Hollywood Elite Panicking

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Hollywood’s leftist elite seems to be panicking over the prospect of Donald Trump’s victory in the November election.

At a recent high-profile fundraiser in Los Angeles for Joe Biden, Hollywood luminaries George Clooney and Julia Roberts emphasized the dire consequences they foresee should former President Donald Trump return to office this November.

They highlighted the perceived jeopardy to “democracy” and “our children’s future,” Breitbart News reports.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts brought their significant celebrity influence to this major event, which successfully garnered approximately $30 million for Biden’s re-election efforts.

Their speeches echoed the Democratic party’s strategic themes designed to mobilize support for Biden, despite his waning popularity among certain demographics.

Clooney articulated the high stakes of the upcoming election, mentioning to a Los Angeles magazine, “there’s nothing riding on it [the election] except, you know, democracy.”

Roberts also expressed her concerns in grave terms, stating, “Just the future, our children’s future, our grandchildren’s future,” and emphasized, “That’s all that’s at stake right now. Just that.”

The term “democracy” has been frequently employed in recent discourse by the Democrats, with its usage proliferating across various media platforms.

High-profile figures have been framing the election as a pivotal moment for democracy, often positioning Biden as synonymous with democratic values and portraying his opponents as threats to these principles.

The fundraiser, held at the Peacock Theater of the L.A. Live complex, saw other celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel, Barbra Streisand, and Jack Black in attendance.

Streisand voiced her concerns about the current state of political affairs, warning that “democracy is under assault” and expressed relief that “an experienced Democrat who has passed transformative domestic legislation is in the White House.”

The evening also featured Jimmy Kimmel moderating a discussion between Biden and former President Barack Obama.

During this session, Obama criticized Trump, highlighting a shift in political norms, “I think part of what has happened over the last several years is we’ve normalized behavior that used to be disqualifying,” and referenced a specific instance where “the nominee of one of the two major parties, sitting in court and being convicted by a jury of his peers on 34 counts.”

Despite the substantial funds raised at the event, there appears to be a noticeable decline in celebrity enthusiasm for Biden’s campaign this election cycle compared to 2020.

Many celebrities who previously supported him have been less vocal or have declined to endorse him again, possibly due to concerns over potential backlash from younger, more progressive constituents who have strong opinions on issues like foreign policy, particularly regarding Israel.

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