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How Does Cuomo Get Away With This?

The walls are caving in on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In a must-read opinion piece by Ryan Cooper at The Week, we learn more about Cuomo and what he’s trying to get away with in New York. While we encourage you to read the entire piece, two paragraphs jump off the page:

The nursing home scandal has been bubbling for nearly a year now. It starts with Cuomo’s inexplicable decision back in March 2020 to order nursing homes to accept recovering COVID-19 cases even if they were still testing positive (instead of setting up some isolated quarantine facility, for instance). A recent Associated Press investigation found that at least 9,056 recovering patients were sent back to nursing homes and long-term care facilities — a number that is 40 percent larger than his administration had previously admitted. This unquestionably worsened the pandemic as it ripped through New York’s elderly population

He’s a guy who quietly slipped legal immunity for hospital and nursing home executives over the pandemic into a budget bill, after they gave him huge campaign contributions. Other companies that have gotten massive state contracts also turn out to have forked over huge campaign contributions to Cuomo. He’s a guy who disbanded his own corruption investigation panel when they were closing in on him and his top aides.”

In short, the question clearly is, how does Cuomo keep getting away with all of this?

Share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo is corrupt? Why or why not? If you believe he is, how does he keep getting away with it?