Horrifying Video: Man Pushes Woman In Front Of Train

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Almost every day as we gather stories in the Reclaiming America newsroom, we are struck by the savage violence that thugs and criminals engage in as they attack innocent people who are just going about their daily routine, never suspecting that at any moment they can be maimed or killed by these animals.

Case in point.

Watch the video below of a young man pushing a woman off a train platform and onto the tracks just as a speeding train approaches.

According to the police officials who investigated the horrifying incident on the train platform and tracks, a 23-year-old suspect has been charged with attempted manslaughter.

Having watched the video several times, we are at a loss to understand why he hasn’t been charged with attempted first-degree, premeditated murder of the 55-year-old woman he pushed in front of the train.

If there is a positive aspect to this troubling crime, it’s that several heroic men on the train platform jumped onto the tracks to attempt a rescue of the victim.

Here’s the video. Ask yourself, what on earth leads to a young thug doing something like you are about to witness?