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Homeless, Gangs Forcing Residents Out

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – One of the most famous American songs, particularly if you’re of a certain age, is MacArthur Park. There are probably dozens of arrangements of the song (one of your correspondent’s favorite musical renditions was performed for years by Maynard Ferguson and his big band). And while the original composer, Jimmy Webb, said there was no direct connection to an actual park, there is a well-known park in Los Angeles, California, named MacArthur Park.

Unfortunately, at this time, MacArthur Park, along with many other parks in cities across the country, are closed or are being closed because they’ve been overwhelmed by the homeless, trash, rats, and other vermin, and by violent gangs. The problem is so bad that residents and their families in these cities can no longer visit and enjoy the parks they pay taxes to maintain.

Yet, as bad as the situation is with what should be an urban oasis for folks to get a little respite from city life, in several cases, when city workers try to clean up the parks and make them safe for residents, protesters block their efforts. Yes, you read that correctly. Protesters are physically working to stop city employees from trying to clean up the filth that has overwhelmed so many parks.

Fortunately, in some cities, like Denver, Colorado, where an iconic park had been all but destroyed, mayors are saying enough is enough and sending in the police to remove the gangs and the homeless so that the parks can be restored to their proper environmental condition so that residents can safely enjoy their beauty.

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