Hunter Biden Scandal News – Reclaiming America

Hunter Biden Scandal News

Experience teaches that any development in an investigation can bring unexpected results. It is not unusual that the discovery process in a lawsuit uncovers more evidence. So, this development is worth watching.

The former Delaware computer repair shop owner who found himself at the center of controversy involving Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, last year has taken new legal action against Twitter,” according to Blaze News.

John Paul Mac Isaac filed a new lawsuit in federal court on Thursday against Twitter, claiming the social media platform defamed him by declaring that a New York Post story reporting the existence of the laptop included “hacked” material.

“According to Mac Isaac, the classification damaged his reputation, forcing him, in part, to shut down his Delaware business…

When the Post’s story broke last October — alleging the laptop proved Joe Biden knew about Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings — Twitter swiftly moved to stop the story from circulating on its platform by claiming the story contained hacked material, thereby violating Twitter’s rules… [emphasis added]

Hunter Biden has never denied the laptop belonged to him, the Washington Examiner noted.

For more, go to Blaze News.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Do you think Hunter and Joe Biden will ever be fully investigated by the Department of Justice for their overseas business dealings?



  1. Dawn Doran says:

    While the American people are suffering, Hunter Biden better not get away from his crimes, as well as his Uncle Jim…Joe Biden should have some kind of a punishment on his behalf…Because of his Dementia is getting really bad…

    • Jo says:

      It’s awful how the Bidens are getting with they’re crimes it’s in plain sight what the hell is going on in America I always thought the crooks went to jail not become President of America!Plus the Biden is unfit!!!!

  2. Leopold Renner says:

    More cover up buy the Democratic media and
    anyone belonging to the Democratic party can do anything they want and the media will cover it up,so they look good. What a bunch of crazy, we need to take back the house and the senate from the Democrats.

  3. Robert Wood says:

    Old senile Joe Biden keeps firing everyone that is digging up any dirt on the democrats, it will all get buried, the laptop wasn’t even heard about because the media buried it, then it was Russian disinformation, there will be no justice for the democrats, it all gets erased, buried, or covered up. You know Hillary is responsible for several deaths and she never has faced a single charge, just as Cuomo, nothing will be done, democrats do not have a law for them only for us. It is time they pay up for a change.

  4. oscar r villa says:

    Please let the “TRUTH” prevail.

  5. Tom says:

    Twitter deserves to have to pay for what they did to this guy. Who are they to
    decide he is guilty? The evidence speaks for it’s self. If the courts won’t take
    the case that smells like a coverup! If the evidence shows Joe knew then we now
    have a criminal as President. If he is the BIG GUY he and his son need to pay the price. The Country can not let this be swept under the rug!!!!!!

    • Ken Smith says:

      Twitter and Facebook owe the entire American populace reparations. Had they not taken it upon themselves to censor information ‘they’ deemed misleading (that was actually true), Bidet would not be president.

  6. Mike Robertson says:

    Let’s all remember whose running the show before we give the democrats the props for being smart. Satan was Gods top angel for a while and with that said just because he is evil let’s not assume he’s stupid. These games are his he’s playing against God using us as pawns . I pray for the democrats and their followers. This is just a small battle they are winning . Not the war. Look at this another way . Let’s say that was Don Jr. laptop that was found before election . Even with all of the Russia collusion allegations before so you think they would make any excuse for what was found on this laptop . This is a game we

  7. Tim Spreadborough says:

    This seems as if he has some mental issues.

    What do you think?


  8. Bette Towsley
    February 21, 2021 at 7:06 pm
    I could not agree more regarding the corrupt/lying/mean spirited/evil Demo(n)crats. I will admit they are clever and conniving to plan the evil they do and yet escape all judgement with the media covering for them. The demise of our wonderful America is too quickly becoming so Socialistic it is becoming hard to find any truth and justice. I am so grieved America is being buried by these corrupt politicians. I pray God resurrects President Trump and restores him to his Presidential position that truth, integrity and honesty will be restored–if not—we are doomed

    • Sic&Tired says:

      Very well said – Bette.!! It is extremely sad that the Good, True, & Faithful Americans….have to put up with the Disgraceful Politicians of these days.!! When will the Good People get back in charge…Those that are Respectful, Honest, & Trustworthy.?? That is the Real Question….

    • Phoenix says:

      Lol Restore drump?? NEVER!
      That hateful, lying, manipulative, misogynist, sexist, cheating idiot will never be POTUS again. ALL of you worshippers of that evil piece of crap really need to stop and open your eyes. If there was a Satan… Rush is his right hand man and they both eagerly await Donald J Trump’s arrival….IN HELL

      • JMH says:

        This is why you cannot negotiate or deal with Democrats, so much anger and hatred. We dislike your side as you do ours, but your demenour and attitude blares HATRED. I encourage you to educate yourself and stop believing everything you hear on CNN and MSNBC.

