Illegals From THIS Country Skyrocket

( – A little-known but crucial detail of Joe Biden’s illegal alien invasion of the US has been revealed as it has become clear that the number of migrants from Turkey who are taking advantage of the situation to invade America has skyrocketed.

The surge in Turkish migrants illicitly crossing the southern border has significantly increased during the Biden administration, The New York Post reports.

Smugglers exploit social media to promote and facilitate these crossings, emphasizing their ease.

Federal data indicates that the number of Turkish migrants intercepted by U.S. border agents escalated from approximately 1,400 in fiscal year 2021 to over 15,000 in each of the fiscal years 2022 and 2023.

Predominantly, these migrants entered through the San Diego border region, which recently became the nation’s most active illegal entry point.

The Post reviewed Telegram channels in Turkish that provide meticulous details about the assistance these migrants obtain for their journey to the U.S. Smugglers promote a travel route via Cancun to Tijuana, promising secure flights and border crossings, and urge migrants to “not delay your dreams.”

Additionally, these groups display photos and videos as evidence of successful migrant smuggling through Mexico to the U.S.

“Our passenger had passed in Cancunda [sic] without any problem. If anyone wants to go, contact me,” one post declares.

The Post also observed videos on these channels showing migrants arriving in Cancun, some enjoying their time at local hotels and displaying their stamped passports.

Other videos show individuals, presumably smugglers, guiding migrants along a path to the California border from Tijuana. Migrants are also seen in a tent encampment along the California border, gathering in large numbers as they wait for the overwhelmed Border Patrol agents to detain and process them.

Discussion within these groups also reveals migrants’ concerns about the upcoming presidential election in November and Texas’ stringent border enforcement measures.

“There is no problem at the Tijuana border. Our wish is that there won’t be any. The situation does not spread [sic] from the Texas Juarez border to other border gates. Because Texas wants to leave the USA,” one message in the Telegram chat states.

“Since Trump has fallen, the democrats will leave the gates alone for another year,” another message claims. “I hope it won’t close after November. Good luck for those who will come later.”

According to Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens, more than 52,000 ‘special interest’ migrants—tagged as such due to terrorism or other national security concerns linked to their countries of origin—have been apprehended in San Diego since October.

Border Patrol sources confirm that Turkish migrants are categorized under this special interest group.

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