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How Does Cuomo Get Away With This?

The walls are caving in on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In a must-read opinion piece by Ryan Cooper at The Week, we learn more about Cuomo and what he’s trying to get away with in New York. While we encourage you to read the entire piece, two paragraphs jump off the page:

The nursing home scandal has been bubbling for nearly a year now. It starts with Cuomo’s inexplicable decision back in March 2020 to order nursing homes to accept recovering COVID-19 cases even if they were still testing positive (instead of setting up some isolated quarantine facility, for instance). A recent Associated Press investigation found that at least 9,056 recovering patients were sent back to nursing homes and long-term care facilities — a number that is 40 percent larger than his administration had previously admitted. This unquestionably worsened the pandemic as it ripped through New York’s elderly population

He’s a guy who quietly slipped legal immunity for hospital and nursing home executives over the pandemic into a budget bill, after they gave him huge campaign contributions. Other companies that have gotten massive state contracts also turn out to have forked over huge campaign contributions to Cuomo. He’s a guy who disbanded his own corruption investigation panel when they were closing in on him and his top aides.”

In short, the question clearly is, how does Cuomo keep getting away with all of this?

Share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo is corrupt? Why or why not? If you believe he is, how does he keep getting away with it?



  1. Steve says:

    I don’t think it’s Cuomo’s responsibility, how about holding the families responsible? That is the problem in this country, we throw out parents in the Nursing homes or hire people to come in to take care of them, then when something happens to them we play the victim. It’s not up to the state to take care of your parents, it’s up to the families. China takes care of their parents, I believe America should have the same standards. Cuomo has apologized for getting the numbers wrong, anyone in that position who has never dealt with a pandemic is bound to make mistakes, NO ONE is holding Trump responsible for all the Americans we have lost due to this pandemic and he flat out admits to lying to the American people!! But that’s okay he is a republican, nothing about what Trump did was right either, stop blaming others.

  2. Stephane says:


  3. Dull Knife says:

    In todays way of life no one can rely on someone else being truthful more than 10 minutes out of every hour. I am over 90 years of age. I do not have the physical stamina I had when I was 40. I am not bragging when I say that back then if someone said anything against the U.S.of A. quite possibly if I were physically present they just might have one of my fists for lunch. Since we now have the most corrupt legal system in our history the “GOOD OLD BOYS GET ARRESTED” the BAD CRAP goes free with a GOVERNMENTAL PAT ON THE HEAD and free living at our expense.. I really feel betrayed by our government. Just imagine how the police in NEW YORK CITY felt back in the late 60’s and 70’s when a DAMNED DUMMB mayor gave the order that The Police could not draw their weapons “UNTIL THEY WERE FIRST FIRED AT”. For one thing my Brother had his time in so in went his papers retiring. He was NOT ALONE. I would love to see what these PUKE-A-TICIANS would be doing if some of their families and property was ravaged, burned, crippled, raped and or murdered. They are all 99 and 44/100 % COW CRAP. To the few of you who are REALLY trying GOD BLESS and THANK YOU. GOD BLESS AMERICA and ALL HER REAL CITIZENS.

  4. Kathy says:

    I think Cuomo is a great governor, he was the one leading the country while President Trump was lying to America.
    It’s not Cuomo’s responsibility to take care of the elderly, it’s up to their families ( that is a concept people often forget ) if their families were so concerned why didn’t they bring them home to take care of them? Why because the families put the burden on the state & nursing homes.
    It’s not hard to figure out if the hospitals released these elderly folks & they lived in nursing homes what was Cuomo suppose to do with all of them? Start holding the families responsible , it’s their Mother and Father, after all they took care of their children? Stop blaming the states and Nursing homes and start holding their children responsible for a change, my question is how can you put your parents in a Nursing home to begin with?

    • Dee says:

      Family couldn’t get close to there love ones /family. The family’s never was told the conditions their family was in. CUOMO LIED TO MANY PEOPLE!! AND YOU BELIEVE HIM, ..

      • Kathy says:

        Dee that is not the correct information, I work in a hospital, if we had a elderly person being released with Covid 19 if they lived in a nursing home they went back to the nursing home. We contacted many families concerning the condition of their mom or dad, most of them consented to their loved one being sent back to the nursing home, who do you think signed for them to be released & go back there? Their son or daughter who was their power of attorney, people need to know the entire story before making someone the fall guy for a system that is broken.

    • dennis says:

      You are the Democrat Idiot everybody is talking about. Do your own research aside from MSDNC and Communist News Network.

      • Kathy says:

        I am not a Democrat but neither do I think it’s Cuomo’s responsibility, I work in the healthcare system, even in our state if an elderly person had the Covid 19 and they were being released, if they were in nursing homes they went back to the nursing home. Period and our Govorner is a Republican.