      • Jane Bishop says:

        I don’t think the person spewing such negativity toward Donald Trump lives in the United States or he/she needs to remove the shades and the noise-dampening plugs. This person can’t be reading, listening, and talking to other people or picks only one media and doesn’t get a wide view of the person and his accomplishments.

      • Ray says:

        You leftist are just scared of Trump and the people who support him we will be victorious in the end! Communism will be defeated if not at the ballot box then on a field of battle.

      • Tim Smith says:

        Such a wonderful display of unity. If I disagree with you, I’m a moron. You will be ridden hard, before falling on your face, butt in the air, pre-lubed by Obidens lies.

      • Lynnett says:

        Your not worth a comment!!

      • Adam Johnson says:

        The Left is made up of the ugliest people on earth. And no there is no dealing with them. Four and a half years of lies and cheating. The MSM is definitely an enemy of the people… the true Americans. The patriots that make up the Right!!! The hypocrisy of the Left is as disgusting as your comment. There’s tons of evidence of mass voter fraud. The SCOTUS is apparently made up partially of COWARDS! AND THE LEFT IS BY FAR MADE UP OF A MAJORITY OF COWARDS!

    • JMH says:

      I am so tired of the Democrats doing whatever they like and getting away with it. It is sickening. If Hunter Biden was a conservative he would have been destroyed, but he gets to die behind his daddys apron strings. The entire Biden family seems to be so corrupt and have no integrity. As for Jill Biden, being a doctor, how could she let her husband be led into these circumstances.

      • Adam Johnson says:

        I acknowledged as a teenager that whoever controlled the media had a huge advantage. The MSM is a very powerful tool / weapon. Intentionally not reporting on the corruption of the Biden crime family makes the MSM a huge enemy of the people.

      • Adam Johnson says:

        I acknowledged as a teenager that whoever controlled the media had a huge advantage. The MSM is a very powerful tool / weapon.

  9. Diane Monroe says:

    The laptop from hell should be enough to bring forth charges of child sexual abuse and elicit drug abuse in the Biden family as well as show that Joe profited by selling his influence in our government as the Vice President to China. He is a wanted felon in Ukraine. He is evil. He is The Big Guy. He is also an idiot with no consciousness and could care less about humans unless a their name is Biden.

  10. Thomas Sanders says:

    Executive branches and legislative branches are corrupted. They call DC a snake pit for a reason. It’s no wonder they want to disarm all .

  11. Linc says:

    With daddy in the big house,and IG with little Integrity,the whole thing going to disapair.

  12. Thor says:

    IMO if your a democrat you can get away with anything up to & maybe including murder. Unless the american people wake up to what’s going on this country will be a fourth world country. What few republicans that remain in washington not one of them has the balls to stand up against them. It’s like the Dems have a submissive magical Juan that makes these people well total blundering freaking idiots.
    Time to standup & take our country back from these tyrants.

  13. rick says:

    Yes, they will be fully investigated, but no, not a single one of them will ever see the inside of a jail cell or a firing squad! Why? Because our so-called “justice department” & “law enforcement” officials seem to be up to their rotten, crooked necks in this crap! Then, they’ll just pick a judge who’s uo to his rotten, crooked neck, too! Welcome to the Criminalocracy, America, you voted for it! Oh, wait, not true! It was forced on us by a stolen election! How silly of me!

  14. Joe Morrisco says:

    Biden bringing back “China First,” barking out to Angela merkle at the G7 “America is back, but we’re not putting America First any more,” is one more of hundreds of examples of how he is selling us out. Did William Barr’s staff really help put together the 40 executive orders for Biden as requested by his ‘caregivers’ during the last 3 weeks of the Trump administration? How else could biden’s 40 EOs get put together and supposedly approved on “Day One”?

