How Biden Truly Feels About America

President Joe Biden

( – Speaking on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Tucker Carlson, saying in his opening remarks that Biden’s speeches reveal “how Joe Biden feels about America,” adding that the President was “deeply disappointed in the country.”

Carlson began his evening broadcast by giving viewers an abbreviated version of how democracies work. Saying that voters strike “a highly straightforward deal” with a ruling government, as politicians are intended to improve the lives of citizens in exchange for their vote, emphasizing that this “voluntary arrangement” has existed for 250 years until now.

Carlson continued his remarks saying that President Biden “did virtually nothing to improve the actual lives of actual American citizens,” adding that Biden was exposing how he felt about America, “Biden doesn’t cajole voters. He harangues and berates them. He patronizes them and issues threats. You cause the corona pandemic. You’re stupid and selfish. No Fourth of July hot dogs until you obey.”

He then said that Biden’s way of governing was new to America, which would lead one to wonder how Democrats would hold on to power in the midterm elections, expressing his belief that one way to remain in power indefinitely regardless of their competence would be to dilute the political power of U.S. citizens. Carlson pointed to New York Democrats allowing a million foreign nations to vote in local elections and California Governor Newsom announcing “unlimited health care to illegal aliens.” The Fox News host also said that was why Democrats were adamant about their “transformative voting rights bill.”

In the segment, Carlson mentioned Biden’s Atlanta speech on voting rights, where the President said it was time to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Carlson noted how passing the act would give the federal government power to control the election process states across the country. Under the new laws, states would have to seek clearance from the federal government before making rules about state elections.

The Fox News host ended the segment by highlighting how loyalty to Biden’s “regime” was more important than blatant extremism.

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