House GOP Presents Border Security Legislation

( – Republicans in the US House of Representatives have unveiled new draft legislation to secure the Southern Border and crack down on the illegal alien invasion occurring on President Joe Biden’s watch.

The draft Border Reinforcement Act was unveiled on Monday by the Republican majority on the House Homeland Security Committee, becoming one of the first major bills proposed by the panel, The Hill reported.

It comes after House Republicans proposed a bill last week to limit granting asylum to migrants.

The draft Border Reinforcement Act provides for completing the US-Mexican border wall initiated by President Donald Trump and stopping the Biden administration’s plans to provide legal pathways to the US for migrants.

The bill requires that the border wall be completed for a 900-mile section. It counters Biden’s program giving illegal immigrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela the option to use a smartphone app to come to the US if they can find a US-based sponsor.

The Biden administration has advertised the CBP One App program to reduce migrant pressure at the Southern Border by giving a legal temporary entrance to the aliens most likely to seek asylum.

Immigration advocates have already criticized the program for leaving the app as the only asylum-seeking option for migrants from the four countries.

However, the Republican-proposed bill will prevent the use of the CBP One App by migrants and would allow it only for commercial purposes.

“We know physical infrastructure works. It’s crucial to meeting the challenges of a dynamic border threat environment and helping frontline law enforcement succeed,” declared Rep. Mark Green (R-TN), the House Homeland Security Committee chairman, in an op-ed article.

“Our goal is to give agents the tools they need to secure our border, not technological Band-Aids that incentivize more illegal immigration, such as the CBP One app,” the GOP congressman added.

Other portions of the bill would also impact those seeking to immigrate to the US, regardless of their method of arrival. The draft Border Reinforcement Act would also ban funding to nonprofits helping “noncitizens,” irrespective of whether the latter arrive “at or between ports of entry.”

The bill seeks to increase migrant arrests by stipulating that Customs and Border Protection agents would only be allowed to use Air and Marine Operations for illegal aliens who are expected to be detained.

In addition, the proposed new law would oblige the Department of Homeland Security to publish monthly releases with data on “known gotaways.”

In its other provisions, the draft legislation would require that the Southern Border be patrolled by “an active duty presence of not fewer than 22,000 full-time equivalent Border Patrol agents,” who would not be performing “processing functions.”

The draft Border Reinforcement Act also allocates $100 million to the CBP for retention bonuses for Border Patrol officers staying with the agency for more than five years.