  15. Joe Morrisco says:

    I wanted to reply to each of the Patriots who left thoughtful and coherent messages. “Joyce” said the hunter investigations will go nowhere. That is so true. “Stephen A” reviewed all the underhanded relationships the millionaire Bidens have had with foreign oil companies. There is a steady theme, as discussed by “Terry and William b loftus” and it is that the Dems seem to get away with every dubious behavior. That’s why the investigation of the participants and negligence by lawmakers like Pelosi during the riot at the Capitol has disappeared. They can’t pinpoint anything against Trump, but as the lawyers showed the tapes of vicious shrieking calling for harassment of trump staff by maxine, Cory, Schumer, Pelosi, and tlaib, tapes calling for violence against Trump and his supporters, this showed who the really evil people are. Just like video of Minneapolis, Seattle, Kenosha, and L.A. being looted and set on fire received only seconds of tv coverage, it was obvious that people were NOT shown the vicious behavior of the Antifa and BLM harassment crowds. Lawmakers at the Impeachment hearing looked shocked. It was as if it were the first time they’d seen Maxine in all her hatred. It looked as if it were the first time they’d seen BLM and antifas destruction of cities throughout the United States. The destruction and fear, which were coordinated efforts to disrupt and create chaos and fear for everyone’s safety, was well done. Antifa and BLM should be complimented. They are the “enforcement arm of the Democrat party.” Republicans have nothing like Antifa or blm. The Republicans just talk everyone to boredom. I’m praying Trump returns to an “honest election system” and then it will be a landslide.

    • I was going to comment myself but you covered it 100 % dead on no more words neccesary only one thing he can not and wont happen our beloved donald can never run for office again or we will be back to 2016 his best and most agreeable thing to do is back someone who holds his standards it is a shame our government was able to get so corrupt started with jfk his assanation to see if they could and they did and it has been a process from there this was a coup a stolen election there was so much to back it up but the evil dems had so many backing them we never saw it coming till it was to late we saw it we just did not know how deep state it ran but pence in the end showed us all even the presidents left hand man could be bought so anyhow yes i know no punctuation yes i know a bit of a tuff read yours was so perfect saddly i am illiterate in punctuation but i do not let it stop me from saying what i need to say god bless

  16. donald stevens says:

    The news media will defend Biden and his family regardless of what he does or says.The news media is getting paid off by the communist party China.Also the whole Democrat party is getting paid off by China.Thay are sailing out America for big money thay all are communist trying to destroy America.Biden Harris Polisa are mentally insane thay will do anything for power along with the other Democrats and news media.Thay don’t care about your rights and freedoms thay don’t care if you are black or white,thay are lieing to use you can’t believe any thing that they say.Thay say thay support the Blacks, but they really don’t thay are feeding America a bunch of lies Wake up America thay are trying to destroy America and are freedoms and and are religion God have have mercy on America.Aman

    • Tim Smith says:

      The dems/billionaires own the BLM. Ain’t irony grand? Here I thought blacks weren’t legal to own, better order some soon, shelves are emptying!

  17. Stephane says:

    china will never allow their stooges to be indicted, never.
    The chinese pawns are too invested in the chinese taking over of the US!
    ONLY PRESIDENT TRUMP would have been able to take down those corrupt bastards!

  18. Don says:

    Hang Em High!!!!!!!!!

  19. Bob J Parks says:

    Hunter, by purchasing a business that has to do with U. S. Military secrets with a Chinese loan for the Chinese is TREASON. Because he is Biden son he will never go to jail. But, two of his former Partners are in jail or are going to jail.

  20. P says:

    What I would really like to see is the whole bunch of them in jail.Since our country has been taken over by liberals and the Chinese, there is a very slim chance that truth will ever prevail.

  21. Nina Abner says:

    Nothing will ever happen to those damm crook Biden they are like the Obama’s and Clinton who is above the law. But would love to see them all in jail where they belong

  22. DAWN JOHNSON says:

    Yes I believe an investigation NEEDS to be done DEEPLY into both Biden’s and all their connections to human trafficking as well as their connection into the CCP funds!! These two are just one of many who are corrupt & willing to destroy this Nation & turn us into a communist country!

  23. Verna says:

    As long as Biden is in office he will try to bury anything and everything that has to do with his son. Bidens son just like him. They will lie and cover up anything and everything to do with their shady dealings with the Chinese. Biden is the one who needs to watch his back. If he gets on the wrong side with the Chinese they could easily make him dissapear like they have others who’s gone against their regime. If Biden Jr is involved surely Biden Sr is also involved. Biden puts on a good front and I am sure he knows as well as anybody can be made to dissapear in the blink of an eye. China must have some hungry fish over there to feed. Maybe even alligators.

  24. Twitter needs to “prove it” not just write it that the story contained hacked material. They own the company and obviously can do whatever they want. But so can all of us. I deleted Twitter. If everyone believes in democracy and what’s right, I hope you do the same. Hurt them where it matters most, The best part? I don’t even miss it.

  25. Mark says:

    Joe and his son need to be in prison for treason or hung.

