Hunter Biden Wants $225,000 for THIS?!?

Hunter Biden

( – First Son Hunter Biden is having his second solo art show in a New York City art gallery, with his most expensive painting, priced at $225,000, already attracting two potential buyers.

The New York Post reported that Hunter Biden’s second exhibition opened at NYC’s Georges Berges Gallery on Thursday and sold two paintings the next day.

The most expensive piece in his new art show, which “is selling for the price of a house,” is a 57×98 untitled artwork, a “mustard-yellow floral painting on Yupo Japanese paper.”

The second exhibition of President Joe Biden’s son is entitled “Haiku,” after the short-form Japanese poetry. Unlike his first art show, which was “invitation only,” this one is open to the public.

Hunter Biden’s gallerist, Georges Berges, claimed the new exhibition “features much stronger work.”

Over the past few years, the First Son has been making headlines with revelations from his lost “laptop from hell.” They have exposed his scandalous lifestyle and shady foreign business deals, causing doubts Joe Biden may be involved in his son’s dealings.

However, Hunter Biden also made the news last year with his first art show. His paintings were on sale in the $75,000 – $500,000 price range, which caused suspicions buyers may be procuring favors from the Biden administration.

“The first [show] was successful. We achieved what we wanted from that exhibition. This exhibition shows a stronger confidence,” Hunter Biden’s gallerist told The NYP.

“I want everyone to see his art,” Berges added while refusing to disclose how many paintings Joe Biden’s son has sold and who the buyers were.

Yet, the gallerist claimed that his gallery’s basement kept a few paintings Hunter Biden made over 20 years ago, proving he strived to be an artist for most of his life.

“He’s always been an artist. The difference is where we are being misconstrued that when he focused his whole life on art, they took it to being he just started doing art. But there is a difference between painting on your own and saying ‘ok, that’s all I’m going to do and I’m just going to be an artist,’” Berges argued.

Hunter Biden attended his second exhibition’s opening with his wife Melissa and toddler son Beau.

Most of the paintings are on sheet metal. They are abstract workers showing birds and flowers devoted to Japanese poetry.

“I painted and washed. I painted and washed it off,” Hunter Biden said at the opening.

His gallerist argued Hunter Biden used his paintings as a form of “self-reflection.”

“I think in many ways this show has started off on a better foot than the last one. Just the interest; he has a collector base of people who really like his work,” Berges told the paper.

Joe Biden’s White House has claimed it has implemented measures to “prevent any ethical concerns over potential buyers” of Hunter Biden’s art.

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