Hunter Biden’s Involvement EXPOSED

Hunter Biden

( – The Biden administration has now admitted and confirmed that Hunter Biden helped his father prepare for his primetime address Monday night. Further, much to the shock and dismay of White House staffers, Hunter, a convicted felon without a security clearance, has been a key presence at White House meetings.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre downplayed the significance of Hunter’s involvement, explaining that the Biden family was together for the holiday weekend.

“Look, the president as you know is very close to his family, this is a holiday week, Fourth of July. He spent time with his family,” Jean-Pierre said in response to a question from NBC News’s Kelly O’Donnell.

“Hunter came back with [Joe Biden] and walked with him into that meeting, that speech prep, and he ended up spending time with his dad and his family that night,” Jean-Pierre added.

When asked if Hunter is involved in meetings with senior White House officials, Jean-Pierre repeated that Hunter was in the speech prep session without elaborating further.

Moreover, Joe Biden spoke for four minutes on Monday night, addressing the Supreme Court’s decision to grant former president Donald Trump immunity from official acts and send Trump’s January 6 case back to lower courts.

After President Biden’s poor debate performance last week, Hunter has been closely advising and encouraging him to stay in the race amid talks of potentially replacing him.

Consequently, Biden’s family reportedly blamed the president’s campaign advisers for his poor debate performance, which was marked by his struggle to form coherent sentences and frequent stumbles over his words.

In contrast, Republicans have scrutinized Hunter’s lucrative foreign business dealings during and after his father’s vice presidency.

Earlier this year, Hunter testified for the House GOP’s impeachment inquiry into his father, admitting that Joe shook hands with and spoke to his business partners.

However, Hunter repeatedly stated that his father had no involvement in his foreign business enterprise, which, over five years, mostly involved individuals and entities from Ukraine, Romania, and China.

House Republicans have referred Hunter and his uncle, James Biden, to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for allegedly lying under oath about their foreign business dealings.

In June, Hunter Biden was convicted of three federal gun charges for lying about his crack cocaine usage on gun paperwork in October 2018 and possessing a firearm while addicted to crack cocaine

During the debate, Trump brought up Hunter’s felony conviction when Joe Biden mentioned Trump’s legal issues, suggesting that Joe could be prosecuted in the future.

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