  26. Mark says:

    I do not believe that anything will ever come from all that has proven guilt !
    The American people will never have the complete story !
    It seems that anyone in the Democratic Party can break the law and never have to pay for their crimes but if any law abiding citizen, just be accused
    will almost loose what ever they own to prove their Innocence!
    Americans can get it done! We come back with a vengeance! We are
    resilient, strong and willing to come up from adversity and live a full life!

    • Quicko says:

      I think the whole family needs to be put in prison and let them rott there,it’s a disgrace that they haven’t been prosecuted yet…
      They stole money from the ukrainians and they should be brought to Justice for it as well as all the other crime’s they committed,I think every american should write or even protest until the matter is dealt with

  27. Steve Peloza says:

    They’ll never investigate him to many crooked people backing him with big money. I call it hush money…..

  28. Joe and hunter are both scumbags and should be deported back under the rock from which they came.

  29. Joe Biden and hunter Biden are both criminals along with Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff Maxine Waters they were well aware Of the actions that were going on it was posted on Facebook weeks before it happened January 6 interaction on the White House they knew it was happening they’ve covered up massive fraud they violated their oath of office maxine Waters bailed out aftia and BLM members along with vice president She encourage the riots and actually said they will continue as they should there is massive corruption in the Democratic Party even in the Republican there needs to be a full investigation bank records of all involved how how did public servants become millionaires Joe Biden is not fit to run the country Inn should be removed from office immediately 52 executive orders nobody in their right mind would sign that many except for a dictator or a man this mentally unstable Plus there’s numerous videos of him touching girls in inappropriate ways he’s a pedophile in disguise Our country is headed for a disaster and millions and millions of people are going to suffer or die because of Joe Biden’s actions unsecured borders allowing illegal ignorance to come in the country criminals allowing non-US citizens to vote

  30. Myrtle Hanks says:

    They all need to answer for their crimes!! The Clintons also!!

  31. Wilbert says:

    This is the reason Sleeping Joe had to become President So,no jail time would come to any Biden members Instead all Americans suffer.

  32. Ivdad says:

    Hope this guy ends up owning twitter.

  33. nan Leny says:


    • James B Jacobs says:

      Biden say’s he is going to Texas. Probably going to stop one of the drug trucks crossing the border illegally and buy Humter a fresh supply.

      • S.N.A.F.U. says:

        Hell, Biden went there to hijack & steal the truckload of drugs for Hunter! They don’t pay for shit even for the crimes against humanity!

  34. Jeffrey says:

    Just face it nothing will ever come of any of it now that daddy is the illegitimate president of the United States. Hate to say it but the corruption is so deep even our military. This country is Done for

  35. Nothing will come of the “investigation” into the bidens. Just like the clintons, they will never be held to account. Our justice system is great, except when it comes to politicians. When a person takes office they are given special powers, often unlimited, and never brought up to answer for their actions. Along with those special powers they should be held to a higher standard, and should pay a higher price for their crimes.

  36. Terry says:

    Seeing how Democrat’s get away with Murder, this will probably be swept under the RUG. Democrat’s leader’s have their followers brainwashed, they can do no wrong, it’s either debunked or Russia disinformation.

  37. Joyce says:

    The Hunter Biden and Joe Biden scandal should be major news and both should continue to be investigated. They are both criminals.

  38. Stephen.A says:

    There both criminals Creepy Old Joe and his useless drug headed son will have the Democratic Party too send hush money to whomever needs money for the abuse of powers which joe biden committed to the drug headed Hunter dealings on natural gas that he has no idea what that is mmmm with the Russian and chinese government and Creepy Old Joe was getting kick backs cash large amounts of cash and as usual the Democratic Party will cover this up this scandal is just the same thing as in the Hillary Clinton email scandal money for criminal activity they all should be behind bars

    • Karin says:

      Sadly nothing will become of this. Our country has turned into the “United States of Democrats”. Hopefully the few “true” republicans we have will do all they can to stop this before America is totally destroyed by Biden’s dictortatorship.

      • Ann Jones says:

        Karin, Sure hope and pray that there are enough Republicans left to fight for truth and the USA. If not the USA as we know it is doomed.☹ ❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • I could not agree more regarding the corrupt/lying/mean spirited/evil Demo(n)crats. I will admit they are clever and conniving to plan the evil they do and yet escape all judgement with the media covering for them. The demise of our wonderful America is too quickly becoming so Socialistic it is becoming hard to find any truth and justice. I am so grieved America is being buried by these corrupt politicians. I pray God resurrects President Trump and restores him to his Presidential position that truth, integrity and honesty will be restored–if not—we are doomed.

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