Hollywood Hypocrisy Has Stars Attacking Each Other (video)

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Striking Hollywood actors are now at each other’s throats, and their boycott seems to be failing as it has emerged that many film projects are moving ahead anyway.

Hollywood writers have been striking for months for not being granted residual pay for films going to streaming platforms, and actors joined them several weeks ago. Both groups are known as promoters of left and radical-left political agendas.

The alarm that the strike is running into trouble has been raised by actor-comedian Sarah Silverman, who posted an Instagram video (see below) attacking those reneging on the strike demanding extra pay from production companies.

She expressed her dismay that many projects have been granted interim agreements to film by their union SAG-AFTRA (“Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists”).

“I feel f***ing pissed off, and I know I just must not be understanding something. There are like 40 movies being made right now,” Silverman declared, as cited by Deadline.

“When SAG joined the strike, it’s, ‘Movie stars aren’t making movies for you anymore, now what are you going to do?’ Well, they’re making movies. What the f***?” she elaborated.

According to the news outlet, 102 film and TV projects have been granted shooting permission since SAG-AFTRA’s work stoppage started on July 14.,

“Movie stars are making movies because they’re ‘independent’ movies, and SAG is allowing it because if they do sell it to streaming, it has to be because streaming is abiding by all the things we’re asking for,” Silverman fumed in her Instagram rant.

“Please, explain to me why I shouldn’t be angry, because people are making real-deal sacrifices. People, writers, actors, crew people, all these people are sacrificing their livelihood for this cause,” the actress said.

She attacked both the actors and the union for allowing movie projects to continue in full swing.

“I don’t know if I’m mad at these movie stars making these indie movies that are obviously going to go to streaming, or am I mad at SAG for making this interim deal for these indie movies. What the f***?” Silverman said.

SAG-AFTRA’s chief Duncan Crabtree-Ireland later said the union met with her and other actors to calm the tensions, and the union’s members remained “united” behind the strike.