.”

The protestors voiced concerns that their photographs were sourced from a “private and secure” digital space meant for the School of International and Public Affairs community. They are calling for immediate legal assistance for those implicated and a commitment from the university to prioritize student safety, privacy, and wellness.

A student collective praised the “historic” assault by Hamas on Israeli civilians as a necessary response to Israel’s alleged oppressive policies. They urged Columbia University to sever ties with Israeli educational institutions and criticized the administration’s denunciation of the terrorist attacks.

Columbia’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine stated that the Palestinian offensive was a counteraction to the oppressive measures by Israel, which is heavily supported by U.S. military aid and equipped with advanced surveillance. It denounced any portrayal of the Palestinian actions as unprovoked.

The implicated students have faced repercussions, with some employers openly stating their refusal to hire anyone involved in these actions. Job offers have been retracted for several students due to their engagement in pro-Palestinian or anti-Israel discourse.

In response to these events, the university initiated a task force on doxxing and student safety this past Tuesday.

“I am deeply disturbed to see that SIPA students and faculty have been subjected to doxing campaigns. I unequivocally condemn such actions and I’m doing everything in my power to bring these activities to an end on our campus and online,” Yarhi-Milo expressed.