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Illegals Welcome Biden Presidency

If, as now seems inevitable, Joe Biden is sworn in as president on January 20, 2021, one of the biggest differences between him and President Donald Trump will be their policies on illegal immigration. Already there are signs that illegal immigrants and the groups that favor mass immigration into the United States are looking forward to a Biden Presidency. When it comes to immigration, do you favor the policies of Trump or Biden? Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.


Illegal immigrants who live in Denver, Colorado, and are facing deportation explained recently why they’re hopeful about the prospect of Joe Biden being president,” according to Blaze Media.

“KCNC-TV spoke with several illegal immigrants who have found sanctuary in the Denver-area. According to the network, the immigrants they spoke to are “facing deportation.”

“One illegal immigrant, who has lived “in sanctuary” for two years at the First Unitarian Church in Denver, told KCNC she hopes Biden changes the immigration system for the benefit all illegal immigrants.

“‘My hope is this new president create change in the immigration system,’ Jeannette, who is facing deportation back to Mexico, said. ‘Yeah, my hope is it’s about time, not just for me but for more than 11 million people.’

“Another immigrant, Ingrid, lives in sanctuary at the Unitarian Universalist Church. She has reportedly been living in sanctuary the last four years over fears of being deported back to Peru. She told KCNC that Biden gives her hope of immigration reform in which she and other illegal immigrants no longer have to depend on sanctuary policies.

“‘Yes we have more hope with this president, Joe Biden. With this administration we tried but had a lot of doors closed,’ she said.”

For more, go to Blaze Media.


When it comes to immigration, do you favor the policies of Trump or Biden? Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page.



  1. Rhina says:

    Gov make more money from illegal aliens because they love slaves! Plus they kill 51 Americans every day it is their goal to destroy America. The communist been working on this for 50 yrs. American citizens are in danger! Trump ruin their plans in 2016.

  2. M L McGee says:

    No illegals should be given amnesty. Apply according to current laws and direction. No one knows what the illegals may bring into the Nation. They should be sent back to their original country. Tax payers monies should not be used for this purpose.

  3. Vietnam combat Vetern says:

    No they should not be aloud in the USA. We can not afford to let any one in as we do not have enough job for those of us that live here now. We need to limit immigration into our country because we do not have enough job to keep US citizen at work. This may be the best Country in the world but with so many people living here we do not have job for them all. We should not let them live of the government as many people do today and have for many years. Earn your money and help make America great.

  4. Pegs says:

    LEGAL CITIZENSHIP PERIOD! Mass immigration IS NOT FAIR to all of TAX PAYING AMERICANS!! The congress is meant to PROTECT the millions of people in our country. NOT the other way around. I welcome all who come in THE LEGAL WAY.

  5. Peggy says:

    Trumps. Biden letting all these people in will cause a war. Americans are not going to put up with all these people taking away our jobs , money etc. and living off the government. Biden will open a bag that he will wish he never opened.

  6. Donl Longo says:

    Keep building the wall.

  7. Disgusted says:

    Maybe this is good. We can wait till they are all together and take them out all at once!

  8. Judy McCartt says:

    If these illegals are willing to work, pay taxes and not just have babies for
    free and take advantages of us, I’m OK with them becoming Americans. They must
    pull their own load, howver, and not just take from cradle to grave.

  9. No!! I do not favor illegal immigrants being in the United States without proper papers. Ever one else goes through the proper channels to enter this country. Mexicans can do the same. They aren’t better that anybody else. And the ones that are already here needs to be deported by to their on country and start over from the begining.

  10. Don Butler says:

    How many thousands of years have you been here? For every thousand years you and your ancestors have been here allows you an opinion. Till then shut up.

  11. James Hutchins says:

    I favor Trump’s policy on imagration.

  12. Alex says:

    The government can kiss my ass

  13. Alex says:

    No illegals should be allowed to come to America but Biden well welcome them because they are all Democrats

  14. Pat Winters says:

    Why SHOULD we support the entire population of Central America ? They don’t
    pay taxes and haven’t contributed anything except more people for us to support. Of course, it will raise our already too high taxes.

  15. Rv Pearls says:

    Send them all back, including refugees, most have been educated at tax payer expense and should put that education to work in their own countries.

  16. Jerry McKown says:

    No illegals should be allowed in this Country. We have a citizenship application process that everyone has access to.Use it to be welcomed to the United States of America.

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