  5. Rich says:

    Cuomo is a nasty individual and simply not suited to be a governor because he DOES NOT HAVE THE INTEREST of working taxpaying citizens. Like most of the dem/progressive/socialist politicians on the left,they only want to retain power and reduce this nation into a 3rd world entity like Cuba, Venezuela etc. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AS A CORNER STONE IN US LAW IS HATED BY LEFTISTS. PELOSI’S ANTI GENDER PRONOUNS, CONSTANT RACE BAITING AND REDUCING EVERY ISSUE TO RACE, SUCH AS RECENT LABELING OF “MATH IS RACIST” proves the insanity of the left . Killing off energy independence, opening the borders to hordes of illegals to bring in disease, gangs, drugs, and expend our funds for their welfare needs is a disgrace. Biden, or China Joe is a puppet not only of China, but the most radical members of this Congress. The constant assault on whites… White privilege, white males as a threat, the call for undeserved reparations

  6. Gary Klaeysen says:

    New York has its own Al Capone. He will get caught in one of his escapades, just a matter of time, if the Government has the Kahoons to do THEIR JOBS!

  7. Tony Down says:

    Cuomo is guilty through his actions, and I am wondering if the reported immunity for cash donations takes both him and the Care home managers in to realms of a RICO investigation?

  8. Louis O. says:

    Typical Democrat maneuvering. They twist and turn the truth to the point where it is unrecognizable. As the year progresses the more nasty moves the Dem’s will take. They will continue until they get stopped. Question is, “What will stop this insanity?”. Persuatioin is not an option anymore. Will it take force? I hope not.

  9. Alan says:

    Are you kidding me? How will he get away with it? In a state which is pro-Democratic Party and has been that way for decades? He will easily dodge the charges against him because he is a Democrat. Give me a break!

  10. rick says:

    There’s a special place in Hell for this moron. But I’ll bet $100 he never gets convicted of anything, much less sentenced! The Criminalocracy strikes!

  11. Sally Miller-Marple says:

    I have been reading all of the above comments and all I can say is what they say is true. The Democrats have always been above the law. But in saying that, the Republicans need to get a backbone and stand up to them like Trump did. The only Republican I know that qualies is Senator Lindsey Graham. But he can’t do it by himself.
    We Americans are in a lot of trouble for the next 4 years. AMERICA VOTED. DEMOCRATS WON. OR DID THEY 🤔?????

    • Kat says:

      Sally Trump did nothing but lie to the American people about the Cornavirus, I have plenty of proof of that, even he admitted to lying about how bad it was, hold him responsible for the loss of life!!!

  12. bruce says:

    Biden will probably select Cuomo as the head of the Department of Justice. Being as slippery as he is he would know how to make justice (gag)work. I mean come on we the people are made to accept a person as president who is seriously mentally ill, and is being derrilect in his duties as assigned.

  13. lefty says:

    entire Cuomo clan are vermin.They should have been deported or dropped in the East River 5 generations ago.Additionally they should all be dosed with copious amounts of castor oil,just like their mentor Mussolini did to his prisoners.Any question why I’m desperately trying to escape NYState??

  14. tom says:

    Isn’t Biden considering Cuomo to be his Attorney General? What a pair that would be!!! Coverup of the highest order. Both of them need to be investigated to the
    fullest. Instead they are all still after TRUMP who has already been under an investigation for over 4 years. So far Trump hasn’t been found guilty of any
    thing but he is a great smoke screen for the real evil doers to hide behind the
    source of the smoke screen provided by none other than the fake news Media. What
    else would you expect?????

  15. Sherry Chase says:

    Oh! He and they get away with their corruption! Just look at pervert joe and Harris and Killary! They are Above the Laws 😡😡 Fisa warrant was very corrupt. Homo como is a liar and lining his bank accounts and for dead people vote! Check and see how many dead people voted for pervert joe from NY.

  16. Doc Holiday says:

    I want to see this Murderer In Jail Let him think of what he did
    Just Like Hillary he will skate away with bidens pardon

  17. DeeJay says:

    There is certainly a different set of rules and standards for the Democrats then there are for Republicans. This is supposed to be America Everyone treated equally and fairly, but it isn’t any more. God I watching, they will get theirs. You will see, You will see.

  18. Helen says:

    It is a proven!!!! He is guilty!!! If he slides it just goes to show Biden and the other democrats are races!!! That is a good ole boys (democrats taken up for democrats even tho it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE!!!!! DISGUSTING !!!!!! I NEVER SAID THIS BEFORE!!!!!

  19. JAC says:

    This POS has been scandalous for the longest time. Charge him as a mass murderer and throw away the key!

  20. Helen says:

    It is a proven!!!! He is guilty!!! If he slides it just goes to show Biden and the other democrats are races!!! That is a good ole boys (democrats taken up for democrats even tho it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE!!!!! DISGUSTING !!!!!!

  21. Ralph T Buran says:

    They the dems have ruled in his favor.
    No convictions, no verd8. He has done no wrong. Sounds just like Hillary?
    Let’s see. Get comey to rule on this.aquittal.

  22. Richard Hull says:

    Don’t Democrats get away with everything they do? Justice is one sided in this country. Republicans are guilty of something that haven’t even done and DemoncRATs are innocent of anything they do. Even murder.

  23. Franklin Steele says:

    There should be no way that He skates on this. The facts are not in question. Not only should he be removed from office, he should be locked up.

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